Motorcycle helmets are literally lifesavers, that’s their job, that’s their only use on a motorcycle, to save your life when you need it saved.

Because of that, really helmets are the thing you should always push the boat out for. Spending a few hundred on a nice pair of boots, or a leather jacket that is super-perforated or even some gloves that keep your hands cool and dry is all well and good but should only be done after finding the perfect helmet for you. It is always better to skimp on your other bits of clothing before skimping on your helmet – it is literally there to keep you protected.

There are occasions when you can’t splash the best part of £600 on a helmet, sometimes it’s just not possible, that is why we have put together this list of some of the best under £150 helmets on the market so that you can always ride protected, no matter what.

When budgets are involved, compromises will be made, but you can rest assured that protection will never be one of them. In these helmets you will most likely not see those modern conventions that make them a joy to wear, instead, it is all about protection. But when working with a budget for helmets, that is all that is important. And that the budget helmet fits your head.


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  1. MT Blade 2 SV
  2. Scorpion EXO-390
  3. HJC CS-15
  4. Scorpion EXO-920
  5. Caberg Riviera V4
  6. MT Streetfighter SV



Full-face are the most protective style of helmets available and most likely the first style helmet many riders would go to. They do have a couple of drawbacks, you need to pop the helmet off whenever in polite company or look like the pillock who forever has a helmet on, but that is not much of a trade-off for having the best protection available to you on your head.



The MT Blade 2 SV is a fantastic budget-friendly helmet, a great stop-gap if you have only just started riding and need a good helmet straight away. The thermoplastic shell offers reliable impact resistance and the helmet itself got a 4-star rating from Sharp, which is incredible for a helmet that retails for just £129.99.

The SV in the name stands for the integrated sun-visor and it has a secure micrometric metal buckle with a quick-release when the helmet needs to be quickly removed like during an accident. And not just that, the visor on the Blade SV is Pinlock-ready, which has to be bought separately but for this price, you could easily also get one and not feel too bad.

This MT full-face retails for £119.99 for the plain colours and £129.99 for the graphics, but you can get the Blaster graphic for an incredible £64.99, across all four colours. Bargain.

Buy online today from only £119.99, available with free UK delivery.


Scorpion EXO-390

The Scorpion EXO-390 is a similarly entry-level priced full-face helmet perfect for anyone starting their riding journey. Scorpion has built a brilliant reputation for producing high-quality helmets and despite the low price, that is the same for the EXO-390.

The EXO-390 has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell engineered especially by Scorpion, a feature that is used across their range except for the carbon helmets. This shell is lightweight but will keep all your important bits in your head protected. The ventilation system is designed not just to keep you feeling cool and fresh inside the lid but also to work alongside the breath-deflector to keep your visor clear from fogging.

If you are after a plain colourway of the EXO-390, you should be prepared for a range like Henry Ford would have given you as there is only a matt black, but for just £89.99, you really cannot be too picky. There is a whole range of graphics that run from £89.99 to £99.99.

Buy online today from only £89.99 RRP, available with free UK delivery.



HJC is another brand whose helmets fill the whole gamut of possibilities and price-points, from the track-day-ready RPHA-11 Carbon, all the way to this budget-friendly CS-15. The CS-15 is HJC’s entry-level helmet but that does not mean it has not been designed to HJC’s high standards.

The CS-15 has an advanced polycarbonate shell that is lightweight and designed using CAD technology for a superior fit and improved aerodynamics. The wallet-friendly helmet also has HJC’s Advanced Channelling System (ACS) that provides a huge amount of airflow into and through the helmet and across your head, keeping you cool and comfortable, but it also is designed to reduce wind noise inside the helmet.

For a cool £89.99 for the plain colours and graphics, that is an impossibly brilliant deal for a first-timer or someone who needs a spare or stopgap helmet for the time being.

Buy online today from only £89.99 RRP, available with free UK delivery.



Flip-up style helmets have become increasingly popular because of their convenience in day-to-day life – just pop the face shield up and you are free to go about your daily errands.

Historically, flip-up helmets were always considered not quite as protective as full-face ones. Because of the front face-shield being capable of lifting up it meant that part was never quite as strong as the all-around security that a full-face offer. This has changed considerably though, and a lot of newer flip-up helmets are a great alternative even in terms of protection.



We have Scorpion again; we did mention that they produce a huge range of helmets for every level and style and that is the same for a low-cost flip-up. We have been a bit cheeky, the EXO-920 retails for £189.99, but more often than not you can find this helmet for a great deal, as it has been discontinued, that does mean you cannot be picky about the colour.

The EXO-920 has a polycarbonate shell that is protective and lightweight with a secure micrometric fastening buckle to keep it on your head. The convenience of the flip-up face shield is continued with the integrated drop-down sun visor that gives you instant protection from glare and sunshine.

Being discontinued, the helmet can be found for a various range of prices, as of writing this article you can currently get the Gloss White for £142 or there are limited sizes of the Cement Grey and Matt Black, if you prefer, for £119.99. Act quickly though as with many discontinued helmets they can disappear off the market quickly.

Buy online today from only £119.99 (Sale), available with free UK delivery.



You will traditionally see open-face helmets on couriers and riders of similar professions because the wide-open helmet style allows you to simply step off the bike to go about your job without the need for removing it.

With this wide-open helmet style, you are sacrificing a bit more protection for convenience, but as helmet technology has advanced the protection you get from an open face is still blindingly good. An open-face is a good option for those looking for convenience in their riding.



Caberg has put their Riviera helmet through a hell of a lot of revisions to keep improving the helmet alongside the advancements in tech and design for motorcycle helmets. This is the V4 or fourth version of the open-face helmet made with a tri composite shell for a lightweight but the protective lid and big, wide-open visor aperture to help you navigate busy city streets.

The actual shell of the Riviera is very small, designed for the easy storing of the helmet under the seat of your bike – allowing you to go about your day off and on your bike. A micrometric buckle keeps the lid on your head, securely, and that wide-open visor is anti-scratch to keep things clear. The Riviera is fitted with an internal, drop-down visor to give you an instant bit of protection from the occasional sunlight we have to put up with.

The plain colours of the Caberg Riviera V4 retail for a wallet-loving £99.99, while the two graphics retail for a quite reasonable £119.99.

Buy online today from only £99.99 RRP, available with free UK delivery.



Modular helmets are a very recent and burgeoning trend in the motorcycle lid department. Essentially, they are a helmet that blurs the lines between full-face and flip-ups – well, some of them also blur the lines for an open-face as well. The face-shield of this kind of helmet can often be raised like a flip-up, or fully removed leaving the helmet like an open face.

Modular helmets are all about giving you the choice of how you want to use them, with a peak, no peak, with a face shield or without.



The MT Streetfighter SV took the motorcycle market by storm when it was released, its aggressive modular style is incredibly unique and for just a bit shy over £100 for the plain helmets and a little bit extra for the graphics, it has an equally incredibly reasonable price.

The shell of the Streetfighter is a high-impact resistant polymer material that is lightweight and awesomely protective. Across the front of this MT helmet are inlets designed to flush cool air inside and across your head while you ride, and a group of extraction vents pull the air out of the helmet before it can become stuffy and uncomfortable.

The chin bar of the helmet is removable, as is the peak, meaning you can strip the Streetfighter to its bare, open-face bones. The integrated sun visor gives you instant protection from the shining sun, while the micrometric buckle keeps the lid securely on your head.

The plain colourways of the MT Streetfighter retail for a very pleasing £109.99, while the graphics retail for £129.99

Buy online today from only £109.99 RRP, available with free UK delivery.




No matter how tight-fisted you may be, a helmet is the only thing cannot do without. We understand that not everyone can stretch to exorbitant proportions for their helmet, but if there is one piece of kit that deserves the most investment it is the one on your head. We hope this guide gives a better understanding, that you can find a good helmet to keep you protected for a reasonable amount.