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Top selling commuter gear: Our favourites

06/03/2017 09:53:00

Do you spend half of the year staying dry yet overheating in well-insulated gear and the other half of the year cold and slightly damp around the edges? Or are you debating whether to start commuting by motorcycle but worry about how you’re going to carry all your gear, not to mention how to pay for it all?

We’re here to help! The Infinity team have put together a kit guide to help you choose the most practical, weatherproof and cost effective set of essential commuting gear.

Keeping dry

It’s the UK so no matter what the season, you’ll need something waterproof. Even in the height of summer, there’s not much chance of avoiding a shower for too long.

Investing in quality motorcycle waterproofs is a must. Textile clothing is ideal for winter usage when the chance of rain and sleet is high and warmth is of upmost importance.

If you’re not sure you want to a wear a full body suit all year round there are plenty of options for lightweight but protective summer kit as well.

Top tip! If your budget allows, choose quick dry textiles with a laminated out shell to ensure that your gear is dry by your commute home. Or even your lunchtime spin…


Our commuter waterproof favourites

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Waterproof Jacket & Trousers Combo


Rukka Arma-S Jacket


Oxford Rainseal Black Over Suit


Keeping crease free and sharp

A worry for many new motorcycle commuters is how to stop your work clothes getting crumpled and creased on your way into work. If you’d rather pack your clothes, it’s worthwhile investing in quality motorcycle luggage (more about that later). Alternatively leave an outfit at work for a quick change when you arrive. 

If that sounds like too much bother, many motorcycle commuters wear their office getup on their ride in, just be wary of the sizing when buying your outer gear.

Top tip! Buy one size up if you’re planning on wearing your work clothes underneath your motorcycle gear.

If your dress code is slightly less formal, then you can wear your office togs underneath your gear without a problem. In the summer, why not go for protective jeans and a textile or leather jacket for a casual on or off bike look? 

Our commuter favourites


Stein stp105 trousers


Stein STJ535 Touring Jacket Black


Oxford Denim SPJ-2 Motorcycle Jeans


Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex Boots

Commuter gear on a budget

Getting started on a motorcycle or scooter can be expensive and by the time you’ve got the bike, you probably don’t want to stretch your budget too much for the gear to go with it. With a huge variety of brands to choose from Infinity Motorcycles have clothing to suit a whole range of budgets without compromising on comfort or safety.

If you’re riding every day in all weathers, you’ll save money in the long-run by investing in high-quality, long-lasting and versatile kit. This avoids having to replace kit or having an outfit for every season. 

Top tip! You should take great care choosing your gloves, particularly in winter. Your hands will be the most exposed part of your body, the first to meet the wind, rain and maybe even snow. Choose a pair of heated gloves or a pair with gauntlets to keep you toasty warm.

Our budget commuter gear favourites

HJC FG 17 Strike Motorcycle Helmet

W2 DZ Motorcycles Boots


Spada Blizzard 2 Waterproof Gloves


Storage solutions

Top tip! Opt for a pair of motorcycle boots that look great and are comfortable for walking in. Then you can wear them all day long, saving on precious storage space. 

Few bikes offer much in the way of storage areas. Most scooters have a space underneath the seat which is ideal for stowing your gear. If your bike doesn’t have a top box or under seat storage then there are other options available

A backpack is a good cost saving option, enabling you to use it off the bike too. If you don’t want something on your back then there are ‘tail packs’ available to suit all type of two wheelers. These are easy to fit and operate in the same way as a top box. 

Our commuter luggage favourites

Oxford Aqua 30 Roll Top Bag Black


Kriega US20 Tail Pack


Kriega R20 Rucksac


So there you have it; our basic guide to becoming a safe and happy commuter with all the right kit to make your journey to and from work safe, comfortable and fun. 

To find your perfect commuting gear, pop in store and have a chat with one of our team. All the staff are very experienced and many commute daily all year round. 



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A Guide to Commuting by Motorcycle

01/03/2017 15:35:00

Back in 2012, The Telegraph published a major study by TML, a Belgian transport specialist about the benefits of commuting by motorcycle rather than car. It took the motorcycling world by storm reporting that:

"Motorcycle riders don’t just save themselves time and money, they do the same for car drivers, and they also help to reduce the emissions of cars."

Six years later and there are now more motorcycle commuters on the road than ever before. If you’ve had enough of public transport or the endless tube strikes, keep reading.

Why you should commute by motorcycle

Save time

On average, mopeds and motorcycles are 30% quicker than cars when it comes to commuting. Forget about sitting in traffic jams or waiting in the cold for a delayed bus or train. As for tube strikes, you can forget it!


In normal free-flowing traffic a motorcycle will take up the same space as a car. Yet when the traffic slows down, motorcycles can shrink to almost nothing as they stream through the gaps. What a feeling!


Save money

It’s more than likely that the cost of commuting equates to quite a chunk of your monthly pay check. Compared with other modes of transport, switching to commuting by motorcycle can make you a pretty sizeable saving every month.  


You may be thinking that the initial cost of getting fully equipped and on the road outweighs the savings... it’s actually the complete opposite! Your initial outlay will be recovered in under 24 months.


Commute by train? With a ticket spike of 40% in just a decade, the cost of commuting by train is becoming even more of a drain on your wallet and prices don’t look set to reduced anytime soon.


Commute by car? Motorcycles are much more economical and environmentally friendly to run than cars - you can expect to save up to 25% on fuel. Add to that no congestion charge for motorbikes, free parking available almost anywhere and an annual road tax as little as £17!


Commuting in London by motorcycle or scooter can make you even more of a saving! According to Transport Statistic of Great Britain, people working in London have the longest average commute and even since last year ticket prices have increased by 2.3%! Meaning that the cost of an annual Travelcard is now £2,248 for Zone 1-5 and £2,408 for Zone 1-6. That’s a lot to be forking out just to go to work.


Have fun

Unlike the stress of delayed buses or tubes and then the inevitable game of sardines en route, motorcycling to work is actually fun! Ask yourself, when was the last time you got off the bus or tube with a beaming smile?


Motorcycle commuting tips

Safety & road etiquette

·       Ride like you never have the right of way.

·       Look in the direction you’re going, not down at the road.

·       Leave more than enough space between you and the car in front. Then leave some more.

·       A tap to the helmet means there’s police around.

·       Stay alert. Riding the same route over and over again runs the risk of complacency.

·       If you’re parking your bike on the road, try to park it near a CCTV camera or in a busy area. Don’t park your bike in the same place everyday, that’s like gold dust to organised thieves.


Best commuter motorcycles

Best for beginners Yamaha Tricity 125 

Featuring a unique 3-wheel chassis, the Tricity is a lightweight urban commuter bike that is perfect for new riders. Powered by a 125cc engine, the Yamaha Tricity offers a scooter-like agility with the feeling of stability.



Most eco-friendly Yamaha EC-03 

Slim and compact enough to wheel inside, but punchy enough to cut through rush-hour traffic, the EC-03 defines convenient, low-impact urban travel.



Most affordable Yamaha Neo’s Easy 

The price conscious Neo's Easy combines style with practicality. With its fully automatic transmission, the zippy 50cc engine delivers smooth and efficient 'twist and go' performance to transport you from A to B with minimum effort.



Commuter motorcycle gear shopping list 

Once you’ve got your bike you’ll need to look at motorcycle clothing and accessories. We’ve put together a shopping list to help you get on the road.


·       Gloves

·       Helmets

·       Motorcycle boots

·       Jackets

·       Trousers

·       Base layers

·       Waterproofs

·       Bike lock

Check out our article Bestselling Motorcycle Commuting Gear

Established in 1999 by two veterans of the UK motorcycle trade, Infinity Motorcycles specialises in affordable clothing, accessories and helmets for bikers. Give us a call or pop into store to get started on your two-wheeled adventure.

Infinity Motorcycle’s Clapham High Street branch is also home to their Yamaha Premier Dealership and offers servicing, maintenance and repair for all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters.

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Bestselling Motorcycle Commuting Gear

20 Gifts Every Motorcyclist Wants For Christmas But Never Gets

08/12/2016 09:30:00

Struggling to think of what to buy the motorcycle nut in your life? Run out of gift ideas? Look no further. The Infinity team have rounded-up some of our favourite products to suit a range of budgets. Whether a stocking filler or a grand gesture, these are guaranteed to raise a Christmas morning smile.

Stocking fillers and smaller gifts Under £40

1. Help avoid winter tyre damage with this puncture prevention kit. (£25) It’s super convenient and easy to use – just check out this short demonstration video.

2. Bring a sense of humour to Christmas with these Oxford Smiler Knee Sliders, (£29.99) great for normal road use as well as racing or full-on track days. 

Motorcycle knee protectors

3: Make a biker’s life simpler and more secure with this lid locker. (£24.99) With a useful hole for a lock to thread through, this waterproof cover enables the helmet to be left secured to the bike in all elements. 

Motorcycle helmet lock

4: Make sure they’re never left with a flat tyre by gifting this easy to use gauge. (£22.99) 

Motorcycle Tyre Gauge

5: For someone who’s a fan of a retro style this analogue clock would help them stay on track. Comes with adhesive pad and mounting bracket. (£29.99) 

Motorcycle Analogue Clock

Gifts between £40 - £100

6. Protect, clean and lubricate any motorcycle with the Muc-Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit. (£59.99) This handy kit comes with the renowned Muc-Off Bike cleaner. 

Motorcycle cleaning kit

7. Add comfort to rides for both driver and passenger with this pillion to rider grip set. (£39.99) Ideal for long distance trips, this features a fully adjustable double belt system.   

Pillion to ride grip for motorcycles

8. Locks may not be the most exciting of gifts, but trust us there's nothing boring about this ultra secure Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock and Chain. (£79.99)

Motorcycle lock and alarm

9. This easy grab roll-bag (£59.99) features wipe-clean waterproof material and compression straps for maximum stability; ideal for a biker who likes to travel. 

Motorcycle roll grab bag

10. Keep in touch easily with this high quality in-ear headset, (£49.99) featuring specially adapted headphones. 

In ear speaker set for motorcycling

Bigger buys £100+

11. Prolong the life of chains and sprockets by two to seven times with this universal oiler kit. (£99.99) Equipped with a 500ml bottle – that’s enough to last 5000 miles! 

oiler kit for motorcycle

12. Protect the pooch with this beautiful Bagster Tank Bag (£129.99) and let the dog experience the ultimate thrill.  For more sizes and types see our full range of Tank Bags.

Motorcycle dog-friendly tank bag

13: Ward off winter chills with this heated body-warmer from Keis. (£119.99) With elasticated side panels, this is a versatile unisex piece guaranteed to keep you toasty. 

Heated body warmer for motorcycles

14: Treat them this winter with these exceptional heated gloves (£149.99) from well-known manufacturer Oxford. 

Heated motorcycle gloves

15. Ideal for winter rides, these hand grip covers (£119.99) can fitted over handlebars without covering the bike displays. Perfect for thawing out frozen fingers on winter mornings! 

heated motorcycle handgrops

16. Treat the motorcyclist in your life and allow them to relive their rides again and again, with the TomTom Bandit Premium GPS Action Camera. (£299.99) Equipped with three hours non-stop filming battery life, this is the ultimate motorcycle gift. 

TomTom GPS Camera

17: Give the perfect present for the daily commute, with this incredible Rukka Armaxion Goretex Motorcycle Jacket. (£719.99) With the possibility to extend the warranty to 6 years, waterproof lamination and a protective combination of kevlar and cordura, the quality of this jacket cannot be understated. Save 20% off the RRP this Christmas. 

Rukka Motorcycle Jacket

18: A great choice for anyone who wants a helmet (£324.99) that gives high performance and protection, this has been tested at Shoei’s wind tunnel facility so you know it’s good. Now with 32% off the RRP.

Shoei Motorcycle Helmet

19: Keep them safe and protected with this Forcefield EX-K Harness (£359.99) body protection. This versatile piece is fully adjustable and offers full CE Level 2 Protection.

Protective body armour for motorcycling  

20: Perfect for standard UK wet weather conditions these Goretex gloves (£249.99) are fully waterproof and breathable, with a handy visor wiper on the left thumb for unimpeded vision. 

Rukka Goretex Motorcycling gloves

We wish you all the best in your Christmas shopping; we hope you find the perfect gift for the biker in your life. If you’ve got any questions about these featured products or any of our other ranges then give us a call on 0800 130 3377 email directly on: Order by the 20th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery. 

If you didn’t see anything suitable, then take a look at our Best-Selling Boots Guide or our collection of 100 Gifts for £100. Alternatively browse our online Christmas Shop for even more ideas. 


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