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After a new pair of winter riding gloves? You're spoilt for choice! Here are 9 of the best you can buy!

The number one tip we would give riders who plan to brave winter on two wheels would be to layer up - and that goes for your hands.

Unlike when your driving, when you ride at 50-70mph, you’re feeling the full force of the cold; and as your hands are positioned the furthest away from your body in a riding position, they are most at risk of numbing and freezing over!

To prevent this, you need a good pair of warm and waterproof winter gloves. It’s likely to make a massive difference to your winter riding and provide additional comfort – especially if you’re commuting on a motorcycle during the coldest times of the day. 

To thin out the herd, we’ve highlighted 9 of our favourite gloves that are perfect for seeing you through to Spring - or at least until the sun comes out again! Your hands will thank us later...

Here are nine of the best winter gloves you can get for your money:

1. Rukka Fiennes Gore-Tex Gloves
2. Richa Arctic Gloves
3. Halvarssons Splitz Gloves
4. Keis G701 Heated Touring Gloves
5. REV’IT! Fusion 2 Gore-Tex Gloves
6. Racer Silk Inner Gloves
7. Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-Tex Gloves
8. Bering Hercule Gore-Tex Gloves
9. Racer C2 Heated Gloves


1. Rukka Fiennes Gore-Tex Gloves
£179.99 RRP

➤ Textile/leather touring gloves with Hollow fibre fleece lining.
➤ Knuckle and scaphoid reinforced protection.
➤ Best in class Gore-Tex waterproofing membrane + 2 years warranty.

When it comes to winter motorcycle gear, no brand is better equipped than Rukka. After all, alongside motorcycle apparel, Rukka also manufacture snowmobile and ski jackets!

There are plenty of gloves we could choose from their range: the Rukka Apollo, the Rukka 3-Chamb 'claw' glove, the Rukka Argosaurus - even the upcoming Rukka Thermog+ (a definite push-in for next year's list!)

But for the purposes of choosing the “best” Rukka gloves for winter, we’re gonna give it to the Rukka Fiennes gloves, with its fully-waterproof and breathable, Gore-Tex laminated membrane that completely eliminates any water ingress and shrugs off the coldest winds.

The interior of the gloves are lined with premium Hollow fibre fleece, which feels like a dream during the cold, whilst the exterior is equipped with a hard knuckle shield and scaphoid inserts for optimal impact protection.

With a convenient visor wipe on the left index finger, and long-adjustable cuffs to tuck your gloves into your jacket; winter gloves don’t get much better than these!


2. Richa Arctic Gloves
£99.99 RRP

➤ Urban textile/leather gloves with Hipora waterproof membrane and thermal lining
➤ CE approved knuckle armour, SuperFabric panels and palm inserts.

➤ RiDE Best Buy product + it's under £100!

Awarded a Best Buy award from monthly motorcycle magazine RiDE, the Richa Arctic Gloves are a sure contender for best winter gloves under £100. That doesn’t go without merit.

Made from a mixture of abrasion-resistant goatskin and cowhide leather with SuperFabric and Keprotec reinforcements, this leather x textile touring glove is exceptionally durable whilst maintaining a high level of dexterity.

Richa have integrated the gloves with a Hipora waterproof lining that repels water away whilst allowing built-up interior moisture to pass through. Inside the gloves is a plush interior lining that keeps your hands warm, whilst the TPU knuckle shield with leather overlay and padded inserts protect your hands to CE Level 1 standard.

Among other features, the gloves also feature reflective panels on the back of the hand and a hook and loop adjustable wrist strap that keeps the gloves in place.

The Richa Arctic is an excellent everyday glove during the coldest months of the year.

For an additional £35, you can upgrade your gloves for the Gore-Tex version, for a higher level of water resistance.


3. Halvarssons Splitz Gloves
£104.99 RRP

➤ Cold weather textile glove with Dryway+ waterproof membrane.
➤ Innoborne thermal lining with Skin Fit technology for longer shelf life.
➤ CE approved knuckle guard and reinforced palm insert.

Halvarssons has established itself as a trusted brand for rugged motorcycle gear, and the Splitz gloves are the perfect example of that.

Made from supple Nappa and stretch textile, these gloves feel surprising flexible and tactile despite their bulk, but this only makes their thermal properties.

If they look incredibly comfy, you’d be right - inside the gloves is a plush, 180g Innoborne insulative padding that not only retains your body heat throughout your journey but incorporates Skin Fit technology that keeps the lining in place after frequent wear.

The exterior Dryway+ functional membrane provides essential weather resistance for the season, whilst the CE approved knuckle guard and Hi-Art reinforced palm provide plenty of abrasion resistance.

Fitted with a visor wiper and touch screen panel on the index finger, and cuffs long enough to tuck inside your jacket sleeves; the Halvarrsons Splitz is an excellent cold-season glove with highly waterproof, thermal and protective properties.


4. Keis G701 Heated Touring Gloves
RRP £199.99

➤ Thermal textile glove with Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane.
➤ 12V powered heating with 3 easy-to-operate thermal settings + 2-year warranty.
➤ CE approved knuckle armour and scaphoid palm guard.

If the stratagem for most of the gloves on this list is to retain body heat, Keis gloves are highly effective at generating heat!

As the UK’s number 1 heated clothing brand, Keis garments are the perfect antidote for brisk winter mornings through the use of dual-powered heating.

Their magnum opus, the G701 touring gloves, is made from water-repellent and durable Ballistic Nylon outer, bonded with Spandex for maximum flexibility and control and lined with a Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane.

The gloves use a Micro Carbon Fibre heating system, powered by either your bike battery (12V minimum) or a portable battery pack that fits seamlessly into the cuff (sold separately), that distributes thermal heat across your palm and fingers, controlled by a heat controller on the back of the wrist. Combined with a 3M Thinsulate thermal interior, they feel incredibly comfortable even without power!

A CE approved hard knuckle shield and scaphoid slider provide the bulk of the glove's protection, with additional reinforcements positioned at critical points of the hand.

The palms are lined with synthetic leather for additional grip, a visor wipe is positioned on the left index finger, and touchscreen-compatible fingertips are on the index fingers and thumb - Keis have pulled no strings with the G701!

The 2022 short-cuff version, the G701S Premium Touring gloves is also available.


5. REV'IT! Fusion 2 Gore-Tex Gloves
RRP £199.99

➤ Sports/urban gloves with premium Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.
➤ ​Synthetic fur interior with Thermolite Plus & Exkin Platinum insulation for symbiosis with heated grips.
➤ Hardshell knuckle guard and TPU palm slider.

REV’IT! is the perfect example of a motorcycle brand that mixes up the style of motorsports and urban riding, to form the ideal everyday riding glove.

For winter riding, the REV’IT! Livengood GTX or the Taurus GTX gloves are shoe-ins, but we’d give our recommendation to the REV’IT! Fusion 2’s: a waterproof winter glove with a unique insulative design.

Constructed from high-performance and stretchable PWR textile with an abrasion-resistant Goatskin leather palm, these gloves are bonded with an impermeable Gore-Tex membrane that allows excess heat to escape.

The inside of the gloves are lined with synthetic fur that traps warmth and engineered with Thermolite Plus for superior warmth without the bulk.

Additionally, the gloves are uniquely designed with an Exkin Platinum insulative technology; this lightweight, metalised fabric reflected radiant heat loss back to the user, preventing convective heat loss between your hand and your bike grips. In fact, the gloves work symbiotically with heated grips (assuming you can fit these to your bike), increasing the efficiency of heat transferred from the grips to your hands.

Finished with visor wiper, grip palm, a touchscreen compatible index fingertip and a single motion wrist adjustment system; the REV’IT! Fusion 2 gloves are no joke!


6. Racer Silk Inner Gloves
RRP £13.99

➤ Made from 100% silk: flexible and unrestrictive.
➤ Ideal as a thermal lining within a hardshell glove.
➤ Costs under £15 to increase the heating in your waterproof gloves!

We’re thinking outside the box with this option - if you already own a pair of waterproof gloves that aren’t very warm, the Silk Inner Gloves from Racer are your answer.

Designed to be worn underneath your durable, protective outer gloves, these silk gloves are slim and non-restrictive, and provide as much warmth as a traditional thermal lining, so you can convert your waterproof 3-season glove into the perfect option for winter.

These Racer gloves are the economical choice if you don’t want to fork out for a winter glove, but want to feel comfortable when riding in the cold. Non-bulky and effective at retaining your body heat, say goodbye to chilly hands!


7. Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-Tex Gloves
Was £145 Now £116.99

➤ Waterproof touring gloves with Primaloft silver thermal lining.
➤ TPU knuckle protection and palm slider.
➤ High-end Gore-Tex membrane + 2-year warranty!

Given their start out as manufacturers of skiing and hiking boots in the 1960’s, it should come as no surprise that Alpinestars are a dab hand at designing winter gloves!

With almost a hundred Alpinestars gloves on our website alone, there is no shortage of gloves to choose from for this list, but we reckon the Alpinestars WR-2 V2 gloves are up there in terms of the echelon.

We hazard a guess that the “WR” stands for winter riding, seeing as it's the perfect glove for the said function. Constructed from supple goatskin leather and durable softshell textile, these Alpinestars gloves are bonded with a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane that seals out all wet weather. 

Additionally, Gore also lends their technology to the palm; the Gore-Grip tech improves grip resistance and protection during a slide. The interior is lined with quilted Primaloft silver insulation for exceptional insulation to keep your hands warm while riding.

The gloves are armed with a TPU external knuckle shield, palm slider and padding on the finger knuckles for protection against impacts. The addition of a finger bridge between the third and fourth fingers to minimise injury.


8. Bering Hercule Gore-Tex Gloves
Was £100 Now £94.99

➤ Cold weather glove with thermal lining.
➤ CE approved knuckle protection and Amara palm.
➤ Gore-Tex garment under £100!

If you’re after a reasonably priced winter glove that will protect your hands on longer journeys, the Bering Hercule gloves will be just up your street.

Featuring a durable goatskin palm and softshell textile outer, Bering have integrated these touring gloves with an impregnable Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane for effective weather resistance, as well as a 110g thermal interior padding for complete winter comfort.

The knuckles of these Bering gloves are covered by CE approved protection with padding underneath and an Amara reinforcement on the palm provide alot of protection. The additional suede on the palm improves your grip over the handlebars, and the long cuffs let you tuck the gloves into your jacket sleeves.

Affordable is the word - the Bering Hercule is the way to go!


9. Racer C2 Heated Gloves
£239.99 RRP

➤ Heated gloves with Polymax waterproof membrane.
➤ 7.4V powered heating with 3 easy-to-operate thermal settings + 2-year warranty.
➤ CE approved knuckle shield.

Another heat radiating option for winter riding is the Racer C2 Heated gloves.

The heating element of the gloves come from two rechargeable 7.4V lithium batteries stored in the cuff of the gloves, which provide up to 3.5 hours of continuous heating (on 65% setting), and eliminate the need to connect the glove to your bike's battery - simply charge overnight and wear!

This heating extends from the fingers to the back of the hand for complete thermal circulation and is controlled by a button on the back of the cuff for 3 heat settings: Low, Medium and High. This allows you to turn up the heat during especially cold rides, or turn it down to prolong battery life for longer rides.

The Racer C2's are made from a combination of softshell fabric on the back of the hand and durable goatskin on the palm for equal levels of comfort and abrasion resistance. Bonded with a Polymax climate membrane to protect against the wind and rain, the fingers are lined with leather that wraps around the edges to prevent any wind ingressing through the seams and prolonging its life expectancy.

A CE approved knuckle plate protects you from impacts, the longer cuff with pull string allows you to seal the gloves and contain the heat, and a velcro strap fits the glove comfortably around your wrist.

If we're talking about warming up in winter, there are no gloves toastier than the Racer C2's.



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This article was written by Jonah Son.

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