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The sun is shining and the open road is ready and waiting. There’s just one problem: do you need to wear motorcycle gloves this season? I mean surely it’s too hot to wear puffy textiles this summer, and imagine the sweat?!

There’s a lot of things to consider when shopping for motorcycle gloves. From textile fabrics and leather wrappings to hard knuckle protection and palm sliders, to kangaroo leather palms and touchscreen fingertips: whoever came up with the saying “Fits like a glove” has clearly never shopped for a motorcycling glove!

But fear not - we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favourite summer motorcycle gloves to help you filter out the duds. From premium brands such as Alpinestars, Knox, Racer and Dainese: there’s a glove for you somewhere in this list. We understand you’ll have a budget in mind when you’re shopping, so we’ve created three groups to satisfy each rider from affordable options, mid-range gloves and pro – the best money can buy!

But before that just a word of advice when it comes to buying motorcycle gloves this season.


Broadly speaking there are two basic types of motorcycle glove: road and racing. Road gloves tend to be short (though like everything else in motorcycling this is a personal decision), whilst Race gloves need to be longer, gauntlet-style gloves to cover the cuffs and go over your leathers. Race gloves also need to be constructed of leather, whilst textile is a long popular feature in road gloves.

Gloves feature a variety of leather fabrics: obviously good old bovine is the most popular choice, however, goatskin is also featured heavily in a lot of designs - partly because of how common it is at a manufacturing resource, as well as it’s durability and strength. Kangaroo is seen as the ultimate material because of how thin you can make the hide, which gives great feel, whilst still constructing something with large amounts of abrasion resistance. Buffalo leather can also be used, though this is used further in-between.

Textile fabrics can range wildly from very basic nylons to high-tech abrasion materials like Superfabric. This is popular as a very strong abrasion resistant panel, but be careful if your gloves have this in them - you wouldn't be the first to render a visor useless as you wipe the rain off or to scratch your paintwork with what seems like a gentle rub. Neoprene, Lycra and other stretch materials help with fit, and comfort and breathability too and so are often found along the fingers.

Hard knuckle protection was originally developed for track situations where the knuckles can become trapped between the ‘bike and track in low side mishaps, but this is now seen as an almost compulsory feature by many road riders.

As a general rule of thumb hard palm sliders are more useful on the road than hard knuckles as they have been developed in an attempt to prevent jolting of the wrists by providing a near friction free opportunity for your hands to slide away quickly in the event of tarmac contact which can help prevent injuries to the Scaphoid and other bits of the wrist. They have also been shown to help prevent collar bone injuries.

There’s also another consideration if you’re planning to venture further afield because since 2017 it is against the law in France to ride any motorcycle or scooter without CE certified gloves. Passengers also have to wear gloves on a motorcycle. This is a France only rule and is not part of the PPE initiative being forced on to other motorcycle clothing. Confused? You should try working here.

So, what’s out there?


Racer Soul Gloves £44.99

The Racer Soul is a short, carbon knuckled and leather glove fantastic for sports riding and short trips. Made of a combination of cowhide leather neoprene fabric, these short-gloves have carbon protection incorporated at the knuckles for resistance in a pinch.

ARMR SHL225 Gloves £24.99

£25 will get you the ARMR SHL225 gloves, a glove made of reinforced spandex fabric and goat analine leather for a surprisingly sturdy glove given the price! Fitted with leather knuckle protection, these leather gloves have a comfort polyester lining and stretch panels at the fingers for flexibility, as well as useful reflective piping for increased visibility at night.

Racer Bubble Gloves £24.99

A very basic choice for summer riding is the Bubble fingerless gloves by Racer. Built of analine leather, these gloves are PERFECT for summer riding, with vented fingers and knuckle padding for comfort and durability. The fingerless design of these gloves make them so lightweight, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!



Knox Orsa OR3 Gloves £79.99

These CE certified short-cuff gloves are some of the most protective and comfortable gloves you’ll find in this price range. Hugely popular among off-road and enduro riders, these Knox gloves boast many innovative features including a unique Boa closure system at the wrist, a strong outer shell at the knuckles filled with honeycomb gel for impact absorption, as well as Knox’s patented Scaphoid Protection System which reduces the rick of a broken scaphoid.

Dainese Bora Gloves £69.99

The Bora gloves are another fantastic summer glove, priced at a totally reasonable £69.99; especially given it’s a glove by Dainese! Developed with the wildly popular Air Master and Mig C2 gloves in mind; the Dainese Bora is a lightweight textile glove with a well-ventilated mesh shell for breathability and comfort in warm weather. The gloves are fitted with micro-injection inserts at the fingers and back, as well as solid TPU protection at the knuckle, while the micro-suede palm is fitted with protective inserts and has double overlays to protect against general wear and tear.

Alpinestars SP8 V2 Gloves £79.99

If you’re after a long-cuff leather glove for road and occasional track use, you should definitely consider the Alpinestars SP-8 V2s. CE certified and constructed from durable full-grain leather, these Alpinestars gloves offer a high level of abrasion resistance and movement that would be expected on a glove £100+. Among the gloves most innovative features are the EVA foam reinforcements at the thumb, wrist, back, finger and palm for protection and comfort, an ergonomic stretch insert between the palm and thumb for increased movement and sensitivity while riding, and Alpinestars’ patented finger-bridge that prevents finger separation in the event of a slide. Also available in ladies sizes.

Rukka Forsair Gloves £89.99

If you’re in the market for a mesh touring glove, the Rukka Forsairs are an essential summer garment. Constructed of elastic Cordura fabric, these short-cuff gloves are breathable to keep your hands cool and comfortable in the heat, with touchscreen fingertips for adjusting your Sat Nav on your travels! The gloves also feature full-leather grip palms and fingertips for controlling your bike, the Rukka Forsair gloves also feature hard knuckle protection and a scaphoid slider for preventing drag in an accident.



Racer High Racer Gloves £169.99

In the high-end road category (for want of a better phrase), the Racer High Racer gloves are well deserving of it, considering their excellent quality and specifications. Boasting an abrasion-resistant Keprotec outer shell, the gloves are lined with Kangaroo leather along the inside of the glove for optimal grip and comfort. Carbon reinforcements can be found on the knuckles, fingers and cuff, allowing for superior impact protection, and along the palm are Knox’s patented SPS sliders (previously touched upon in Knox Orsa gloves), but essentially protect the scaphoid bone from injury in an accident.

Held Air-n-Dry Gloves £164.99

The Held Air N dry (£164.99) manage to be an efficient pair of well-ventilated summer gloves and also, thanks to the twin chamber technology an extremely efficient pair of waterproof gloves. These are great if you only want to own one pair of gloves, and are especially useful on a long trip. Constructed of abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather palm and Dupont Cordura leather detailed back, these gloves are also packed with a completely waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, hard-plastic moulded knuckles and reinforcements at the end of the hand for optimal abrasion resistance.

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves £189.99

Part of Alpinestars' 2019 range of gloves, the GP Pro R3s are a high-spec racing glove packed with the latest innovations in performance, comfort and protection. Ergonomically shaped to be as aerodynamic and light as possible, these gloves are tested on MotoGP and WSBK circuits around the world for sophisticated performance testing. Thus these gloves are fitted with Alpinestars' own Dynamic Friction Shield protection at the cuff as well as a number of reinforcements at the palm, thumb, fingers and knuckle for superior abrasion resistance, as well as an advanced airflow ventilation system and a mix of cow, goat and kangaroo leather for complete comfort and aerodynamics.


This article was written by Jonah Son, Digital Marketing Executive at Infinity Motorcycles, and Keith Roissetter, Infinity Watford Store Manager.

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