After a motorcycle boot to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter? Look no further...

Good gear for the job is the difference between a terrible ride and a good one, especially during the cold winter months. A good pair of motorcycle boots can save your feet a lot of hell. Infinity is here with six of the best winter motorcycle boots for every budget.

The harshest of weather always requires the most specialised gear.

The weather that comes with summer and winter can make riding your bike unbearable for different reasons, but with the right gear for the job, any ride can be a breeze (or cosy in the cold months). Your feet are important, them being freezing cold can suck all the joy out of a winter ride.


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Top-Of-The-Line Winter Motorcycle Boots

  1. Daytona Roadstar Gore-Tex Boots
  2. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Best Winter Motorcycle Boots Under £200

  1. Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots
  2. RST Tractech Evo 3 Waterproof Boots

Best Winter Motorcycle Boots Under £100

  1. Spada Hurricane 3 Waterproof Boots
  2. Oxford Tracker Boots


Top-Of-The-Line Motorcycle Winter Boots

Those riders who ride every single day, come rain or shine, or even blistering cold will know that investing in a high-quality pair of waterproof boots can be the difference between a good ride and a nightmare in winter.

When you ride this much it makes a lot more sense to invest a bit more money in your gear, boots included.

With winter comes rain, drizzle, the occasional snow flurry and cold, cold, cold.

For winter, the best option is a good-quality pair of waterproof boots to combat these elements, and Gore-Tex is one of the best waterproofing options out there. There is a reason why thousands of bikers around the country rely on old Bob Gore’s invention to get them through a wet ride – Gore-Tex is brilliant.

Daytona Roadstar Gore-Tex Boots
£409.99 RRP

If you are riding every single day, your gear deserves more investment than the occasional hobby rider – that may sound like salesperson chat to upsell you but it is the truth. Using gear every day means it has to last you more than a year – you need high-quality gear that will last you years and years.

Daytona is one of the best brands for top-of-the-line boots. We often mention that brands that focus on one thing, for example, Keis with heated clothing, or Daytona with boots, which means that the products they manufacture are often a lot more specialised and perfected. High-quality boots are all Daytona is about and that is why their boots are considered so good.

The Daytona Roadstar is the most popular Daytona boot we sell, and there is a good reason why. The Roadstar boots are packed full of features that can make even the nastiest weather delightful.

The Roadstar boots are made from high-quality hydrophobia treated cowhide – this leather is supple and protective while the hydrophobic treatment means rainwater will bead off the boots rather than gather and collect on them. Meaning, your feet will stay amazingly dry.

There is also a wide-fit version, and then also an extra-wide fit version – so there is no excuse for not finding your size unless you have dinner plates for feet.

The £409.99 price tag can sting, but as one buyer says: “I have spent 5-6 hours riding in the most torrential rain…and the boots were absolutely bone dry”, lovely news and well worth it for the well-travelled rider.


Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots
£329.99 RRP

Sidi manufacture a literal ton of motorcycle boots built for sports and touring at a multitude of different price levels, but out of all of them, the Sidi Adventure 2 boots are the most popular.

An update of the previous Adventure model, fitted with high-quality Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry and comfy – the Adventure 2 boots are a touring dream.

The PU plastic shin plate is fantastically protective and there is further PU support on the ankle area that limits potential ankle roll in a crash situation. The Adventure 2 boots have a flex system that gives you a bit of added room to get a perfect, personalised fit.

But do not take our word for it, one of our customers had a grand experience with them: “…I’ve just worn them on a 17-day tour on and off-road in Colombia, and they were brilliant and waterproof.” Big praise there.

For those who prefer a shorter boot, the Adventure 2 even come as a mid-size variant, ending just above the ankle. The Sidi Adventure 2 retail for £329.99, while the Adventure Mid 2 retails for £299.99 – but, you can often find these boots on sale and are well worth investing in.


Best Winter Motorcycle Boots under £200

Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots
£199.99 RRP

The most popular motorcycle boots that Infinity Motorcycles sells™ - they have not paid for that trademark, this is a genuine fact that in all our years, the Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex boots are the most popular boots we do.

And for good reason, retailing for just shy of £200 these motorcycle boots are fitted with a high-performing Gore-Tex liner that is breathable, leaving your feet not just dry in terrible weather but also comfortable enough to prevent them being clammy.

Not just weather protection, the Alpinestars boots are made from a water-resistant, protective full-grain leather that is supple enough to stretch for a comfortable fit. That is weather and comfort sorted, thank God then for the plastic moulded shin plate that is further reinforced with a pressure stamped leather panel, internal support on the heel, toe and ankle.

A pair of Gore-Tex boots for £200 is pretty special, and so are the Alpinestars Web boots.


RST Tractech Evo 3 Waterproof Boots
£139.99 RRP

RST has built a brilliant reputation for designing gear that offers great protection, performance and comfort without a price to make you destitute. And people love it!

That is why the waterproof version of the RST Tractech EVO 3 boots often end up as one of our most popular items going into the colder months. The Tractech EVO 3 boots are fitted with a high-performing SinAqua membrane that locks water out of the boot while its breathability keeps your feet comfortable.

The TPU shin plate has been redesigned to offer more protection. The hinged ankle support provides better movement of your ankle on your pegs while there is a further TPU reinforcement on the heel, which RST call wonderfully the ‘Heel Cockpit’.

For just £139.99 the RST Tractech EVO 3 Waterproof boots are an amazing choice to make those cold wet rides a lot more bearable – make sure you get the waterproof version and not the Sports, which are better for the occasional track day and not so suited to winter weather.


Best Winter Motorcycle Boots Under £100

Motorcycling despite being a fantastic hobby or method of regular transportation, can be bloody expensive – if you are a hobby rider who just enjoys a ride, even during the winter or a masochist that loves taking turns in frosty mornings, you may not have the desire to throw so much money into your gear.

We understand and so have a couple of budget-friendly options for you right here...

Spada Hurricane 3 Waterproof Boots
£99.99 RRP

For a cool, but not chilly, hundred quid you can get yourself the Spada Hurricane 3, a fantastic pair of budget-friendly waterproof boots.

The toe and heel of the boots are reinforced for added protection, while the Spada boots themselves are made from protective PU-coated leather. Finally, for protection dense inserts have been placed on the shin and ankle.

With cold weather comes dark conditions, dark mornings and early sunsets, to combat this on the road, the Spada Hurricane 3 boots are fitted with reflective detailing to keep you in clear view of your fellow road users.

Despite its name, I would not recommend riding through a hurricane in the Spada Hurricane 3 boots, aim for rides with the potential of light drizzle and not much else – thankfully we live in the somewhat hurricane-free UK.


Oxford Tracker Boots
£89.99 RRP

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Retailing for just £89.99, the Oxford Tracker boots have carved a perfect niche for low-cost waterproof boots and have become hugely popular because of it.

Oxford Products are well-known for their great function and reasonable design, and the Tracker boots typify this. The waterproof membrane is great for keeping water out of the boots and away from your feet while the supple leather design upper gives a great fit alongside protection.

The tread of the boots has a heavy-duty design to stand up to the bad conditions that come with winter, from snow and sleet but also the salt that is used to help grip on the road. The instep and back of the boots are padded with flexible fabric, while the long full-length zip gives you easy access to put the boots on and remove.

For ninety quid the Tracker boots are a great choice if you need winter boots and do not want to break the bank to get them.


Riding in the winter is no one’s cup of tea but with the right gear on it becomes a lot more bearable, a good waterproof winter jacket paired with the right gloves and a great set of winter boots and you are set for a bit more of a fun cold-weather ride. And hopefully, this list means that you can find a pair to suit you and your price point.


This article was written by Aaron Thomson, and edited by Jonah Son and Tom Evans.