Do you spend half of the year staying dry yet overheating in well-insulated gear and the other half of the year cold and slightly damp around the edges? Or are you debating whether to start commuting by motorcycle but worry about how you’re going to carry all your gear, not to mention how to pay for it all?

We’re here to help! The Infinity team have put together a kit guide to help you choose the most practical, weatherproof and cost effective set of essential commuting gear.

Keeping dry

It’s the UK so no matter what the season, you’ll need something waterproof. Even in the height of summer, there’s not much chance of avoiding a shower for too long.

Investing in quality motorcycle waterproofs is a must. Textile clothing is ideal for winter usage when the chance of rain and sleet is high and warmth is of upmost importance.

If you’re not sure you want to a wear a full body suit all year round there are plenty of options for lightweight but protective summer kit as well.

Top tip! If your budget allows, choose quick dry textiles with a laminated out shell to ensure that your gear is dry by your commute home. Or even your lunchtime spin…

Our commuter waterproof favourites

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Waterproof Jacket & Trousers Combo

Alpinestars Andes Drystar Waterproof Jacket
Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Trousers

Rukka Arma-S Jacket

Rukka Arma-S Gore Tex Motorcycle Jacket

Oxford Rainseal Black Over Suit

Oxford Rainseal Black Over Suit

Keeping crease free and sharp

A worry for many new motorcycle commuters is how to stop your work clothes getting crumpled and creased on your way into work. If you’d rather pack your clothes, it’s worthwhile investing in quality motorcycle luggage (more about that later). Alternatively leave an outfit at work for a quick change when you arrive.

If that sounds like too much bother, many motorcycle commuters wear their office getup on their ride in, just be wary of the sizing when buying your outer gear.

Top tip! Buy one size up if you’re planning on wearing your work clothes underneath your motorcycle gear.

If your dress code is slightly less formal, then you can wear your office togs underneath your gear without a problem. In the summer, why not go for protective jeans and a textile or leather jacket for a casual on or off bike look?

Our commuter favourites

Stein STJ535 Touring JacketStein STP105 Motorcycle Trousers combo

Article image
Stein STP105 Adjustable Motorcycle Jeans

Oxford Denim SPJ-2 Motorcycle Jeans

Oxford Denim SPJ-2 Motorcycle Jeans

Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boots

Commuter gear on a budget

Getting started on a motorcycle or scooter can be expensive and by the time you’ve got the bike, you probably don’t want to stretch your budget too much for the gear to go with it. With a huge variety of brands to choose from Infinity Motorcycles have clothing to suit a whole range of budgets without compromising on comfort or safety.

If you’re riding every day in all weathers, you’ll save money in the long-run by investing in high-quality, long-lasting and versatile kit. This avoids having to replace kit or having an outfit for every season.

Top tip! You should take great care choosing your gloves, particularly in winter. Your hands will be the most exposed part of your body, the first to meet the wind, rain and maybe even snow. Choose a pair of heated gloves or a pair with gauntlets to keep you toasty warm.

Our budget commuter gear favourites

HJC FG 17 Strike Motorcycle Helmet

HJC FG 17 Strike Motorcycle Helmet in Blue

W2 DZ Motorcycles Boots

W2 DZ Motorcycles Boots

Spada Blizzard 2 Waterproof Gloves

Spada Blizzard 2 Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Storage solutions

Top tip! Opt for a pair of motorcycle boots that look great and are comfortable for walking in. Then you can wear them all day long, saving on precious storage space.

Few bikes offer much in the way of storage areas. Most scooters have a space underneath the seat which is ideal for stowing your gear. If your bike doesn’t have a top box or under seat storage then there are other options available

A backpack is a good cost saving option, enabling you to use it off the bike too. If you don’t want something on your back then there are ‘tail packs’ available to suit all type of two wheelers. These are easy to fit and operate in the same way as a top box.

Our commuter luggage favourites

Oxford Aqua 30 Roll Top Bag Black

Oxford Aqua 30 Roll Top Bag Black

Kriega US20 Tail Pack

Article image

Kriega R20 Rucksack

Kriega R20 Rucksack

So there you have it; our basic guide to becoming a safe and happy commuter with all the right kit to make your journey to and from work safe, comfortable and fun.

To find your perfect commuting gear, pop into of of our 14 Infinity Motorcycles stores and have a chat with one of our team. All the team at Infinity are very experienced and commute daily into London all year round.