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Beware - Phishing Sites

22/11/2016 09:32:00

Please beware of the websites &

They are both fake phishing sites. They display impossible deals on motorcycle gear to try and get you to provide your card details and address to them. We cannot say clearer BOTH THESE WEBSITES ARE A SCAM.

Neither have contact details - no address, no phone number, no email; These are all required by law to be displayed on a website. Both have copy and pasted their entire Terms & Conditions page from other websites, even failing to change the name of the website they stole it from.

We want our customers to be as protected as possible. If you have purchased something with either of these websites we suggest you contact your bank and cancel your cards.

We hope to make everyone know of these scams. If you visit forums or social media please inform your fellow riders of them and make sure that there are no more victims of these scams.

Infinity’s Best Selling Boots for Winter 2016

25/10/2016 15:17:00

Now we’ve bid farewell to summer, there’s no better time to refresh your riding wardrobe for winter!

We’ve collated our recent sales data to bring you our list of best selling motorcycle boots, online and in store. 

With hugely competitive prices and offers, buying from Infinity could save you money on the best quality motorcycle boots on the market. Plus, our club infinity points let you make even bigger savings when you buy from us.

Featuring top brands such as Alpinestars, Dainese, Daytona and Sidi: our range of best-selling winter boots will have something for everyone.

So, take your pick!


1. Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boot | Men

Featuring a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining, the best selling Alpinestar Web Gore-Tex Boots can be used year-round, but the water resistant and full grain leather boots are ideal for the winter months too.


2. Alpinestars SMX 6 Gore-Tex Boots | Men


The SMX 6 Gore-Tex boots provide high quality protection on the road, featuring a high modulus TPU injected shin guard, calf protector, heel counter, shift panel and a lateral ankle brace.

3. Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex Boot | Men



The Alpinestars Newland Gore-Tex Boots are a comfortable and convenient mid-length boot. Practical and highly durable; these boots have an integrated Gore-Tex waterproof liner that will keep up performance in all weather conditions.


4. Daytona Roadstar Gore-Tex Boots | Men



Solid construction, quality materials, all day comfort and the fact Daytona boots can be resolved, make these a firm favourite with high mileage riders and professional motorcycle riders.

5. Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots | Men



Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane PU Shin plate, the Sidi Adventure boots can be used as sturdy off road boots, with plastic protection on the ankle area, and an elastic panel adjacent to the closure on the calf area; for a high level of protection, durability and fit.


6. Alpinestars Andes Drystar Boot Mens

Completely redesigned, the Alpinestars Andes boots are reshaped and have a new sole to improve braking feel and improve gear changing. CE Certified and constructed with reinforced leather upper and breathable Drystar lining, these boots have a flex panel on the front for flexible movement, a molded TPU shin and gearshift reinforcement and a new construction to make gear shifting easier and provide more braking feedback.


7. Dainese ST TRQ-TOUR Gore-Tex Boot | Men

Made of cowhide, these boots have an integrated breathable waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, inserts in D-Stone fabric, patented Micro elastic inserts, and calf volume adjustments.


8. Sidi B2 Gore-Tex Boots | Men

A sport boot constructed of leather for abrasion resistance and waterproofing; the Sidi B2 Gore-Tex Boots are made with Gore-Tex membrane to ensure water-resistance and breathability, while extra protective features of the boot resist impact damage.

9. Dainese Germain Gore-Tex Boot | Men

Constructed of full-grain cowhide leather, the boot is lined with Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable technology that ensures protection in wet conditions.

10. Dainese Fulcrum Gore-Tex Boot | Men


Featuring stretch composite and thermoformed inserts, plus an over-injected shifter guard; these boots are a modern touring boot, perfect for riding in rain or shine!

11. Daytona Journey Gore-Tex Boots | Men


The ideal short boot for warmer winter days, the Daytona journey boots feature Gore-Tex XCR and punch-ventilated leather. With a unique tyre tread sole design, and an anatomic insole designed for climatic control, the boots are a sure winter winner.

12. Daytona Spirit Gore-Tex Boots | Men



Although a perfect motorcycle touring boot for warmer weather, the perforated leather and Gore-Tex XCR lining allow the Daytona Spirit boots to be more breathable than other Gore Tex boots, while remaining waterproof for winter months.

13. Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots | Men


A sleek waterproof boot produced in full grain leather and chamois with a TPU internal support in the shin. Lined with Gore-Tex membrane, these boots are useable in all climates, providing maximum comfort and breathability in dry or wet conditions.


 14. Daytona Strive Gore-Tex Boots | Men


A comfortable, waterproof sports boot made of soft, water-repellent and greased cowhide. The Daytona Strive Gore-Tex boots are well ventilated by a Gore-Tex membrane.

15. Dainese ST Latemar Gore-Tex Boots | Men



These multi-season, multi-purpose touring boots represent the absolute top in comfort and protection from the Dainese collection. Dainese Latemar GORE-TEX® boots are made entirely from full grain cowhide for complete comfort while riding.

16. Daytona Lady Pilot Gore-Tex Boots | Ladies

Featuring a raised insole with climate control inlay, these Gore-Tex waterproof boots also feature a breathable membrane and an anti-slip touring sole.


17. Daytona Arrow Sport Gore-Tex Boots | Men



Featuring a reinforced gear change cushion and a PU foam anatomically formed climatic insole, these boots are designed for riders who appreciate the quality and safety of Daytona Boots as well as the comfort of Gore Tex waterproofing.

18. Daytona Travel Star Pro Gore-Tex Boots | Men


An enhanced version of the Daytona Travel Star GTX boots, the Travel Star Pro boots passes the CE standard EN13634 for personal protection. Made of water repellent leather and installed with a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane, your feet will be left fresh, cool and dry in all conditions.

19. Sidi St Gore-Tex Boots | Men

Featuring a Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing and breathability, these boots are sure to keep you dry and warm in the winter! Further more, they boast a whole host of features to ensure optimum protection on the track and open road.

20. Daytona Ladystar Gore-Tex Boots | Ladies



Integrated with a Gore-Tex membrane that makes for a breathable and waterproof boot, these boots offer optimal protection in the form of anatomically formed ankle and padded shinbone protection, and are one of the top choices of touring and commuting boots.


21. Dainese Germain Gore-Tex Boots


A perfect choice of boot for commuting, the Dainese Germain Gore-Tex Boots make for a vintage style on and off the motorcycle. Lined with Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable technology that ensures protection in wet conditions and a cool, fresh foot in the sun.

22. Daytona Non Stop Gore-Tex Boots | Mens


The Daytona Non Stop Gore Tex Boots are the perfect slim fit boot for touring, boasting a multitude of features for a low-price. Water-repellent and made with greased special cowhide, these boots feature a Gore-Tex watertight and breathable membrane, for use in any weather.

23. Daytona M-Star Gore-Tex Boots | Men

Sporting a robust non-slip rubber sole for touring, a plastic reinforced inner sole, splash-proof zips and an anatomically formed climatic insole, these boots combine optimal defense and comfort. The boots also feature an innovative insole which raises the heel by 2.5cm and the toes by 8mm for a more comfortable position on the bike both on and off the road.


24. Dainese Nighthawk Gore-Tex Boots

A fantastic short boot combining a comfortable fit and Gore-Tex weather protection, these boots are made of cowhide leather, with a nylon ankle guard and non-slip sole for grip. Also featuring a shifter guard, thermoformed inserts on the toe and heels, and a zipper and velcro closure. 

France Requires Bikers Carry High-Vis Vests

24/10/2016 16:31:00

Planning a French tour? Don't forget to pack a yellow bib!

A new law passed in January 1, 2016 demands bikers show a yellow bib with failure punishable by an €11 fine, escalating to nearly £100 during a breakdown. Similar to a law formed in 2015 which requires car drivers to carry high vis vests, this is designed to bridge the gap for all road users.

There is no obligation in the decree to wear the vest at all tiimes, only to carry it on your person or bike, but all British bikers planning a continental tour will not be exempt from this requirement. 

High visibility jackes, shirts, vests and bibs carrying a CE mark for luminosity with all be accepted, but please bear in mind reflective armbands or stripes will NOT be accepted.

If you are in need of one, you can take a look at our range. All of these products conform to EN471 standard for non-professional use and carry a CE mark for luminosity:


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