Every rider needs at least one good pair of bike jeans in their wardrobe: here are 8 of the best you can buy!

Motorcycle jeans are a biker’s best friend: they're timelessly cool, endlessly practical, and they pretty much go with every outfit!

Problem is, trousers are also one of the most difficult garments to size: you have to consider the fit around your waist, hips and thighs, not to mention leg length, how comfortable they are, colour, and - most importantly for biking - protection against abrasion and impacts.

Every person has their own preference and body shape, but we're all looking for the same thing: a decent pair of motorbike jeans that protect you in the event of a fall, feel comfortable, and look cool whether worn on or off the bike.

To save you some time, we've hand-picked 8 of the best jeans for you to consider - and you can do the hard bit of finding your size!

Here are eight of the best denim jeans you can get for your money:

1. PMJ Deux Jeans
2. Bull-It Onyx Jeans
3. Pando Moto Boss DYN 01 Jeans
4. Richa Apache Jeans
5. RST X Kevlar Single Layer Jeans
6. Rokker Rokkertech AAA Jeans
7. Spidi J&Dyneema CE Jeans
8. Fuel Greasy Selvedge Jeans


1. PMJ Deux Jeans
£229.99 RRP

CE rated AAA, single-layer denim jeans
Casual fit with blue wash
 CE level 1 hip and knee armour included as standard

A fan favourite of urban riders and café racers alike: the PMJ Deux jeans are a single-layer, blue denim trouser, incorporated with AAA protection, constructed with T-Tex Pro, Twaron single-layer tech.

Twaron is a super strong synthetic material, five times stronger than steel, with similar characteristics to Kevlar including a high resistance to heat, cutting, and has no melting point. Used primarily in bulletproof vests, helmets, and other protective gear for the military and police force, Twaron’s exceptional resistance to abrasion makes it perfect for use on the road when travelling at 50mph speeds.

PMJ integrate Twaron in all of their jeans, either lined behind the exterior denim layer or woven into the fabric itself. T-Tex Pro represents PMJ’s highest-level single-layer jeans, with an abrasion-resistance rating of 4.2 seconds. Twaron yarn is woven into the denim to combine the comfort and style of denim cotton with the ballistic properties of aramid fibres.

CE level 1 armour can be found at the knees and hips, which are entirely removable for when you want to hop on and off the bike.

The jeans themselves are a casual fit with a classic blue finish, feature no external stitching (which means no popping!), and have 5 traditional jean pockets, including a coin pocket. They also come with a handy leather belt!

Paired well with a classic leather jacket or hood, the PMJ Deux are the ideal go-to riding trouser.


2. Bull-it Onyx Jeans
£179.99 RRP

AA protection, single-layer denim jeans
Easy/straight/Slim leg with jet black finish
 CE level 1 hip and knee armour included as standard

Bull-it’s Tactical range is one of their lightest single-layer jeans to date, with AA stretch denim, new recovery yarns for stretch retention, and a variety of cuts to suit every kind of rider.

Our choice from this range, the Onyx jeans, have a jet-black finish that can be worn both on the bike and off it. The Onyx jeans feature Bull-it’s ‘Tactical Oneskin’ outer shell made from a combination of stretch denim (95% polyester, 5% elastane) and Covec aramid fibres.

Covec is a premium synthetic fabric with high-performance strength, lightweight, and comfort. It has a high resistance to abrasion and cutting, low thermal conductivity to reduce the chance of friction burn, and resistance for prolonged wear - so offers plenty of protection for the road.

Speaking of protection, CE level 2 hip and knee armour are included as standard, which can be adjusted or removed when you’re jumping off your bike or heading out.

The jeans incorporate new Covec stretch recovery yarns for improved fit and comfort, as well as a water-repellent coating in case you get caught in a surprise shower, and the usual 5 jean pockets allow for convenient storage.

Available in a variety of fits, there's a pair of Bull-It Onyx jeans for every rider, whether you prefer a loose fit or a skinnier jean.


3. Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans
£259 RRP

➤ AAA protection Cordura denim jeans with UHMWPE at key impact areas
Slim-fit leg with mid-high waist and black wash
 Knox Microlock CE level 1 hip and knee armour included

The Pando Moto Boss DYN 01 jeans are a pair of classic-fit biker jeans, with multiple layers and a slim-fit leg.

Crash tested and stylish for everyday wear, these Pando Moto jeans combine 12oz super stretch Cordura denim with Coolmax yarn for improved airflow and moisture-wicking.

Cordura is typically a military-grade nylon textile, used in heavy-duty luggage and straps due to its extreme tear and abrasion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio. Cordura Denim retains this strength, being more than 4x more durable than cotton denim, whilst also retaining the authentic look and feel of denim - keeping your jeans looking new for longer.

Underneath the outer layer of the jeans is an extremely durable layer of power-stretch Balistex (65% UHMWPE – 15 times stronger than steel), which extends to the buttocks, thighs and knees - the high-risk abrasion and impact zones of your legs. This not only ensures that the most vulnerable parts of your leg are covered during an impact but also gives the added effect of making the jeans cooler and lighter to wear than if the lining covered the entire garment.

The UHMWPE lining itself achieves the highest AAA safety rating and an outstanding slide time of 6.7 seconds, so it more than does its job of protecting you on the bike!

Furthermore, the jeans are fitted with Knox's advanced Micro Lock CE knee and hip armour for essential impact protection, and the backs of the cuffs are reflective for added night visibility.

In terms of style, the Boss DYN 01's have a unique, hand-made ageing/washed down finish which gives them a vintage, worn look.

With a mid-high waist and slim-fit leg; trust us when we say, once you’ve worn a pair, you’d be hard pressed to buy any other pair!


4. Richa Apache Jeans
£199.99 RRP

AA protection, multi-layer cargo trouser: denim x Kevlar
Slim-fit with multiple colour options available: Black, Grey, Khaki, & Camo
 CE level 1 hip and knee armour included as standard

If you're after something a bit different than your traditional denim jean, a pair of armoured cargos are a great day-to-day option for riders who want a functional, miliary-style trouser. 

Made from a mix of stretch cotton and DuPont Kevlar, the Richa Apache jeans are a rugged, durable trouser with large outer pockets.

Kevlar is a high-strength, heat-resistant aramid fibre often used in body armour to stop bullets and knives. Developed by chemical giant DuPont, Kevlar is designed to be five times stronger than steel and surprising light, which makes it the perfect synthetic for motorcycle protective clothing.

On top of this denim x Kevlar outer, key impact areas of the garment are reinforced with aramid fibres for increased abrasion resistance, earning it a CE A safety rating. The trousers are fitted with height adjustable D3O Ghost knee armour, as well as a pocket for hip protection if desired (sold separately), and features safety stitching throughout.

In terms of style, the Richa trousers are rugged yet flexible, with a slim fit at the lower leg for a fitted look. The interior is lined with soft polycotton, and there is plenty of storage throughout - 7 outer pockets in total!

With 4 colours available to choose from including black, grey, khaki, and camo, these looser-fitting, workwear trousers are the ideal alternative to traditional denim jeans.


5. RST X Kevlar Single Layer CE Jeans
£259 RRP

AA protection, single-layer denim x Kevlar
Tapered leg with classic blue wash
 CE level 1 hip and knee armour included as standard

Designed with every day in mind, the RST X Kevlar jeans appear no different than your typical high street denim.

Featuring a natural blue wash, with traditional pockets and an understated leather patch, you would be forgiven for overlooking these jeans – however, woven into the fabric of these jeans is Kevlar: one of the biggest names in protective textiles.

X Kevlar is a single-layer denim trouser, made from a mix of denim cotton and DuPont Kevlar, woven together for the combined benefits of comfort, style, and protection. This combined material retains the high protective and resistant qualities of Kevlar, with the soft and lightweight feel of cotton – like a pair of regular jeans.

Rated to AA, the RST X Kevlar jeans are fitted with both CE level 1 hip and knee armour; the latter being adjustable, allowing you to move the knee pads higher or lower depending on your height and size to utilise its full protective qualities.

The jeans use a western-style 5-pocket system including a coin pocket, with contrast stitch detailing and a tapered lower leg for a contoured fit. There are belt loops throughout as well as an RST branded patch on the back, and the front fly opening uses a zip and top button.

The RST X Kevlar jeans offer a regular cut around the thighs that tapers through the leg to the cuff, the perfect high-street/biker jean.


6. Rokker Rokkertech AAA Jeans
£399 RRP

AAA protection, single-layer denim x UHMWPE
 Straight leg with high rise waist and vintage wash
 SAS-Tech CE level 1 hip and knee armour included

For purists who want the very best in motorcycle protection, look no further than the Rokkertech AAA jeans.

Rokker are one of the biggest names in the denim game, and these new triple AAA jeans represent the very peak of their abilities, protection and style.

As tried-and-true work jeans that you could live in, the Rokkertech's are a vintage wash denim, straight-leg jean with a high rise waist - think a Levi 501. The jeans are made from durable denim cotton, woven with UHMWPE fibres (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene), twice the strength of steel with an exceptionally high cut and abrasion resistance, and light in weight.

UHMWPE, also known as Armalith by Rokker or Dyneema elsewhere, is a high strength, low weight fibre, described to be 5 times more resistant to abrasion, 40% lighter, and 2.5 times greater in tensile strength than Kevlar!

Woven into the denim structure of the Rokkertech and triple stitched, this single-layered jean boasts some serious slide time with a close-to-zero chance of popping, achieving the very highest safety rating, and is fitted with SAS-Tech hip and knee impact protective armour to boot.

Now, this level of protection does come with a couple of drawbacks. To address the elephant in the room, the Rokkertech AAA jeans are undeniably expensive. But these jeans come with the highest level of protection, and sometimes safety is worth the price.

Another caveat to this level of protection is its comfort: a triple A, single-layer jean is woven to be more compact than an AA jean in order to give a longer slide time and achieve the highest safety rating. What this results in, however, is a stiffer jean that doesn't have as much give as an AA jean, and less space between the individual threads effectively seals in more heat, so in extreme heat, these jeans will feel especially uncomfortable.

Given all of that, if protection is non-negotiable, and you want to look good doing that, you won't find a more rock 'n' roll pair than the Rokker Rokkertech AAA jeans. With a straight cut, a fine blue wash, and packed with a premium Rokker T-Shirt and bag, these jeans are an urban rider’s dream.


7. Spidi J&Dyneema CE Jeans
£269.99 RRP

AA protection, single-layer Dyneema x denim jeans
Slim fit with black wash
 Warrior CE level 1 hip and knee armour included

The Spidi J&Dyneema jeans make a lot of these "best denim jeans" lists and for good reason!

The jeans are made from denim cotton, woven with Dyneema composite fabric – an ultra-lightweight textile, designed to be 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than your average aramid fibres weight.

Dyneema is designed to have high resistance to cutting, tearing, and bursting, as well as being highly abrasion resistant and allows plenty of airflow in between the spaces tightly woven in the denim for comfortable summer riding. These aramid fibres enhance the durability, protection and comfort of the denim.

Inside, the Spidi jeans are fitted with a perforated 100% polyamide mesh lining that houses the CE level 1 Warrior hip and knee armour, reduces friction between the denim and your skin, and allows airflow comfortably around the interior for a moisture-wicking effect.

The jeans themselves are slim fit, with enough elastane to allow comfortable movement when getting your leg over your bike and sit comfortably around your waist. The wash is a dark indigo blue. A cowhide leather patch on the back.

The jeans have a carabiner attachment, and a band to join the trousers to your jacket.


8. Fuel Greasy Selvedge Jeans
£349 RRP

AA protection, single-layer Selvedge denim x aramid fibres
Tapered bottom legs with raw wash
➤ Polyanswer CE level 1 hip and knee armour included

For traditionalists or denim aficionados, this next option will definitely pique your interest.

The Fuel Greasy Selvedge jeans are unabashedly old-school biker jeans, made from 14-ounce selvedge denim, woven with protective aramid fibres, with a tapered bottom leg and a dark blue wash.

Now to give you some perspective - mass-produced denim tends to forego traditional methods of weaving denim, whether that’s to cut costs, produce more garments or the lack of materials or machines. Selvedge denim is a higher quality, longer-lasting textile traditionally woven on a shuttle loom, which results in a narrower fabric with a finished edge called a selvedge, or a self-edge.

This weaving process is slower and harder to manufacture on mass, but this technique results in longer-lasting denim, as the hems are tightly woven and prevent the denim from unravelling or fraying over time.

On top of that, the jeans are woven with advanced aramid fibres, that significantly increase the resistance to abrasion when you hit the asphalt at high speeds and achieve the jeans' AA safety rating.

Keeping with protection, the jeans are fitted with removable Polyanswer hip and knee armour which is approved for CE level 1 certification.

The Fuel jeans have a traditional pocket arrangement of two on the front, plus a key ring, and two rear pockets with a slick pattern on the buttock. You will also find a leather patch on the rear, belt loops all the way around, and a button and zip closure.

All in all, while we love modern advancements and the contemporary manufacturing process, but sometimes sticking to tradition is the best way forward. The Fuel Greasy Selvedge jeans are timelessly cool and vintage, with protection when you need it the most.




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This article was written by Jonah Son.

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