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Need some ideas for Christmas, Birthday or Father's Day? Worry no more - here are a few motorbike gift ideas to make shopping for that special somebody easier...

Shopping for a loved one is difficult at the best of times, but is especially strenuous if they're a bike nut! It's easy to buy the "wrong thing", or buy a Harley Davidson mug because you think EVERY biker must love a chopper, or avoid buying them anything bike-related altogether. How do you cope?

To make your life easier, the Infinity Team have rounded up some of our favourite items and most popular accessories and compiled them into this helpful list of motorcycle gift ideas to suit all manner of sizes, ages, and budgets. Of course, if you're a rider yourself, you could also give your loved ones a list of presents you want! (Last Updated: 9th December 2021). 



Put simply, we're a proper bricks-and-mortar business with over 20 years of trading in the motorcycle industry. As an official UK stockist of over 100 top brands from the biggest names to upcoming labels - we stock motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories from all corners of the world, and continue to add brands to our ever-growing inventory.

Amongst our products and services, we offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25, as well as Click & Collect from your local Infinity store, 0% Finance on orders over £280 and Club Infinity reward points on every purchase. For more reasons to shop with us, click here.

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Gift Vouchers (Posted or Email)

Gifts Under £30

1. Kriega Stash Wallet
2. Pinlock Earplugs
3. Oxford Titan Disc Lock
4. Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit
5. Alpinestars Neck Warmer
6. Oxford Exhaust Bung
7. Bike Seal Puncture Prevention System
8. Alpinestars Racing Road Socks
9. Rukka Westlock T-Shirt
10. Motul C1 Chain Cleaner / C2 Chain Lube

Gifts £30 - £100

11. Oxford Stormex Bike Cover
12. Richa Arctic Gloves
13. Ultimate Addons Phone Case - Apple / Samsung
14. Oxford Beast Anchor
15. Dainese D-Core Base Layers
16. Optimate 3 Battery Charger
17. Oxford Advance HotGrips
18. Cardo Freecom 1+ / 2+ Bluetooth Intercom
19. RAM Mount X-Grip Phone Mount
20. Tucano Urbano Handlebar Muffs
21. Keis S102 Heated Insoles

Gifts over £100

22. Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle Sat-Nav
23. Kriega R20 Backpack
24. Drift Ghost Camera
25. Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bundle
26. Monimoto GPS Tracker System
27. Motogirl Moto Ribbed Leggings
28. Litelok One Moto Lock
29. Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket
30. Cardo Packtalk Bold Bluetooth Intercom
31. Bruhl Motorcycle Power Dryer


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Whether you're after a few stocking fillers, a secret Santa present or just sticking to a budget this year - shopping for a great gift needn't be difficult or expensive. £30 can get you a plethora of useful gifts including a neck warmer, a t-shirt, a phone case, a pair of earplugs, a range of cleaning products... The list goes on!

Here are just a few gift ideas you can cop without breaking the bank...


1. Kriega Stash Wallet 
£25 RRP

➤ Perfect for storing frequent-use items including keys, cash, cards and more! (Not included)
➤ 4 zippered pockets including 1 x coated mesh pocket, 2 open pockets.
➤ Rear zip pocket designed to carry a passport

Kriega's luggage accessories are the ideal stocking filler for any everyday motorcyclist. Both the Kriega Tool Roll and Harness Pockets provide convenient on-the-go storage, but the Travel Stash Organiser is the accessory every rider deserves!

Made from 1000D Dupont Cordura, this 0.5-litre wallet (10cm x 17cm x 3cm) contains a plethora of pockets to store everything from keys, cards, tickets, pens, earplugs - all in one convenient wallet.

Small enough to be stored in a jacket/trouser pocket with a belt loop to attach to your waist, the bag features 2 open slot pockets, 4 YKK zipped pockets, 3 credit card slots, and a rear zippered passport pocket.

This travel organiser is a handy portable accessory with minimal fuss, though you'll need to supply the items yourself!

You can shop our complete range of luggage accessories on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


2. Pinlock Earplugs
£19.99 RRP

➤ Reduces wind noise to a safe level while riding,
➤ Allows conversation without muffling or blocked hearing.
➤ All Pinlock earplugs come with 2 different ear sizes in the box.

It is important for riders to protect their ears on the motorcycle properly. Travelling over 50mph on a motorcycle can cause wind noise inside a helmet to reach 110dB (the equivalent of an electric drill!), causing serious damage to a rider's hearing.

Make a family member's riding safer with these Pinlock Earplugs, specially designed to reduce wind noise down to a safe level without filtering out conversation or important traffic sounds. Each box comes with one usable set of filters, with one set of medium-sized plugs and one set of Pinlock large plugs included.

You can shop our complete range of earplugs on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


3. Oxford Titan Disc Lock 
Was £26.99 Now £14.99

The small but mighty Oxford Titan disc lock is a great value gift for any moped or scooter rider.

Close to 40,000 motorcycles a year are stolen in England and Wales, and this disc lock is designed to act as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Made from Zamak alloy steel, this tough and reliable disc lock uses a high security 10mm steel locking pin and simple to use push-to-lock mechanism. 

Packed in with a free handy carry pouch - it's better to be safe than sorry!


4. Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit
£29.99 RRP

➤ All-in-one kit for cleaning and sanitising a motorcycle helmet.
➤ Deep cleaning, powerful formula.
➤ Box includes cleaner, anti-fog treatments, and microfibre cloth.

For something a bit more impressive than a standard motorcycle cleaner or sponge, this gift set from Muc-Off is a superb present for the biker in your life.

The crash helmet is the ultimate accessory for any biker, so keeping it clean and odour-free is essential to prolonging its life. 

This care kit comes with everything needed to do that, packing in a bottle of Foam Fresh (400ml), a bottle of Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner (250ml), a bottle of anti-fog treatment (32ml) and a microfibre cloth.

This practical set is a fantastic stocking filler or a last-minute gift!

You can shop our complete range of motorcycle cleaners on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


5. Alpinestars Neck Warmer
Was £13.99 Now £11.69 RRP

➤ Multifunctional neck tube for resisting.
➤ Double-layered, insulating fleece.
➤ Moisture-wicking.

Between the helmet and jacket, a motorcycle rider's neck is exposed to wind while riding - a neck tube is perfect for putting a stop to that!

Perfect for protecting its wearer from chilly winds, the Alpinestars Neck Warmer is a multi-functional neck tube constructed from double-layered, insulating fleece with stretch and moisture-wicking properties. 

Give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season with the Neck Warmer from Alpinestars.

You can shop our complete range of neckwarmers and balaclavas on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


6. Oxford Exhaust Bung
From £5.99 RRP

➤ Universal, soft-rubber exhaust bung.
➤ Stops water from going up the exhaust pipe when cleaning.
➤ Easy-grab handle

Every biker needs an exhaust bung in their garage!

Made from a durable rubber compound, this handy little accessory is designed to protect your motorcycle silencer and engine by stopping water from running up the exhaust while washing. 

Simple plug the exhaust before running water on your bike, and pull it out once dry!

Easy to insert and remove but robust to last, the bung is a great addition to any present haul - just remember to ask the receiver of the present whether they have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke bike first!

For further advice on buying motorcycle luggage, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


7. Bike-Seal Puncture Preventiom System
£30 RRP

➤ A unique premium tyre sealant/puncture prevention system. 
➤ Designed for motorbikes, scooters and bicycles.
➤ Easy-to-use, and comes in a gift-friendly box!

For the eco-conscious and money-saving, the Bike-Seal Puncture Prevention is a great gift.

Extremely easy to apply and saving money on new tyres in the process, this water-based, non-toxic formula consists of state-of-the-art Aramid fibres that work to plug any puncture that occurs while riding.

How does it work? As your tyre rotates this spreads evening over the inside surface. When a puncture occurs (if it does) the air pressure forces the fibre particles and fillers to interlock to form an airtight plug, within 2-3 turns of the wheel. 

Again - easy to follow, and comes with everything you need in the box to protect your tyres. Simple - sorted.


8. Alpinestars Racing Road Socks
From £14.99 RRP

➤ Comfortable, ribbed socks designed for motorcycle boots.
➤ Made from moisture-wicking Coolmax fabric with mesh panels.
➤ Available as long or short socks.

These aren't just your ordinary Christmas socks - these motorcycle socks are perfect all year round! 

Designed to be worn underneath your motorcycle boots, the Alpinestars Racing Road socks are comfortable and thick enough to keep you warm throughout winter, with additional padding at specific areas of the foot for support, and a ribbed design to reduce bunching.

Available in two lengths to accommodate both short and long boots, these socks feature an innovative Nostatex silver yarn sole that wicks moisture away from the skin and Coolmax fabric to keep your feet cool throughout your ride.

You can shop our complete range of socks on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


9. Rukka Westlock Mens T-Shirt
Was £26.99 Now £9.99

➤ Perfect novelty gift for the motorhead in your life.
➤ Classic print, cotton/polyester mix tee.
➤ Great for casual wear under a jacket or by itself... it's a T-shirt!

Whether it's a t-shirt to throw on while working in the garage or to wear underneath their jacket, you can't go wrong with a motorcycle t-shirt!

The Rukka Westlock is a classic tee made from a mix of comfortable cotton and polyester, with the iconic Rukka logo emblazoned on the chest. Keep it cool with this stylish t-shirt, representing a symbol of pride for any motorcyclist.

You can shop our complete range of casual t-shirts on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


10. Motul C1 Chain Clean / C2 Chain Lube
£9.59 - £10.69 RRP

➤ 400ml cleaner and lube for a motorcycle chain.
➤ Motorcycle cleaning and protectant solutions.
➤ Ideal if your biker loves the garage

A practical present for the biker in your life is these maintenance accessories from Motul: the universal chain cleaner and lubricant.

Sold separately, available in 400ml bottles, and costs a little over a tenner each, this gift is ideal for any bike tinkerer - they're bound to run out at some point!

For those curious, here is what both do...

  • Motul C1 Chain Clean - this powerful degreasing agent, ideal for all types of motorcycle chains, both road and off-road bikes, effectively removes all encrusted deposits including sand, soil, oil grease and more. Handily, the chain cleaner is also effective on bicycles, mopeds, go-karts, and ATVs. 
  • Motul C2 Chain Lube - this motorcycle chain lubricant, ideal for all types of chains. but come in two flavours: Road and Off-Road contains a solvent that reduces friction, loss of power, and protects the bike chain while riding at high speeds.

You can shop our complete range of cleaners on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.



If you're after a more practical present, or you have a bit more to spend on the biker in your life, not a problem - we've got you sorted.

For under £100, you can get a decent pair of motorcycle gloves, a hoodie, a disc lock, a pair of shoes, a bike cover - a little more room in the Christmas budget will open a lot more options for gifts, and none of these gift ideas will go amiss...


11. Oxford Stormex Bike Cover
Was £79.99 Now From £64.99

➤ Designed for storing a motorcycle indoors or outdoors.
➤ Waterproof, highly resistant and protects from scratches and light knocks.
➤ Available in four sizes to accommodate everything from a Vespa to a Harley!

Let the motorcyclist in your life tuck their bike in at night with the Oxford Stormex, a durable outside bike cover designed to protect against weather conditions and knocks.

Boasting a soft and heat resistant lining that protects against stretches to the paintwork, as well as reflective panels for increased visibility at night, and holes to facilitate a padlock; this Oxford cover comes in four sizes in varying dimensions to accommodate most bike models.

For further advice on buying bike covers, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


12. Richa Arctic Gloves
£99.99 RRP

➤ Mid-cuff motorcycle gloves suitable for cold-weather riding.
➤ Installed with waterproof Aquashell membrane.
➤ Highly protective with hard knuckle protection and palm

Every biker needs another pair of gloves - and the Arctic gloves from Richa are essential for riding and touring through the winter.

Awarded RIDE Best Buy, these gloves are made from a combination of abrasion-resistant goatskin and cowhide leather. The Arctic gloves are lined with a waterproof and breathable membrane for maximum weatherproofing.

The gloves are equipped with an impact protective knuckle shield as well as padded finger inserts and highly resistant SuperFabric inserts on the palm and finger for crucial CE road protection. 

They also feature night visibility reflection panels and a comfortable double velcro wrist strap. A Gore-Tex version is also available if you wanted higher waterproof protection.

For further advice on buying motorcycle gloves, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


13. Ultimate Add-Ons Phone Case - Apple / Samsung
£36.99 RRP

➤ Touch smartphone cases for protecting your phone on the move.
➤ IPX5 waterproof rating and shockproof.
➤ Versatile to fit a range of bikes and mounts.

The Ultimate Addons' tough mount cases contain everything the everyday biker needs. Designed to protect, mount and charge your smartphone while mounted to your bike, these hard cases are dustproof, shock-absorbing and IPX5 waterproof rated to protect your phone from the elements.

Whether you have the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy S21, or an old iPhone 6 - the tough cases allow the rider to use their phone as a sat-nav, for Bluetooth communications and music on the go. Each box contains a phone case, built to house your specific smartphone, as well as a 21-40mm helix swivel strap attachment and a 1 metre bespoke USB cable for your phone (excluding the Universal Tough Case), and a range of other mounting attachments, are available.

Highly durable, easy to set up, and versatile to fit all bikes, these packages are a perfect present for any commuting, touring and adventure rider.

You can shop our complete range of phone accessories on our website or in any of our 15 UK stores.


14. Oxford Beast Anchor
Was £99.99 RRP Now £72.74

➤ Ideal for securing a motorcycle in any parking space or garage.
➤ Anchor can be mounted to any wall or floor.
➤ Made from hardened steel for maximum resistance.

Every garage needs an anchor to secure a motorcycle, and the Oxford Beast Anchor is the ultimate security accessory for any motorcyclist's home.

Made from high-quality hardened steel and weighing a whopping 4 kilograms, this extra strong, bolt-down Oxford anchor can be fitted to concrete floors or concrete/brick walls.s

This product has been rigorously tested and as a result, awarded with Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond rating - the highest accolade from Sold Secure.

For a complete collection, the Oxford Beast Lock and 22mm Chain are also available.

For further advice on buying motorcycle security, you can read our security guide here, give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


15. Dainese D-Core Dry / Aero / Thermo Base Layers
From £54.95 RRP

➤ A technical base layer for outstanding all-year comfort and performance.
➤ Designed for warm-weather or cold-weather riding.
➤ Lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick-drying

The key to riding comfortably is effective base layering - the D-Core range from Dainese are exemplary models for this.

Designed to be worn underneath your abrasion-resistant, waterproof outer layers; base layers control your internal temperature to ensure you feel comfortable, without sweating, overheating or feeling cold.

The Dainese D-Core comes in three versions designed to handle hot or cold climates: the Dry top and bottoms (tepid weather: 0°C to 30°C), Thermo top and bottoms (cold weather: -20°C to 10°C), and Aero top and bottoms (hot weather: 20°C +). All tops are made from elasticated textile, are durable against light abrasion and tearing, with their own separate properties to keep you comfortable in a range of temperatures. 

For example, the Aero maximises breathability whilst releasing humid internal air, or the Thermo retains your body temperature whilst preventing sweat build-up. Say goodbye to rider discomfort with these base layers!

For further advice on buying base layers, you can read our helpful guide here, give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


16. Optimate 3 Battery Charger
Was £59.99 Now £48.38

➤ Essential kit for maintaining a healthy motorcycle battery.
➤ 7 different modes for analysing, charging and prolonging any 12V battery.
➤ Fully automatic, easy-to-use and 100% safe.

An essential bit of kit for any garage, the Optimate 3 is a sophisticated, all-in-one battery management unit designed to provide guaranteed long-term care to your motorcycle battery.

Suitable for most 12V battery types up to 30Ah including Gel, MF and spiral cell batteries, the Optimate features 7 stages of diagnosing, recovering, charging, testing and prolonging the life of your bike battery.

The Optimate 3 will even recharge depleted bike batteries left through the winter!

For further advice on buying motorcycle electronics, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


17. Oxford Advance HotGrips
Was £89.99 Now £59.05

➤ Soft, Ultra-grip rubber grips.
➤ 5 heat settings for powered heating up to 4 amps.
➤ Simple to install and easy to use.

A luxury gift for cold hands: the Oxford Advance HotGrips.

Designed specifically for a motorcycle handlebar, these Oxford heated grips provide excellent heat energy to prevent the rider's hands from getting numb while commuting or riding for long spells.

The intelligent heat controller allows for five convenient heat settings for versatility in a variety of climates, is incredibly simple to install and is easy to use.

The grips are available in several models suited for different grip preferences including cruiser, touring, sports bikers, adventure and retro

For further advice on buying muffs, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


18. Cardo Freecom 1+ / 2+ Bluetooth Intercom
Was £129.99/£159.99
Now £90.89/£116.84

➤ Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 intercom: up to Rider - Passenger.
➤ Immersive sound, automatic volume and full phone connectivity.
➤ Receive GPS instructions, listen to the radio, or place phone calls while you ride.

Just coming in under £100 is the Cardo Freecom 1+ and Freecom 2+: an entry-level motorcycle intercom ideal for the solo biker.

This Bluetooth headset is perfect for any rider who want to listen to GPS audio, their music or radio, or place and receive phone calls: all while riding.

The unit works as a Bluetooth controller to link with most sat navs, smartphone devices - simply mount the intercom onto the helmet, fit the 40mm slim HD speakers and wired microphone inside, connect via Bluetooth and voilà - hands-free audio and communication!

While it lacks the long-range communication of higher-end models (you can see the full Cardo range here), if you ride as a passenger, you can also pair two Freecom 1+ units together for rider-to-pillion, short-range communication (you can also buy two units together in the Duo pack here).

Turn their daily ride into a true joy with immersive sound!

For further advice on buying motorcycle security, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


19. Ram Mount X-Grips Smartphone Holder
From £34.99

➤ High-strength composite and steel smartphone holder for any bike.
➤ Featuring an innovative four leg design that offers incredible grip.
➤ Compatible with a plethora of mounts and attachments.

This accessory by Ram Mount offers the strongest and most durable solution for fitting a mobile, GPS or camera to a motorcycle without the need for a case.

Designed for small and large smartphones and featuring an innovative four-armed design, the X-Grip's stainless steel cradle expands and contracts to perfectly fit and secure around a device, with protective rubber tips to prevent slipping. RAM offer a variety of mounting components, including a patented ball and socket mount that ensures non-slip and shock-absorbing performance.

In fact, RAM Mount are SO confident in the quality of their products, that the X-Grip and mounts come with a lifetime warranty.

For further advice on buying motorcycle luggage, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.

20. Tucano Urbano Handlebar Muffs
£49.99 RRP

➤ Handle grip covers designed to protect the rider's hands from cold winds while riding.
➤ The synthetic fur interior increases thermal heat retention.
➤ Quick and easy to fit, and universal to fit most scooter/motorcycles.

These handlebar muffs from Tucano Urbano are a treat for any winter motorcycle rider.

Made from lightweight neoprene, these mitten-shaped covers are designed to fit over your handlebars to protect your hands and fingers from cold winter winds and keep your digits warm without restricting control over the bike.

Unlike heated grips and gloves, the muffs don't come with any wiring or components likely to fail - the synthetic fur thermal interior retains heat effectively, with elastic adjustments at the cuffs to prevent wind from entering. 

Suitable for all scooters as well as most motorcycles, these muffs are simple to install and effective against chilly, painful fingers!

For further advice on buying muffs, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.

21. Keis S102 Heated Insoles
£75 RRP

➤ Electrically heated boot insoles to keep you warm throughout the day.
➤ Replace the insoles of your existing boots with these and plug directly into the bike's battery for power.
➤ Lightweight, comfortable heating technology and compatible with external battery pack for portable warmth.

Have you ever tried to motorcycle on freezing winter nights? Then you know how difficult and painful it can be.

Why not look at these Keis S102 heated insoles? Incredibly well made available in a variety of sizes, make cold feet a thing of the past! Utilising micro-alloy fibre technology for powered heating straight from a bike's battery, this product comes with everything you need to set up and go in box!

Perfect for all types of outdoor activity, the insoles are a dual powered design so can be powered from a 12V battery or from the optional Keis Battery Packs which are available in 2 sizes.



Now we're talking! These are massive gifts that special someone will never forget. You may be spending a little over budget, but then again they're worth it... right?!

Here are just a few TOP END present ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face...


22. Garmin Zumo XT
Was £429.99 Now £349.99

➤ 5.5-inch, 720p HD sat-nav designed for motorcycle use.
➤ Pre-loaded with European on-road and off-road maps, topographic maps and BirdEye satellite images.
➤ Receive hazard alerts, spoken GPS updates and live traffic and weather updates.
➤ Bluetooth compatible with smartphones and intercom units.

Give the rider in your life the gift of adventure. Packed with the latest world maps, intelligent routes and real-time traffic updates in a sleek, modern unit: it has never been easier to get from one place to another on a bike with the Garmin Zumo XT!

This 5.5" all-terrain motorcycle navigator by Garmin is built for adventure, with an ultrabright 1280x720p HD display, IPX7 rain, shock and heat resistance, and comes pre-loaded with on-road and off-road maps for riding anywhere in Europe.

Featuring turn-by-turn directions and simple map switching between on-road maps, topographic maps and BirdsEye satellite imagery, the rider can receive hazard alerts, spoken GPS updates, and live traffic and weather updates so you concentrate on what matters the most: the thrill of the ride! The Zumo XT is an impressive motorcycle sat-nav for life.

For further advice on buying GPS systems, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


23. Kriega R20 Backpack
£129 RRP

➤ The quintessential motorcycle backpack for serious touring/adventure riders.
➤ Guaranteed waterproof protection and variable storage space for clothes, gadgets, bits and bobs!
➤ The "Quadloc" harness balances the weight of the bag between the shoulders, chest and body.
➤ New Kriega R16 and R22 adventure backpacks also available.

When it comes to motorcycle luggage, Kriega backpacks are some of the most popular and trusted on the market - and for good reason.

Ideal for long-haul touring, adventure-riding and everyday commuting - Kriega's collection of backpacks are exceptionally well-designed, durable, and waterproof to endure the longest and most treacherous journeys on a motorcycle. The Kriega R-Series rucksacks, including the Kriega R20, R25, R30, and R35, all boast a healthy capacity between 25 to 35 litres, with a waterproof main body, a plethora of pockets, and exterior straps to expand storage!

The backpacks are equipped with a "Quadloc-Lite harness" that shifts the weight from the shoulders and distributes it to the chest and body for all-day comfort. With this, even the heaviest loads and longest distances are made comfortable, and the backpack’s weather resistant and durable structure makes worrying about your luggage a thing of the past.

For further advice on buying motorcycle luggage, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


24. Drift Ghost Camera
Was £129.99 Now £117.79

➤ Action camera that can be mounted virtually anywhere!
➤ Ideal for vlogging, capturing the perfect moment, or as a dashcam.
➤ Record instantly, 5-hour battery life, and 300° rotating lens
➤ 1080p full HD video with 30 FPS, and 12MP photo mode

The Drift Ghost X is an amazing sports camera for making videos on a bike or using it as a dashcam for everyday riding.

Perfect for fixing onto a bike frame or on the side of a crash helmet, this full HD 1080p action camera has a sleek form factor, a unique 300° rotating lens and an impressive 5 hours battery life which can be extended to 8 hours with a bigger battery unit (available here)

Capture the best moments of their journey on film or if plugged into the bike's power supply, the Ghost X can be used as a front or rear dash cam, with continuous recording to catch any incidents while riding.

With a rear LCD screen, 12MP stills, and Wi-Fi connectivity; never miss a moment with the Drift Ghost X. Also available in a larger, Ghost XL version.


25. Muc-Off Pressure Washer Bundle
Was £169.99 Now £134.99

➤ Built specifically for motorcycles and bikes (but can also clean cars!)
➤ ​Create a thick layer of dirt destroying foam, then spray with water.
➤ Includes three specific lances to clean delicate bearings and surfaces.
➤ Bundled with Pressure Washer, Bag, Lance and Bike Cleaner.

Every biker's pride and joy needs a good spruce every now and again,

The motorcycle is every biker's pride and joy, so get them an incredibly practical present with this Pressure Washer from Muc-Off.

Designed specifically for motorcycles, but also great for cleaning the family car, this pressure washer is fun, easy to use, and ideal for cleaning the bike with far less effort than scrubbing!

Packed in this bundle is the 1200W motorcycle pressure washer, with specific cleaning lances including a Snow Foam lance for creating a thick foam layer, as well as a free 1-litre bottle of NanoTech Cleaner and a waterproof drybag for easy storage and transport.

All you need is a power source and water supply, and the user can give the bike the ultimate deep clean it deserves!


26. Monimoto Motorcycle Tracker
£169 RRP

➤ Smart motorcycle GPS alarm and tracker system.
➤ Low maintenance, quick setup, and wireless.
➤ Perfect for Motorcycles, Scooters, Quad Bikes, Snowmobiles, Vans and other machinery. 
➤ No hidden fees. Just a SIM card subscription (£2.70 month or £32.40 yearly fee)

Every biker is conscious of thieves: the Monimoto GPS Tracker can represent a beacon of hope for riders everywhere! 

This little device is a unique, auto-arming GPS tracking system that calls your phone if your motorcycle is moved or broken. It works via a paired key that can be attached to your bike keys or left in a jacket pocket, and when nearby turns off the GPS tracker. If the attached motorcycle moves without a paired key nearby, the Monimoto calls your phone within 1 minute of movement and GPS location coordinates are sent to your phone.

The Monimoto 7 is the latest model, with an even smaller and compact design, is easier to install, and uses the LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) network to work in Europe and the United States.

Extremely quick and easy to set up, this stand-alone device has no installation costs and doesn't affect your motorcycles warranty - it simply costs an additional £2.70 monthly to maintain the use of the built-in SIM card to dial your phone should the worst happen (and the unit comes with 2 months subscription free!)

Genuinely this device is worth its weight in gold and can save your loved one a lot of heartache should their pride and joy be stolen...

For further advice on buying tracking systems, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


27. Motogirl Moto Ribbed Leggings
RRP £149

➤ Popular women's leggings designed for motorcycle riding!
➤ High-waisted, flattering fit with accordion stretch knees for all-day comfort.
➤ CE level 2 approved with knee and hip protection included as standard

If you're after something special for the lady in your life, a pair of Motogirl leggings will definitely not disappoint!

As specialists in high-quality, safe and stylish motorcycle clothing for women, Motogirl leggings combine the practicality and protection of a motorcycle trouser with the comfort and look of casual legging.

The Moto Ribbed leggings are lined with abrasion-resistant Dupon Kevlar at high impact areas and feature removable CE level 2 knee protection and pockets for additional hip armour (sold separately).

Featuring ribbed accordion knee panels, front and back pockets and a high-waisted, figure-hugging design; Motogirl leggings are one of our best-selling garments for a reason!

For further advice on buying ladies clothing, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


28. Litelok One Moto Single / Twin Bundle
RRP £139.99 / £269.99

According to estimates from a Crime Survey for England and Wales by the Office for National Statistics, close to 40,000 motorbikes are stolen a year.

Bike locks and chains are ideal for preventing a rider from becoming a statistic, but they're likely packing light if they ride their bike into town or away from home.

The Litelok One Moto is the perfect high-security lock for portable security away from home. Independently tested and accredited by Sold Secure and ART, this lock features a flexible, patented Boaflexicore composite strap with a virtually indestructible steel alloy lock housing and drill resistant marine grade stainless steel rivets, resulting in a lock that can withstand sustained attack from commonly used theft tools such as bolt cutters, crowbars and hacksaws.

Given this high level of security, the Litelok surprisingly only weighs 1.1 kilograms, which means it can easily be stored in a backpack or top box whilst out on the road, without the need for a heavy, cumbersome U lock or chain to tow about.

Available in two colours, and packed with two unique keys and a spare sleeve, the Litelok One Moto is an optimised security lock for the outgoing rider. Also available as a Twin Pack with two units included as standard.


29. Keis J501 Heated Jacket
£200 RRP

➤ Premium heated jacket, perfect for winter motorcycle riding.
➤ Uses the heat pads for advanced heat radiation to the upper torso.
➤ Powered by bike battery for use on the bike, or by a portable battery pack for use off it.

This Keis heated jacket is a thoughtful present for sufferers of cold-weather riding, and an ideal gift for touring, commuting or beating the early morning chill.

This electrically heated jacket is incredibly lightweight and stylish to be worn as both an inside layer or by itself (note: this item features no waterproofing or protection on a bike).

Powered by the bike's battery or an independent power pack (sold separately), the Keis jacket is integrated with the latest micro carbon-fibre panels to distribute thermal energy across the chest, kidneys, collar and arms for constant warmth and comfort.

The jacket is packed with everything you need to get started, including a heat controller with three standard heat settings (low, medium, high) for complete climate control. Dedicated zippered pockets allow convenient storage, and elasticated side panels prevent any restriction while wearing as a mid-layer.

Easy-to-use, reliable and extremely comfortable; the Keis J501 is like a warm hug that lasts all ride long.

For further advice on buying motorcycle jackets, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


30. Cardo Packtalk Bold Bluetooth Intercom
Was £314.99 Now £229.99

➤ Cardo's most powerful intercoms kits with Bluetooth.
➤ Jack of all trades comms unit: Dynamic Mesh Communication, voice operation, GPS, music and calls.
➤ JBL Speakers and active noise cancelling ideal for audiophiles.
➤ Universal connectivity and compatibility with Cardo Connect smartphone app for full remote control

We previously recommended the Cardo Freecom 1+, but if your rider is a bit fussier or into their technology - the Cardo Packtalk Bold is one of the best motorcycle intercoms on the market.

This state-of-the-art comms kit has it all: Built-in FM radio. Powerful 40mm JBL speakers. Universal Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. Voice operated control or standard button input. Dual audio channels for GPS instructions and mobile. IP67 waterproof rating. Full control with Cardo Connect smartphone app.

But the standout feature of the Packtalk Bold is Dynamic Mesh Communication; in layman's terms, DMC is a flexible network that can allow 15 riders to talk to each other simultaneously, up to 5 miles in range, with minimal fuss and hassle. For more information on DMC technology, click here. 

The Cardo Packtalk provides the ultimate communication and audio experience, and the perfect 'main present' for the biker in your life.

For further advice on intercoms, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


31. Bruhl Turbine Motorcycle Dryer
From £119 RRP

➤ Power-assisted heating for use after cleaning your motorcycle, car or bicycle.
➤ ​Eliminates water spots and corrosion associated with moisture.

➤ Hose extends up to 3.5-metres in length to reach hard to reach areas.
➤ Available in a range of models with varying turbine powers.

Bruhl Dryers are specifically designed for proud motorcycle and automotive owners, providing safe and pleasant, power-assisted heating for their vehicle, to prevent rust built up due to water ingress.

Using a Bruhl Dryer after every wash helps to eliminate trapped moisture, water spotting and corrosion as a result of water ingress, improving the appearance and increasing the lifecycle of their bike or car. Featuring a 3.5-metre long hose with 3 different nozzles, the unit is ideal for drying the vehicle's body and parts, as well as those hard-to-reach areas and electrical switches.

Bruhl dryers are the ultimate cleaning accessories for their bike and are available in MD1400 single turbine, MD1900+ single turbine, and MD2800Pro Twin Turbine versions.

For further advice on buying motorcycle cleaners, you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or ask one of our staff members instore.


And that's it!

We hope this list gives you a few gift ideas for the biker in your life.

All of these items are available to purchase online and in selected stores: If you have any particular questions about any of the products featured on this list or any other item on our website, give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or email us directly at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer them.

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This article was written by Jonah Son.

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