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Has the appeal of a track day got you? Are you worried you'll need to break the bank to get the gear you need?

We've put together a list of some of the best pieces of gear to get you track-day ready! Below you will find a number of fantastic options for track days, from helmets and boots to gloves and suits: all at affordable prices.


Leather Suits for track days that won't break the bank

It’s one of those pieces of gear that sometimes gets forgotten about. Thanks to the constant fear of rain looming over most motorcyclists in the UK have a preference for waterproof textiles and a leather jacket for when those warmer summer months finally arrive. But when it comes to track days a leather 1-piece suit is not optional, it’s a requirement. Though some track day organizers will permit you to wear 2-piece leathers, it should always be expected that you will require 1-piece leathers.

Leather suits are designed with performance and protection in mind, so they are not the most comfortable piece of gear when you step off the bike. Leathers are designed for the low and hunched racing position to make you a natural extension of your motorcycle as you fly around the track. But this also means leather suits can be a very expensive purchase with many race ready suits pushing the £1,000 mark. But we have found three fantastic affordable options for the motorcyclist who wants to take to the tracks without bankrupting themselves.

RST Tractech Evo 3 CE Leather Suit £449.99

RST are well known for offering high-quality motorcycle gear that comes with a bit more reasonable price, and that is the same case with the RST Tractech Evo 3 leather suit. Built with track days in mind the Tractech Evo 3 is built from durable cowhide leather that is great for resisting abrasions that come with a slide. The suit also has a fixed mesh lining that can help to keep you under the suit cooler especially helpful when the track starts heating up from the action.

The Tractech Evo 3 is fitted with fully CE approved TPU protectors on the shoulders, elbows, knees and a fantastic back protector, all to give you the peace of mind needed to focus on the track. But RST has made some design choices to make the Tractech Evo 3 more comfortable. The angle of the arms, knees and hips are designed specially to be a smaller 5-degree angle that makes the Tractech Evo 3 much more comfortable to walk around in, without affecting the race position needed on your motorcycle. All this for a much more reasonable price of £449.99.

Oxford Stradale 1-Piece Leather Suit £499.99

The Oxford Stradale 1-Piece Leather suit was designed to offer a bit more comfort than a traditional set of leathers but with that comfort still comes fantastic protection and performance. The shoulders, upper arms and chest are perforated to maximize ventilation cooling your body as you ride. For fantastic protection the Stradale suit comes with thermoplastic rubber on the shoulder cups that offer great impact absorption and abrasion resistance. CE Level 1 Approved protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees offer fantastic protection and if you want even more peace of mind the suit has a pocket designed to fit the Oxford back protector.

For £499.99, you cannot do wrong with the Oxford Stradale, a great 1-piece leather suit that offers not just the protection and performance needed for a track day, but also with comfort in mind.

RST R-18 CE 1-Piece Leather Suit £349.99

For the final leather suit, we are looking at another RST creation, the R-18 1-Piece leather suit. With a price cheaper than the previous RST and the Oxford Stradale the R-18 is designed with value in mind while still be a great all-rounder. The stance of the suit is designed to be less aggressive than the more race ready RST models such as the Tractech Evo 3, giving it more comfort in exchange for less performance readiness.

Even with the low cost the R-18 uses the same high-quality leather, thread, stitching and 4-way stretch just like the Tractech Evo and CPX-C II Suits. The R-18 suit has CE level protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees as well as a pocket for a back protector to get you even more protection. For a low-cost option leather suit that does not compromise performance, comfort and protection, the RST R-18 Leather suit is a fantastic choice.


Motorcycle racing gloves for the track

For gloves, leather is best, and they need to be long. Long enough to go past the wrists and make sure you are not showing even a little bit of skin. All because your protection is the most important thing on a track day. Here are some of our picks for the best track day gloves with an affordable price.

Alpinestars SP-8 V2 Leather gloves from £62.99

The Alpinestars SP-8 V2 Gloves are CE Certified with a full-grain leather construction, that along with its long Velcro closure cuff make it exactly what you would need for a day out on the track. This cuff is also perforated to allow a bit of fresh air on to your hands as you ride, fantastic for those hot track days.

The SP-8 V2 Gloves come with Alpinestars patented finger-bridge on the third and fourth fingers that is designed to prevent both seam failure of the gloves and more importantly prevent finger separation in the event of a slide. The palm of the gloves is reinforced with high-quality suede and for further protection, there is EVA Foam padding reinforcements on the thumb, wrist, fingers, palm and the back of the hand that not just gives abrasion resistance but also a little bit of comfort. And the advanced over-moulded polymer knuckle protector is designed to endure repeated impacts and still provide excellent protection.


Richa WSS Gloves from £37.99

The Richa WSS Gloves are an absolute bargain coming in at just £39.99 along with a range of colours with options for both men and women. But with that bargain price still comes everything you need for a track day. The full leather construction comes with a hard-plastic knuckle protector that is great at offering impact protection. The long cuff provides the coverage needed to keep you protected.

For just £39.99 with a range of colours to match your leather suit or your motorcycle, the Richa WSS is a fantastic bargain glove that is still packed full of what you need on the track.

Oxford RP-2 2.0 Sports Gloves £59.99

For a cool £59.99, the Oxford RP-2 Sports Gloves are a fantastic choice for track day lovers that are both conscious of cost and of features. The full gauntlet style glove is made from full leather on the upper and on the palm and the long cuff provides full coverage of your wrist. The knuckle has a floating Carbon protector that is highly protective, while also giving your fingers the space to fully articulate limiting the discomfort that may come with prolonged wearing, especially while at the controls of your motorcycle.

The fingers of the gloves have accordion stretch panelling that acts to give a better more comfortable personalised fit. Air vents on the top of the first finger joints allow cool air into the gloves keeping your hands fresh and cool. For £59.99, the Oxford RP-2 2.0 Sports gloves are an incredible balance of low-cost affordability along with performance and protection.


Best racing motorcycle boots

The rules for track day boots are pretty similar to the ones for gloves, should be leather and must be long. But there is also one important feature – no metal protectors. Toe sliders, shin guards, ankle cups, everything must be plastic or an alternative, like wood. Absolutely no metal.

Take a look at 3 choices for best affordable track day boots.

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Boots £189.99

Alpinestars have long been held in high regard for the quality and performance of the motorcycle gear they create. The SMX-6 V2 is one member of Alpinestars huge range of SMX boots and gloves and leans towards a race ready style prioritising performance and protection without compromising comfort. The upper of the boot incorporates a newly designed front, rear bellow and rear calf zones for super flexibility allowing you to have a full range of motion in your boots.

The SMX-6 V2 boot is built from microfibre that is highly durable and abrasion resistant and for added protection it has Alpinestars’ innovative TPU ankle brace that is designed to provide a biomechanical support between the top calf and shin and your ankle, providing better structural integrity for your lower leg. With the Alpinestars SMX-6 V2 Boots it is all about protection and performance and for £189.99 it will be a bought that makes you feel like a true racer on the track.

Richa Tracer Evo Boots £109.99

The Tracer Evo Boots from Richa are a fantastic choice if you are after a true bargain that is still packed with the features to take on the track. The Racing style Tracer boot has a full leather construction with toe, ankle and heel protectors made from plastic. Exactly what you need for the track. But it is the amazing price point that takes these Richa boots to another level.

You get this full range of protection and track ready boot for just £109.99.

Spada X-Race Boots £129.99

The Spada X-Race boots are a great option for not just low cost but also for versatility. The boots feature a water-resistant leather construction alongside a breathable membrane meaning comfort in wet weather and in hotter weather. But its range of features that make track day ready is what really sells the X-Race. The shin and ankle protectors are moulded TPU, exactly what you need for a track day, and the ankle protection is full double density to ensure added padding for comfort and riding protection. The Anti-slip sole gives you the performance and control needed to not worry about your boots slipping while riding.

For £129.99, the Spada X-Race boots are an incredible deal for a fantastic boot that can serve you well both on the track and on the road.


Track-ready helmets

The rules for track day boots are pretty similar to the ones for gloves, should be leather and must be long. But there is also one important feature – no metal protectors. Toe sliders, shin guards, ankle cups, everything must be plastic or an alternative, like wood. Absolutely no metal.

Take a look at 3 choices for best affordable track day helmets.

Scorpion EXO-1400 Picta £149.99

The Scorpion EXO-1400 Picta is a fantastic high-performance full-face motorcycle helmet from the famous brand, with a full fibreglass and TCT shell that offers fantastic protection and a lightweight. The special TCT technology from Scorpion is a smart shell designed to gradually crumple on an impact, absorbing the energy of the impact and diffusing the energy. This TCT technology is unique to Scorpion’s range of helmets.

The Scorpion EXO-1400 Picta is a fantastic choice for a track day and comes with the required ACU Gold Sticker, and with loads in stock available for free next day UK delivery and a price of £149.99, a saving of £130, will make an incredible choice for any motorcyclist.

Shoei NXR Flagger £299.99

Shoei have built a huge reputation for designing some incredible helmets for the market, from flip-ups, open-face and full-face. At the top end of the scale comes race ready helmets designed for true professionals but all the effort and innovation that Shoei put in the top end they also put it their other helmets. The Shoei NXR is a fantastic mid-range full-face motorcycle helmet, and the Flagger with four colour options is a fantastic choice for an affordable helmet designed to own the track.

The shell of the helmet is a mix of organic and multi-composite layered fibres that provide outstanding impact protection, alongside a multi-density EPS Foam lining that works to absorb impacts further. The ventilation system works to keep a cool stream of fresh air into the helmet cooling your head, perfect for track days where the temperature can often start rising while riding.

Infinity Motorcycles’ has a huge range of Shoei NXR Flaggers, available for a fantastic £299.99, for free next day UK delivery, but to get one yourself be quick, as the Flaggers have been flying out the door.

HJC C70 from £129.99

Brand new for 2019 the HJC C70 is a new model of full-face motorcycle helmet from the ever-reliable brand HJC. The design of the C70 is based on HJC’s previous IS-17 model and is packed with a huge number of features that make it track day ready. The helmet has an advanced polycarbonate shell that is super protective while keeping the helmet lightweight, weighing just 1.50kg.

The C70 is fitted with HJC’s Advanced Channelling Ventilation system that uses top and lower vents to supply and heavy stream of cool fresh air into the helmet keeping you cool as you ride, fantastic for when riding laps on a track where the temperatures can start getting hotter and hotter. The C70 also comes ACU Approved ready for a track day, and with prices starting from just £129.99 which a huge range of colours and graphics, all makes the HJC C70 a fantastic choice for any price-conscious motorcyclist who wants to be able to go out on a track day.


The world of track day ready motorcycle clothing is huge and varied and can take you from low cost and affordable options way up to super premium gear that even the pro riders would be impressed by. But the most important thing about any gear you are thinking of taking onto the track is that it is right for you, is comfortable for you to make the whole event as least stressful for you. And ultimately above all, protective.

Your first track day? Check out our guide packed full of tips for track day beginners.


This article was written by Aaron Thomson, Website & Content Executive

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