If you’ve ever considered commuting by motorcycle you’ve probably come across the Telegraph’s article Why commuting by motorcycle is good for everyone. It took the motorcycling world by storm. Six years later and there are now more motorcycle commuters on the road than ever before. If you’ve had enough of public transport or the endless tube strikes, keep reading.

Why you should commute by motorcycle

Save time

On average, mopeds and motorcycles are 30% quicker than cars when it comes to commuting. Forget about sitting in traffic jams or waiting in the cold for a delayed bus or train. As for tube strikes, you can forget it!

In normal free-flowing traffic a motorcycle will take up the same space as a car. Yet when the traffic slows down, motorcycles can shrink to almost nothing as they stream through the gaps. What a feeling!

Save money

It’s more than likely that the cost of commuting equates to quite a chunk of your monthly pay check. Compared with other modes of transport, switching to commuting by motorcycle can make you a pretty sizeable saving every month.  

You may be thinking that the initial cost of getting fully equipped and on the road outweighs the savings... it’s actually the complete opposite! Your initial outlay will be recovered in under 24 months.

Commute by train? With a ticket spike of 40% in just a decade, the cost of commuting by train is becoming even more of a drain on your wallet and prices don’t look set to reduced anytime soon.

Commute by car? Motorcycles are much more economical and environmentally friendly to run than cars - you can expect to save up to 25% on fuel. Add to that no congestion charge for motorbikes, free parking available almost anywhere and an annual road tax as little as £17!

Commuting in London by motorcycle or scooter can make you even more of a saving! According to Transport Statistic of Great Britain, people working in London have the longest average commute and even since last year ticket prices have increased by 2.3%! Meaning that the cost of an annual Travelcard is now £2,248 for Zone 1-5 and £2,408 for Zone 1-6. That’s a lot to be forking out just to go to work.

Have fun

Unlike the stress of delayed buses or tubes and then the inevitable game of sardines en route, motorcycling to work is actually fun! Ask yourself, when was the last time you got off the bus or tube with a beaming smile?

Motorcycle commuting tips

Safety & road etiquette 

  • Ride like you never have the right of way.
  • Look in the direction you’re going, not down at the road.
  • Leave more than enough space between you and the car in front. Then leave some more.
  • A tap to the helmet means there’s police around.
  • Stay alert. Riding the same route over and over again runs the risk of complacency.
  • If you’re parking your bike on the road, try to park it near a CCTV camera or in a busy area. Don’t park your bike in the same place everyday, that’s like gold dust to organised thieves.

Best commuter motorcycles

Best for beginners Yamaha Tricity 125

Featuring a unique 3-wheel chassis, the Tricity is a lightweight urban commuter bike that is perfect for new riders. Powered by a 125cc engine, the Yamaha Tricity offers a scooter-like agility with the feeling of stability. 

Yamaha Tricity 125 Commuter Motorcycle

Most eco-friendly Yamaha EC-03

Slim and compact enough to wheel inside, but punchy enough to cut through rush-hour traffic, the EC-03 defines convenient, low-impact urban travel.

Yamaha EC-03 Eco Friendly Commuter Motorcycle

Most affordable Yamaha Neo’s 50cc Scooter

The price conscious Neo's Easy combines style with practicality. With its fully automatic transmission, the zippy 50cc engine delivers smooth and efficient 'twist and go' performance to transport you from A to B with minimum effort.

Yamaha Neo’s Easy 50cc Commuter Scotter

Commuter motorcycle gear shopping list

Once you’ve got your bike you’ll need to look at motorcycle clothing and accessories. We’ve put together a shopping list to help you get on the road.

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