Shark is a pretty much all-encompassing brand for motorcycle helmets – they cover everything and anything – there are super-premium race helmets made from carbon, budget-friendly modular helmets, and everything in between.

Shark helmets are a newer helmet brand to Infinity compared to a lot of others like Schuberth, Shoei and Arai. We have been selling Shark for about three or four years, but we have always been eager to educate ourselves about the brands we sell and in doing so pass this education on to you riders at home.

This is not just a lesson in Shark though, we also have an incredible competition to announce for everyone. Now, we could be mean and hold this announcement back until the end of this article in some drawn-out affair, but there is no point in doing that in fear of you simply skipping to the end, so how about a chance to win a brand-new Shark motorcycle helmet worth up to £300?

Now we have your attention!

Before that though, if you want to skip ahead and check out the entire Shark Range you can do so by clicking this link!

So, let us start off with telling you what you need to do for a chance to win a brand-new Shark lid – simply sign up for the newsletter by completing this form: Win a Shark Motorcycle Helmet.

When filling out the form all you have to do is choose which model Shark helmet it is that you want to win and we will do the rest by randomly choosing an entry who will be our lucky winner!

Do not worry if you are already a subscriber to our newsletter you can still complete the form and be entered for the competition – and no that does not mean you will end up getting two newsletters cluttering your email inbox, it simply tells us that you really want a chance to win this Shark helmet.

We will be announcing the winner of the Shark helmet in our newsletter on the 20th of September.

It really is that simple. When filling out you will see a drop-down that lets you pick which model Shark helmet it is that you want if you do win, there are four models to choose from, and we will be going into detail on the models below, but all you have to do is pick one. Then, if you are the lucky winning entry, we will get in touch with you about which specific colour or graphic you want and what size you need.

But now, about those helmet models:


Article image
Article image

The first Shark helmet model we are taking a look at is the Skwal 2. Now, looking across the range of models in Shark you will see a lot of similar names cropping up and that may seem daunting at first, but they do all make sense to the specific model they mean.

The big, unique feature of the Skwal 2 is that it is fitted with a set of bright LED lights to help improve your visibility while you ride. There are two sets of lights on the brow and chin of the helmet, four lights in total, and then a further two lights on the rear of the helmet. That means all-around visibility!

The Skwal 2 is not just a helmet with a gimmick, it is made from a high-quality injected thermoplastic resin shell that is fantastically lightweight and super-protective, and Shark have poured a tonne of research into perfecting the aerodynamics of the shell. The Skwal 2 features a rear spoiler that optimises the stability of the helmet – and your head – while you ride. This reduces the fatigue caused by riding and helps to relieve neck pain.

You may notice that alongside the Skwal 2 there is also the Skwal 2.2 – now this is as the Skwal 2 did undergo some revisions and updates to improve its performance and comfort. With the 2.2 you get a newer-style anti-bacterial liner, a redesigned and improved visor mechanism. Most of the Skwal 2 helmets that are purchased nowadays will invariably be a 2.2.


Article image
Article image

The Evo-ES is Shark’s mid-range modular flip-up helmet, designed for easy city-riding and living. The face-shield of the helmet can be flipped right up, so the helmet can be worn as an open-face if you prefer, or fully down as a full-face. The Evo-ES is made from a high-quality composite fibreglass that is both super-protective and lightweight. That big old visor that makes up a huge amount of the helmet is treated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment that reduces the effect of wear and tear on the visor from frequent use.

The Evo-ES is fitted with an integrated sun-visor to give you some instant protection against sunlight when you need it. The double d-ring retention system on the helmet is designed for a secure fit on your head. The helmet has a newly-designed and improved ventilation system that uses three front-facing air inlet vents to flush the helmet with cool air to keep you comfortable, while two rear extractors exhaust the air out to keep you from getting uncomfortable.

The Shark Evo-ES has a specially designed system that automatically raises the visor out of the way of the chin bar to prevent it from getting scratched when converting to open-face mode.


Article image
Article image

The Shark Spartan 1.2 is a revision of the original Spartan full-face helmet, made from a high-quality and highly protective multiaxial fibreglass material on the shell that keeps the weight low on the helmet without compromising your protection.

Shark has put a colossal amount of effort into the aerodynamic design of the Spartan 1.2 – the shell has been optimised to be as aerodynamic through the air as you ride as it can possibly be. Shark has utilised CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design studies to deliver this high performance – which sounds wonderfully impressive. But how has Shark put this research into practice? The Spartan 1.2 is equipped with dual spoilers that have integrated air extractors to minimise the drag exerted on the helmet while you ride.

The VZ160 visor on the helmet is big, open and clear, and it comes with a MaxVision Pinlock to reduce fogging, this is a visor that is great for your peripheral vision, giving you a clear view of the road ahead, and to your sides.


Article image
Article image

Finally, we have the modular Shark EvoJet, a dual-homologated modular-style helmet that is amazing for navigating busy city streets thanks to its big, open and clear visor.

The chin bar of the EvoJet is designed to fully lift up turning the helmet into an open-face, if that is how you want to ride. The dual-homologation, we mentioned earlier, means that it is certified secure to be used with the chin bar fully down, or fully up. This makes the EvoJet an incredibly convenient helmet, that puts the choice of how you want to use it directly in your hands.

But choice and only choice does not make for a great helmet – thankfully Shark has packed the EvoJet with an injected thermoplastic shell that is super-protective and lightweight and fitted it with a secure quick-release Micro-lock retention strap.




Hopefully, you have not forgotten all about that competition we mentioned paragraphs and paragraphs ago – well, here is the reminder. If you follow the link below and complete the sign-up form, selecting which model of Shark helmet is the one for you, you will be entered in for the chance to win that helmet!

Here is that link again: Win a Shark Motorcycle Helmet

Or, you can hear all the details straight from our Infinity Tom, by watching the video here!

This article was written by Aaron Thomson and edited by Tom Evans.