Every rider needs at least one good pair of bike jeans in their wardrobe: here are 8 of the best you can buy!

Motorcycle jeans are a biker’s best friend: they're timelessly cool, endlessly practical, and they pretty much go with every outfit!

Problem is, trousers are also one of the most difficult garments to size: you have to consider the fit around your waist, hips and thighs, not to mention leg length, how comfortable they are, colour, and - most importantly for biking - protection against abrasion and impacts.

Every person has their own preference and body shape, but we're all looking for the same thing: a decent pair of motorbike jeans that protect you in the event of a fall, feel comfortable, and look cool whether worn on or off the bike.

To save you some time, we've hand-picked 8 of the best jeans for you to consider - and you can do the hard bit of finding your size! Here are eight of the best denim jeans you can get for your money.

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1. RST X Kevlar Single Layer CE Jeans

£169.99 RRP

At first glance, these unassuming jeans look no different from your regular pair of denim, from their natural blue finish, traditional western-style pockets, and understated leather patch on the rear. But look past the denim and you'll find yourself an incredibly protective riding trouser, interwoven with a system of highly protective aramid fibres.

The RST X Kevlar is a single-layer denim jean, combining denim cotton with abrasion-resistant DuPont Kevlar for a supreme blend of comfort, style, and protection. This unique fabric composition retains the exceptional protective qualities of Kevlar, including its tensile strength, durability and thermal stability, whilst offering the softness and casual look of a regular jean.

Because these protective fibres are woven into the very structure of the jeans, the RST x Kevlar effectively offers 100% protective coverage should you take a fall, earning its CE AA safety rating. Additionally, the jeans are equipped with CE level 1 hip and knee armour as standard, with adjustable pockets to let you customise their placement based on your height and size, ensuring maximum protection.

In terms of style, these sleek jeans feature a regular cut around the thighs with a tapered lower leg for a fitted look, and the contrast stitch detailing gives them that 'Vintage 501' style of a classic jean. Their belt loops let you wear your usual leather belt or allow you to equip a zippered belt to combine with your favourite motorcycle jacket, and the traditional front fly opening utilizes a reliable zip and top button closure.

All in all, these RST jeans effortlessly blend into any casual outfit, making them an ideal choice for both on and off the bike.


2. Bull-It Onyx Jeans

£149.99 RRP

Bull-it’s Tactical range is one of their lightest single-layer jeans to date, with AA stretch denim, new recovery yarns for stretch retention, and a variety of cuts to suit every kind of rider.

Among their impressive collection, their Onyx jeans stand out with their sleek jet-black finish that seamlessly transitions from the bike to everyday wear. These jeans showcase Bull-it's revolutionary 'Tactical Oneskin' outer shell, expertly crafted from a blend of stretch denim (95% polyester, 5% elastane) and Covec aramid fibres.

Covec, a premium synthetic fabric renowned for its exceptional strength, lightweight nature, and comfort, takes centre stage in the Onyx jeans. It provides outstanding resistance to abrasion and cutting, reduces the risk of friction burn through low thermal conductivity, and ensures durability for prolonged use, offering optimal protection on the road.

In terms of protection, the Onyx jeans come equipped with CE level 2 hip and knee armour as standard. These protective elements can be easily adjusted or removed when transitioning from riding to off-bike activities.

Notably, the jeans incorporate new Covec stretch recovery yarns, enhancing the fit and comfort of the garment. The addition of a water-repellent coating ensures you stay dry in unexpected showers, further enhancing the jeans' versatility. Additionally, the Onyx jeans feature the classic five-pocket design, providing convenient storage options.

With a diverse range of fits available, Bull-it has ensured there is a pair of Onyx jeans to suit every rider's preference, whether they lean towards a loose or a skinnier jean.

Bull-it's Onyx jeans showcase the brand's commitment to producing high-quality motorcycle apparel. The combination of AA stretch denim, Covec aramid fibres, CE level 2 armour, and thoughtful design elements such as water-repellent coating make these jeans a reliable choice for both protection and style. With various fits on offer, Bull-it ensures that every rider can find their perfect pair of Onyx jeans.


3. John Doe Ironhead Denim Jeans

£235 RRP

The John Doe Ironhead is a cafe-racer-style jean tailored specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts. The Ironhead offers a sleek, slim fit and a two-layer design, providing remarkable comfort and protection.

Crafted from 10.5oz stretch denim twill, the Ironhead jeans are made with a blend of 97% cotton and 3% lycra, that ensures a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing you to effortlessly hop on your bike or take a stroll without feeling like you're wearing motorcycle trousers. The outer layer boasts a durable 10.5oz stretch denim construction, while the inner lining features an exceptionally strong XTM aramid fibre lining, renowned for its high abrasion resistance.

John Doe's proprietary XTM technology is the result of extensive research and development by their in-house team. These XTM fibres, which consist of Kevlar, Coolmax, Lycra, and Teflon, combine for a unique lining designed not only to provide optimal protection when needed but also to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

The inclusion of Coolmax interior lining further enhances the Ironhead jeans' wearability, as it helps to regulate internal temperature, ensuring your legs stay cool and well-ventilated, even during scorching summer rides. Additionally, the jeans are coated with Teflon, making them water-repellent and versatile enough to be worn in various weather conditions.

In summary, the John Doe Ironhead jeans strike the perfect balance between style, comfort, and protection. Available in a wide range of sizes, leg lengths, and colours, these jeans are suitable for everyday wear. Although they may not be as lightweight as some single-layer jeans on the market, the combination of XTM fibres, Coolmax lining, and stretch denim makes them remarkably comfortable while providing the necessary protection.


4. Oxford OA AAA Straight MS Jeans

£169.99 RRP

The Oxford Original AAA jeans stand out as an exceptional single-layer denim jean, surpassing the highest protective standards while maintaining the comfort and style of your everyday denim.

Remarkably, these single-layer jeans meet the same rigorous CE protection standards as racing leather, offering an unparalleled level of protection for a denim garment.

The key to this exceptional protection lies in Oxford's innovative lightweight Armourlite denim. This advanced fabric combines high-tenacity polyamide yarn with 13.5 oz denim, creating a single-layer, bi-composite denim that delivers outstanding strength and durability.

[It is important to note that these jeans should not be confused with the 2021 Oxford AAA-rated Original Approved jeans, which were recalled and re-labelled as AA-rated following extended independent testing.]

Equipped with Oxford's Dynamic CE level 2 knee and hip protectors, these jeans offer optimal impact resistance without compromising flexibility or comfort. The protectors are thin and flexible, ensuring a natural range of motion while providing vital protection.

The Oxford Original AAA jeans are available in slim and straight fits, providing options to suit individual preferences. Additionally, they come in three stylish colourways. These jeans feature ultra-secure belt loops, durable twill pocketing, and reinforced yoke triple needle stitching for maximum durability. These additional reinforcements offer peace of mind should an unfortunate fall occur.

For motorcycle enthusiasts who prioritize uncompromising protection without resorting to bulky textiles or leather, the Oxford Original AAA jeans are the ultimate choice. These jeans embody the perfect balance between style, comfort, and superior protection.


5. PMJ Deux Jeans

£239.99 RRP

The PMJ Deux jeans are a beloved choice among urban riders and café racers, offering a single-layer, blue denim trouser integrated with top-tier AAA protection.

Designed and meticulously crafted in Italy, PMJ are renowned for their commitment to style and quality, which is clearly evident in these exceptional jeans. The vintage-inspired blue wash denim exudes a timeless appeal, accentuated by classic stitching and belt loops, with a casual fit. As an added touch of luxury, these jeans even come with an Italian leather belt.

What truly sets the PMJ Deux jeans apart is the incorporation of T-Tex Pro technology, utilizing Twaron single-layer fabric with 100% coverage of the lower body. Twaron is a remarkably strong synthetic material that boasts a strength five times that of steel and features similar characteristics to Kevlar, Twaron exhibits exceptional resistance to heat, and cutting, and lacks a melting point. Primarily used in bulletproof vests, helmets, and protective gear for military and police forces, Twaron's outstanding abrasion resistance makes it a perfect choice for road use, even at speeds of up to 50mph.

PMJ ensures the integration of Twaron in all their jeans, either by lining it behind the exterior denim layer or weaving it into the fabric itself. The Deux jeans feature Twaron T-Tex Pro technology which represents the pinnacle of PMJ's single-layer offerings, boasting an impressive abrasion-resistance rating of 4.2 seconds. By combining the comfort and style of denim cotton with the ballistic properties of aramid fibers, these jeans provide an optimal balance between protection and fashion.

The PMJ Deux jeans come complete with CE level 1 armor for knees and hips, offering essential impact protection. These armor pieces are fully removable, allowing for effortless transitions when hopping on and off the bike. With no external stitching to compromise their sleek appearance, these jeans feature five traditional jean pockets, including a handy coin pocket.

Thin, lightweight, and oozing incredible style, the PMJ Deux jeans are an absolute rockstar in the world of motorcycle fashion. Boasting the coveted AAA rating, they provide a reliable safety net in case of an unexpected fall.


6. Halvarssons Rogen Jeans

£199.99 RRP

Halvarssons, known for their expertise in touring textiles and functional waterproof gear, has now showcased their skill in denim with the impressive Rogen jeans.

While their forte lies in touring textiles, Halvarssons has demonstrated a remarkable knack for creating high-quality denim garments. The Rogen jeans, in particular, have earned the esteemed AAA safety rating, making them a standout choice for riders seeking optimal protection.

Crafted from a blend of denim cotton, elastane, and abrasion-resistant aramid fibres, these single-layer jeans strike a perfect balance between comfort and durability. The interwoven structure of the fabric ensures exceptional abrasion resistance, rivalling that of highly protective racing leathers. Despite their impressive protective qualities, the jeans remain lightweight and effortless to wear.

Designed with a regular fit, they appeal to a wide range of riders. The high-rise construction provides additional coverage at the back, enhancing overall protection. Moreover, the fixed zippered waist belt enables seamless attachment to a compatible motorcycle jacket, ensuring a secure and integrated riding experience.

One of the standout features of the Rogen jeans is the incorporation of Halvarssons' proprietary soft and malleable protective armor. This armor, rated to CE level 2 for impact protection, guarantees optimal safety without compromising on flexibility or comfort.
Halvarssons' commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in the Rogen jeans. With their impressive safety rating, comfortable fit, and thoughtful design elements, these jeans are a testament to the brand's dedication to providing riders with exceptional gear.

To conclude, Halvarssons' foray into denim with the Rogen jeans is a testament to their versatility and commitment to rider safety. With their AAA safety rating, durable construction, and integrated protective armor, these jeans offer riders the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection. Whether you're touring or simply enjoying a ride, the Halvarssons Rogen jeans are a reliable and stylish choice.


7. Alpinestars Diesel Daiji Denim Jeans

£269.99 RRP

Diesel is a name that resonates with fans of high-street fashion, often mentioned alongside renowned brands like Levi's and Replay. So, when they joined forces with the motorcycle giant Alpinestars, it's no surprise that it created quite a buzz.

The collaboration between Diesel and Alpinestars has given birth to the remarkable Diesel Daiji jeans. These Italian-made jeans effortlessly blend style and protection, making them a standout choice for riders seeking both fashion and safety.

Let's start with the fit and appearance. The Daiji jeans are truly top-tier in this regard. They boast an impeccable fit, accentuating the body with a flattering cut, and the fashionably distressed wash adds a touch of edginess to their overall aesthetic. The super soft stretch denim ensures unparalleled comfort, while the strategically placed aramid fibre panels at the seat and knees provide vital protection in high-impact areas.

When it comes to protective features, this is where we start seeing Alpinestars' influence. Equipped with CE level 1 Alpinestars' Nucleon knee armour and additional pockets for hip armour (sold separately), these jeans prioritize effective protection against impacts. The aramid fibre panels at critical impact points, such as the seat and knees, further enhance their durability and protective capabilities. Notably, the Daiji jeans are pre-curved to ensure extra comfort while riding, with added stitching around the front and back of the knees for increased flexibility.

It must be noted that outside of their protective features, the Daiji jeans closely resemble other high-end jeans in terms of appearance, and this is reflected in the slightly disappointing CE A safety rating. However, it is the fusion of Diesel's signature style and Alpinestars' expertise in motorcycle gear that sets them apart.

To conclude, the Alpinestars x Diesel Daiji jeans are not only a testament to exceptional style but also to unmatched comfort. While their protective features may not be as extensive as some dedicated motorcycle jeans, the Daiji jeans excel in delivering a sleek, fashionable look without compromising on rider safety. If you're searching for the best combination of aesthetics and comfort in motorcycle jeans, look no further than the Alpinestars x Diesel Daiji jeans.


8. Motogirl Ellie V2 Kevlar ladies Jeans

£159 RRP

If you're a female rider in search of your new favourite denim, look no further than the Motogirl Ellie jeans.

Renowned for their innovative approach to women-first clothing, Motogirl has crafted the Ellie jeans to be both stylish and practical for summer and fair-weather riding.

These single-layer jeans feature a mesh lining for enhanced airflow, making them perfect for warmer rides. Constructed from stretchy cotton elastane, the Ellie jeans offer flexibility, while accordion stretch panels at the yolk and thighs further enhance mobility. The perforated interior lining ensures breathability, keeping you comfortable on your journey.

Beneath the stretch denim exterior, the Ellie jeans incorporate DuPont Kevlar lining at the key impact zones of the knees and hips, contributing to their impressive CE AA rating. Known for its exceptional abrasion resistance, DuPont Kevlar provides reliable protection. By focusing the lining on crucial areas, Motogirl strikes a balance between protection and breathability, ensuring you stay cool without compromising safety. Additionally, the jeans come with fully adjustable CE level 2 approved knee armor, and there's even a pocket available for additional hip armor, offering superior protection without the bulk of traditional motorcycle trousers.

When it comes to style and fit, the Ellie jeans truly shine. Available in 10 different sizes and with 3 leg lengths, Motogirl has thoughtfully catered to various body shapes and sizes. These high-waisted jeans boast a flattering skinny fit, and a convenient adjustable strap at the back of the waist allows for a customized fit. Thick belt straps, a 3-button front closure, and a range of functional pockets add to their practicality. Not to mention the trendy embroidered back pocket, which adds a fashionable touch to these already stylish jeans.

In conclusion, the Motogirl Ellie jeans combine fashion-forward design with practical features to meet the needs of female riders. With their breathable mesh lining, stretchy cotton elastane construction, and strategic Kevlar lining, these jeans offer comfort and protection in equal measure. Whether you're hitting the road for a summer ride or seeking a reliable option for fair weather, the Motogirl Ellie jeans are an excellent choice for riders who prioritize style, fit, and safety.





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