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Falco Boots

Falco has been making motorcycle boots for nearly 20 years and with that comes great experience in providing what a motorcycle rider really needs. But their distinct Italian influence means you will get distinctive European style with great functionality and comfort. Even stepping off the bike you will be looking stylish enough for everyday life.

Most of Falco’s boots feature the unique D3o protective armouring, like the Falco Mixto 2. This D3o has great shock absorbing properties to keep your feet protected when wearing Falco boots on your motorcycle. Falco uses the highest quality Italian materials in the production of their motorcycle boots that protect whilst remaining comfortable even when worn over long periods. And most of Falco’s range of boots, like the Falco Volt, feature a High-Tex advanced membrane that is tested thoroughly to adhere to Falco’s high standard of waterproofing.

Infinity Motorcycles want you to have the biggest possible choice of Falco boots so you can find the one perfect for you. So, we have over thirty pairs to choose from, so you can find the one that is right for you.

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£80OFF 720POINTS Falco Avantour Waterproof Boots

Falco Avantour Waterproof Boots

£259.99(Save 31%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£65OFF 400POINTS Falco Axis 2.1 Boots

Falco Axis 2.1 Boots

£164.99(Save 39%)
Availability: Limited Stock
760POINTS Falco Brogue CE Waterproof Boots

Falco Brogue CE Waterproof Boots

Infinity price
740POINTS Falco Aviator Boots

Falco Aviator Boots

Infinity price
800POINTS Falco Ranger Waterproof Boots

Falco Ranger Waterproof Boots

Infinity price
£45OFF 300POINTS Falco Alena Ladies Boots

Falco Alena Ladies Boots

£119.99(Save 37%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£67OFF 532POINTS Falco Kodo 2 Waterproof Boots

Falco Kodo 2 Waterproof Boots

£199.99(Save 34%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£100OFF 600POINTS Falco Eso LX 2.1 Boots

Falco Eso LX 2.1 Boots

£249.99(Save 40%)
Availability: Limited Stock
560POINTS Falco Yuman Watreproof Boots

Falco Yuman Watreproof Boots

Infinity price
640POINTS Falco Safary Watreproof Boots

Falco Safary Watreproof Boots

Infinity price
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