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After a new pair of motorcycle gloves for the winter, but are too spoilt for choice? Look no further: here are the five best gloves for riding this winter.

With the winds turning colder, now might be the best time to think about warmer gear.

Protecting exposed skin from the extremities of winter is essential, and while layering is integral for winter-riding, it’s important to factor your choice of glove into the equation. Often a rider’s afterthought, your hands bare most of the weathers brunt as they are positioned the furthest away from your body, and are at most risk of freezing over while you’re steering!

To help you decide which pair would best fit your needs, we've put together a comprehensive list of the best gloves to worn this winter season, whether you prioritise protection, heating or budget above all else when your shopping.

As can be seen from the below points, there are lots of reasons why it’s sensible to invest in the best winter motorcycle gloves you can afford. It’s likely to make a massive difference to your winter riding and provide additional comfort – especially if you’re commuting on a motorcycle during the coldest times of the day. Your hands will thank us later...

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves for Protection

Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Gloves | £129.99


  • They're extremely durable and protective in critical areas of your hand.
  • They're 100% Waterproof with a Gore-Tex membrane.
  • They're fitted with Alpinestars’ innovative finger-bridge designed to prevent finger contortion during an impact.

If you’re a cautious rider and want a pair of gloves that will protect your hands on longer journeys, the Alpinestars Polar gloves will be just up your street. Equipped with carbon knuckle protectors, and padded knuckle and palm reinforcements, these durable gloves offer superior protection at the weakest part of your hands in the event of a collision or skid. The Polar gloves are also fitted with a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane that allows your hands to breathe and stay completely dry throughout your journey and feature Alpinestars’ innovative patented finger-bridge between the ring and pinky finger which prevents finger separation and contortion during an impact

Best Inner Winter Gloves

Racer Silk Inner Gloves | £13.99


  • They're made from comfortable silk textile.
  • They're flexible to wear and unrestrictive under another glove.
  • They're under £20 for a long-term, thermal solution for motorcycle riding.

Already own a pair of waterproof gloves but think they could be warmer? These silk gloves by Racer could be the answer: designed to be worn underneath a more durable and protective outer glove, these inner gloves are slim, flexible, provide additional warmth similar to a thermal, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They’re also an economical choice – you could spend £13.99 and wear your summer gloves rather than spend a premium on a winter-specific glove

Best Heated Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Keis G501 Premium Heated Gloves | £189.99


  • They offer battery powered heating rather than only insulating your own body heat.
  • They have a Thinsulate thermal lining and Hipora waterproof membrane.
  • They are the only heated glove to comply with new EU PPE protection regulations EN 13594-2015.

For the daily commuter that braves the winter mornings, the Keis G501 gloves are made for you. These 12V heated gloves are powered by your motorcycle to provide constant and even warmth throughout your journey. Complete with a Thinsulate and waterproof Hipora membrane and convenient visor wipe, the G501 gloves are also the only heated gloves on the market that comply with the new EU PPE regulations (EN 13594-2015) – these Keis heated gloves can do it all!

Best Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Held Arctic Evo Gloves | £138.99


  • They're made from high-quality and durable goatskin & Taslan leather.
  • They have a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and an extremely effective 3M Thinsulate thermal lining.
  • They're EN13594:2015 protection certified, and are equipped with innovative hand protection technologies.

If weatherproofing is the most important aspect of a Winter Glove, then Held’s Arctic Evo Gloves rank among the best! Designed for combatting the cold and treacherous, the Arctic Evo’s boast a totally waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, and 3M Thinsulate comfort lining guaranteed to leave you high and dry. The gloves are also certified under the EN 13594:2015, featuring SAS-TEC knuckle protection and reinforcements at the edges of your hand for abrasion resistance and is complete with 3M Scotchlite reflectors for visibility at night, visor wipe, and a smart-phone operational thumb and finger

Best Budget Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Spada Junction Gloves | £34.99


  • They have a waterproof Hipora membrane and Thinsulate thermal lining.
  • They're equipped with reinforced panels and knuckle protection against collision,
  • They're under £40 for a waterproof riding glove!

For riders who are after a budget alternative but still want all the benefits of a waterproof glove should consider the Spada Junction gloves. These leather and textile gloves are packed with features that make for an effective winter glove: a Hipora waterproof membrane and a Thinsulate thermal lining provide all-day comfort and weather resistance, while reinforced panels, internally moulded knuckles and TPU finger moulds offer great impact resistance. The Spada Junction gloves have reflective panels for visibility at night, and a visor wipe for convenience


As can be seen from the above points, there are lots of reasons why it’s sensible to invest in the best winter motorcycle gloves you can afford. It’s likely to make a massive difference to your winter riding and provide additional comfort – especially if you’re commuting on a motorcycle during the coldest times of the day.

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Winter riding can be treacherous, so make sure you have the right gear. If you need to boots, we have an article on our best-selling winter boots.

This article was written by Jonah Son, Website & Content Executive at Infinity Motorcycles

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