Here is a definitive list of every motorcycle helmet released that conforms to the upcoming ECE 22.06 regulations.

Few would argue that protection is of the utmost importance when riding on two wheels. After all, the only legal requirement for motorcycling in the UK is to wear a motorcycle helmet

When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, whether it's a full-face, open-face, flip-up or adventure helmet, from a dealer such as ourselves, you are safe in the knowledge that the helmet you buy is of a high standard. This is because, in order to sell road-legal helmets in Europe, manufacturers must conform to a safety regulation called ECE 22 (standing for Economic Commission for Europe, Regulation No. 22 for those curious).

ECE 22 is a safety regulation that requires helmet manufacturers to submit helmets intended for sale in Europe to be tested and conditioned to ensure the product is suitable and safe for use in a variety of conditions. Tests include everything from the construction of the helmet, its weight, the performance of the visor, its chin strap, the amount of airflow through the vents, its wind noise etc. 

Since the regulation’s introduction in 1972, ECE 22 has been updated over the years for more stringent testing and to conform with modern road use. The current safety standard at the time of writing is ECE 22.05, which is to be superseded by the incoming ECE 22.06; aimed to induct more rigorous tests and set a higher standard for new helmets. 

Now, ECE 22.06 doesn’t actually come into effect until January 2024, so until then helmets that meet the outgoing 22.05 are still legal for sale. But that does mean that manufacturers must prepare for when the new regulation comes into place, in order to avoid their range becoming obsolete by the time 22.06 kicks in. 

Some manufacturers haven’t wasted any time at all – we currently know of 9 models from our biggest helmet brands that conform to ECE 22.06, many of which are actually available NOW. 

Many more will drop before 2024 rolls around and 22.06 is in effect, but if you want to be prepared for the long-term, there are plenty of great helmets for you to choose from.  

Here's a list of every ECE 22.06 motorcycle helmet that we know about:








A brand new sports-touring model from the premium Japanese brand, the Arai Quantic was one of the first ECE 22.06 helmets to hit the market.

The Arai helmet's outer shell uses Arai's proprietary ‘Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction', PB e-cLc for short, which is a phenomenally strong, superlight shell with a reinforced belt, a rounded shape for glancing-off, and a multi-density EPS lining. The rear spoiler also improves stability and aerodynamics.

The ventilation system has also been improved from previous Profile V and Renegade helmets, with 6 intake vents and 6 exhausts, including two Formula 1-inspired teardrop vents on the front, for optimal airflow across your face and head. Featuring a VAS Maxvision visor and pinlock insert, Facial Contour cheek pads and an emergency release system.


Starting from £499.99 RRP, the Arai Quantic is available in 4 colours, Diamond Black, Frost Black, Diamond Black, and Modern Grey as well as a range of graphics including the Snake and Face (£599.99 RRP).


The Arai RX-7V Evo is undoubtedly one of the best sports-touring helmets you can buy in 2022. 

Updated to comply with the new, more stringent testing of ECE 22.06, the Evo retains everything that made the RX-7V so great, including the classic racing aesthetic, glance-off performance and aerodynamics, but now includes the Type 12 Airwing used on the FIM model for improved stability on the road and/or track. 

The Arai super-fibre shell is infused with the same special synthetic fibres used in Formula 1 for extreme strength, flexibility and reduced weight. Arai's Variable Axis System gives the helmet a more rounded shape to better spread impact forces and improves streamline performance, and the Free Flow ventilation system allows optimal airflow and comfort throughout your ride. 


Starting from £699.99 RRP, the Arai RX-7V is available in 3 colours, Diamond Black, Frost Black and Diamond Black, as well as a range of graphics and racing replicas (£799.99 RRP).


The RPHA-1 is the latest top-flight racing helmet from HJC, designed and developed specifically for sports touring. 

Following in the footsteps of their previous renowned RPHA models, the RPHA 1 is the same full-face helmet used by MotoGP and WorldSBK professionals and is FIM approved to compete at the highest level. The helmet adopts HJC's Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM+ shell) for a complex laminate construction of carbon glass fibres backed by an impact-absorbing multi-density EPS liner. 

Ventilation is tuned for high-speed riding, allowing more airflow in to dispel excess humidity generated at top speeds, and the double locking visor features a larger field of view. The helmet also features an emergency extraction system and is adaptable for riders with prescription eyewear. 


Starting from £649.99 RRP, the HJC RPHA 1 is available in 2 colours, Gloss White and Matt Black, as well as a range of graphics and racing replicas (£699.99-£799.99 RRP). 


The Schuberth C5 was the first P/J homologated helmet to be certified to the more stringent ECE 22.06 standards.

Featuring a shell made from Direct Fibre Processing (DFP) for an ultra-light, super durable shell, the C5 adopts a more conventional helmet shape than the previous C4 to conform to more heads, accommodating for more space at the front of the lid. The C5 is also more aerodynamic than its predecessor and a lot quieter, being developed in Schuberth's in-house wind tunnel to achieve optimal streamlining and aeroacoustics.

This touring modular helmet can be worn with the chin bar raised or closed in full-face mode. How this conforms to 22.06, is the redesigned face shield: the chin bar locks in place thanks to a switch placed at the centre of the chin, for a lower profile and reduced chance of unlocking by accident.

The adjustable ventilation system has been improved, with a traditional scoop inlet at the chin to defog your visor as well as allow cool air across your face, a convenient sun visor can be dropped at the side of the lid and the helmet comes pre-fitted with speakers and wiring for the accommodation of an intercom kit.


Starting from £499.99 RRP, the Schuberth C5 is available in 4 colours, Glossy White, Matt Black, Concrete Grey and Glossy Silver, as well as a range of graphics (£599.99 RRP). 


The all-new Belfast Evo is an extremely lightweight open-face from Scorpion, certified to 22.06 that blends the retro jet style helmet with modern protection.

With a polycarbonate shell with an impact-absorbing EPS lining, this matte urban helmet is fitted with an anti-scratch screen and a drop-down sun visor.

The KwickWick 2 comfort interior is soft and plush with moisture-wicking, antibacterial properties for long-term comfort, and is secured with an adjustable micrometric chin strap.


The Scorpion Belfast Evo is expected to be released later in 2022, and will be available in regular, Luxe and Carbon models (£159.99-£259.99 RRP).


The EXO 230 is Scorpion's 2022 open-face helmet, certified to ECE 22.06 and featuring a drop-down sun visor.

The aerodynamic polycarbonate shell has been wind-tunnel tested for reduced wind noise and maximum comfort, with an impact-absorbing EPS liner.

Adjustable front and rear air vents with wind deflectors aim to reduce drag and create negative pressure to maximise airflow through the helmet.

The moisture-wicking KwickWick interior feels soft and comfortable for everyday use, and the micrometric chin strap allows for a secure fit and quick release.


The Scorpion EXO 230 is expected to be released later in 2022 and will be available in two colours, Solid White and Matt Black, as well as a range of graphics (£129.99 RRP).


The EXO 491 is a Scorpion's brand new entry-level full-face certified to the brand new 22.06.

Ideal for new riders or a helmet for your pillion, this polycarbonate outer helmet with multi-layer EPS is protective for when you need it. The RAM AIR ventilation system allows a steady stream of airflow, and the removable and washable KwikWik inner lining.

The helmet also has a scratch-resistant visor, a convenient drop-down sun shield, and a micrometric ratchet strap.


Starting from £119.99 RRP, the Scorpion EXO 491 is available in Matt Black, as well as a range of graphics (£149.99 RRP).


The Spartan RS is the first Shark motorcycle helmet with the new 22.06 homologation, and a new mid-range road sport full-face for 2022.

Replacing the outgoing Spartan, the RS uses the same lightweight and protective fibreglass shell as previous models with an impact-absorbing EPS lining and a rounded head shape. It starts to RS differ from the Spartan however with its ventilation system, which sees 3 air inlets on the front including a dramatic-looking chin vent and scoop on the top of the lid, and 4 extractors on the back vastly improved airflow.

The Shark VZ 300 visor has the highest optical rating with a variable thickness to eliminate visual distortion. A button on the side of the helmet allows you to drop the retractable sun visor, the removable and washable inside utilises the Easy Fit system to wear with glasses and features pre-installation for the Sharktooth intercom.


Starting from £299.99 RRP, the Shark Spartan RS is available in 4 colours, Matt Black, White and Matt Grey-Yellow.


The much-anticipated NXR 2 is the successor to one of Shoei's most popular helmets, the NXR, and is designed to be lighter, more compact and protective!

Adhering to the more stringent tests of the ECE 22.06, the NXR 2 passes with flying colours, thanks to its AIM shell comprising of organic and composite fibres for superior strength and lighter weight than similar helmets in the same category. This sports-touring helmet was designed in Shoei's state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing facility, leading to a finely-tuned ventilation system, and significantly reduced wind noise and aerodynamics, thanks to the head shape and rear spoiler.

The new CWR-F2 visor vastly improves peripheral vision (the pinlock is 10% larger than the previous NXR's), significantly reduces wind noise, thanks to the new 'Vortex Generators', and is closed with a new mechanism positioned at the centre of the helmet. The NXR 2 uses four shell sizes for an optimal fit and incorporates emergency quick-release cheek pads.


Starting from £449.99 RRP, the Shoei NXR 2 is available in 6 colours, including Basalt Grey, Black and White, as well as a range of graphics (£539.99 RRP).


Shoei have unveiled their latest track-certified racing helmet for 2022, the Shoei X-SPR Pro: ECE 22.06 certified and FIM homologated.

Brought from the 2022 MotoGP season to the market, the X-SPR Pro represents top-tier racing performance and protection, conforming to the demands of high octane speeds. With a race-focused AIM+ shell and shock-absorbent EPS, the helmet boasts sophisticated aerodynamics including a rear stabiliser and lower air spoiler for increased velocity, as well as a high-performance ventilation system with innovative cheek vents.

The helmet has a double locking visor system for extra security, a pinlock-compatible CWR-F2R visor shield, an adjustable modular interior and emergency quick-release cheek pads.


Expected this September, the Shoei X-SPR starts from £719.99 in 3 plain colours, including Black, White and Matt Black, as well as a range of graphics (RRP TBC).

For more information on ECE helmets, you can check out our ECE 22.06 Guide here or shop for motorcycle helmets on our website.