Keep ahead of any warnings with Infinity Motorcycles’ guide to bike warning lights. Expert tips for knowing when to fix your bike. Ride on in style today.

Almost all vehicles feature a dashboard but no matter how clear every light can be it is still difficult making sense of what to do when one starts shining. But have no fear Infinity is here to help explain what the dashboard warning lights mean and the actions you should take when they do turn on.

Most motor vehicles feature a dashboard, which serves as a key component in communicating messages from the vehicle to its operator, or in our case, ride. Motorcycles are no different.

Motorcycle warning lights follow a common, easy-to-read, three-colour pattern much like the traffic light system that cause us endless joy and frustration on the road. The three colours indicate either a normally functioning system or danger warning.

  • Blue or Green lights indicated a system functioning under normal conditions
  • Amber or Yellow lights highlight potential faults that may need attention
  • A Red light is usually indicative of a serious fault - demanding you bring the motorcycle to a stop as soon as it is safe to do

Although a standard set of symbols and colours are used across all manufacturers, there may be small variations in features, depending on the types of technology present on your specific motorcycle. These features will be highlighted in your owner's manual so it is best to take a look at this when you are ever unsure.


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Ignition light
Ignition light
Ignition light
Ignition light
engine management warning



The motorcycle dashboard will include a number of other relevant lights and indicators showing the normal function of any motorbike. Examples of these lights are those such as motorcycle headlights (dipped or full beam), turn signals, hazard lights, the fuel reserve indicator and other electronic systems that provide any rider with relevant driving data.

This article serves only as a guide to general information around warning indicators and what they mean. The owner's manual for your specific bike should always be consulted when you are uncertain about warning indicators.

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