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Spada 407 Waterproof Suit Reviews


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4 Review(s), average rating 2.00 out of 5


I recently bought a Spada 407 one-piece waterproof suit from your Great Portland Street store, to use on an upcoming tour of Norway. The service was, as usual, very good. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the Spada 407 suit, which can only be described as "waterproof" in the way that an elephant can be described as "airworthy". The Spada 407 presumably gets its name from the approximate area of your body, measured in square centimetres, which will be drenched if you are foolish enough to wear it during rainfall. As I write this, sitting outside a Danish youth hostel, everything from my pocket pistachios downwards is wet. The suit leaks badly at the groin after about twenty minutes, and nobody likes a leaky groin. Just ask a geriatric nurse. Furthermore, closing the leg zips is like trying pull a poodle out of an alligator. Like goth teenagers in a guitar shop, they are inclined to jam. Badly. I'd go so far as to say that if you locked James Dyson in a cell with Stephen Hawking and told them to design a worse zip than those found on the Spada 407, or be hanged by the neck until dead, you could save yourself a lot of pointless optimism by immediately nipping out to B&Q for some rope and two rickety chairs. On second thought, make that one rickety chair. Stephen Hawking has his own. Finally, as if this were not enough, the foot openings are too damn small. I may have feet like Frodo Baggins but that's not my fault. A suit big enough for a six foot three bloke should have foot holes for big feet. Is the Spada design department run by a Ming Dynasty princess? To summarise; the Spada 407 is a waste of £50. I hope I can recoup some of that with your £50 voucher for best published review.

Dave Holloway, Infinity Motorcycles Retail Director, Replies:

Dear Rob,
Thanks very much for your review. We have just started doing these reviews on our website and if they are all going to be like yours perhaps we should give up selling motorcycle clothing and start an entertaining review column.
Of course we will deal with the garment, although I do wish you had mentioned you were going to use this suit in the rain. How were we meant to know we actually had a customer who as actually going to ride in the wet?
You are welcome to take the faulty suit back to our Great Portland Street Branch who will either swap the suit for another one, issue a full refund or hopefully offer you an alternative.
We genuinely sell lots of these suits and do not seem to have issues with them, so perhaps this one is simply faulty.
Many Thanks for giving us all a laugh!
Dave Holloway

Rob from London

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Kriega Luggage

I am a huge fan of Kreiga luggage, it really is the best out there by a mile. Quality is superb but the versitility is what I find so cool. I have the waistpack , the US 40 & the R15 rucksack.

Charlotte from Salisbury

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SPAD 407 all in one suit

I have to agree with Rob and say the suit is the worse clothing I have bought in 30 years of motorcycling. After one ride of 23 miles in light rain my groin and every area blow was soaked and freezing cold. If they sold it as a fertility aid it may get better reviews. First suit was returned to York store and replaced as thought I had bought a fault garment. That was three weeks ago. The first ride in the wet today and now having to sit in my office with wet undergarments that sqelch everytime I move. I hope that York store will give me a full refund as I would not want to touch this garment with a barge pole. DEFINATELY DON'T BUY ONE!

Robin from YO626DN

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Not fit for purpose

Having bought this suit on Friday in anticipation of a wet return journey from my weekend trip, I was able to put it to the test today during a three-hour trip in the rain. I had read the previous two reviews, but kept an open mind regarding my purchase. I did however take great care in making sure that the (not waterproof) zips were done up and the fabric covering it was in place before doing up the velcro. I was riding a GS Adventure which itself already provide good protection from the rain due to the large windscreen and tank. Returning from a walking weekend, I was wearing Craghoppers underneath my normal Cordura biker trousers, with the rain-overall over the lot.. Now you would expect that the combination of Cordura bike trousers and rain-overall would keep you dry...WRONG. Despite the above combination I still had a wet crotch and bum indicating that a not insubstantial amount of water had come through the overall. My Cordura jacket was also definitely on the wet side despite the overall. I shall return my overall tomorrow armed with pictures of my damp self as well as the still wet-on-the-inside overall. Conclusion: Either there is a faulty batch of suits in circulation or the design has some very serious flaws which should have been spotted during development. Either I will claim my money back.

Walter from Norwich

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