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Struggling to shop for the motorbike nut in your life? Need some ideas for Christmas, Birthday or Father's Day? Here are a few motorbike gift ideas to make shopping for that special somebody easier...

Shopping for a loved one is difficult at the best of times, but is especially strenuous if they're a bike nut! It's easy to buy the "wrong thing", or buy a Harley Davidson mug because you EVERY biker must love a chopper, or avoid buying them anything bike-related altogether. How do you cope?

To make your life easier, the Infinity Team have rounded up some of our favourite items and most popular accessories and compiled them into this helpful list of motorcycle gift ideas to suit an all manner of sizes, ages, and budgets. Course if you're a rider yourself, you could also give your loved ones a list of presents you want!

All of these items are available to purchase online, and if you're spending more than £280 on motorcycle clothing or accessories at Infinity Motorcycles, you can take advantage of our interest-free credit and spread the cost over 6 months! For more ideas, you can visit our Gift Ideas page for more inspiration. With that out of the way, here are 20 gift ideas for motorbike lovers (Prices correct as of 13/11/2018). 


Smaller gifts Under £30

1. Muc-Off Multipack | Cleaners & Accessories | £29.99

Treat the motorcycle lover in your life with the Muc-Off Multipack, featuring three expert solutions to clean, protect and lubricate their pride-and-joy. The Multipack includes three 500ml cans of Motorcycle Degreaser, Protectant Spray and Endurance Chain Lube, as well as a free Claw Brush; all neatly packaged in a bundle made for giving.

2. Pinlock Earplugs | Rider Accessories | £19.99

It is essential for riders to protect their ears on the motorcycle properly. Travelling over 50mph on a motorcycle can cause wind noise inside a helmet to reach 110dB (the equivalent of an electric drill!), causing serious damage to a rider's hearing. Make a family member's riding safer with these Pinlock Earplugs, specially designed to reduce wind noise down to a safe level without filtering out conversation or important traffic sounds. Each box comes with one usable set of filters, with one set of medium sized plugs and one set of large plugs included.

Here's what Bernard, a staff member at our Hanger Lane store, thought of the earplugs: 

"My main reason for choosing this product is so I could still listen to my Bluetooth system clearly without the harsh sounds from the bike and surroundings. Works great and very clear with phone calls, music, navigations. Fits comfortably every time, easy to clean and maintain." You can read more of our reviews here.

3. Oxford Boss Disc Lock | Disc Locks | £29.99

Motorcycle locks are a great gift for a motorcyclist, but if you're struggling to find a present within your price range, you'd be hard pressed to find a better gift than this Oxford Boss Disc Lock. This Thatcham Approved lock has a hardened steel armour casing and unique double locking system designed to withstand attacks. Supplied with a handy carrier bracket and a rider warning cable so they don't forget it's on; you couldn't find a better lock for its value.

For more tips and recommendations on motorcycle protection, you can read our security guide here.

4. Alpinestars Neck Warmer | Base Layer Neck | £9.99 to £19.99

Perfect for protecting its wearer from chilly winds, you can give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season. These Neck Warmers by Alpinestars feature a double layer insulating fleece, moisture-wicking properties and stretch fabric for conforming to the face; making this ideal for winter. Available in two varieties: the standard neck warmer, and another option 'Tech' neck warmer boasting an elasticated insert on the nose to hold the warmer over the rider's face.

One customer described it as: "...a fantastic neck warmer, it's so nice on the skin and very warm, wasn't expecting that when I saw the price. After I'd had it for a few weeks I bought another one for my son, would recommend it 100%".

5. Kriega Stash Travel Organiser / Kube Harness Pocket | Luggage Accessories | £22.50

These Kriega luggage accessories are perfect stocking fillers for any every-day motorcyclist. Both the Stash Travel Organiser and Harness Pocket are capable of holding all the rider's essentials and can be looped through the strap of your rider's rucksack or waist pack for complete convenience while riding. Packed within a durable, water-resistant (not waterproof bare-in-mind) Cordura fabric, sturdy enough for year-round riding, a reflective 3M Scotchlite print and a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee to boot - these are excellent bits of kit with minimal fuss. The versatile Kriega Stash Travel Organiser can stash away your keys, passport, cards and cash within its multitude of pockets, while the roomier Kube Harness Pocket is big enough to fit your phone, and wallet inside.

Don't believe us? Here's what some of our customers thought about them:

"The Kreiga Organiser Wallet is an excellent item for touring. I easily fitted all my documents in it, money, credit cards and a spare set of bike keys. I even used it when I went out in the day, it was a little bulky but fitted in my Jeans pocket. I would seriously recommend this for anyone touring."

"The Kriega Kube Pocket has been really useful as a quick and handy place to put mobile phone, credit cards, money or keys, its easy to get at with gloves on on those quick stops at the fuel station when its a hasle getting into either your pockets or opening the Waist bum bag. Really usefull little addition at little cost."

6. Sue Me Tree Trunk | Underwear | £16

No Christmas is complete without the gift of undergarments, and these Sue Me trunks are some of the most comfortable and durable out there. These boxes are super soft, naturally antibacterial, odour -resistant, and features a snug elasticated waist.

Here's what our very own Online Director Alan Arnold and proud wearer of Sue Me trucks thought of them:

"Even as an employee of Infinity Motorcycles I can wholeheartedly say that these are the most comfortable boxers you will ever wear. I was fortunate enough to be given a pair a couple of years ago after a surfing trip. a year later I have thrown all my old shreddies out and replaced them with 12 pairs of these. They might look expensive for boxers but trust me, they are worth every penny."

GIFTS BETWEEN £30 - £100

7. Oxford Stormex Bike Cover | Bike Covers | From £47.61 - £58.49

Let the motorcyclist in your life tuck their bike in at night with the Oxford Stormex, a durable outside bike cover designed to protect against weather conditions and knocks. Boasting a soft and heat resistant lining that protects against stretches to the paintwork, as well as reflective panels for increased visibility at night, and holes to facilitate a padlock; the Stormex cover comes in four sizes in varying dimensions to accommodate most bike models.

Here's what a couple of Stormex owners thought of the bike cover:

"Love, love, love this cover. My bike is out in all weathers and this cover hasn't let me down yet...The inside of the cover is soft so it doesn't scratch the bike and I am not hesistant to put it over the hot exhaust. All in all, I am very happy with this cover".

"The cover has a soft interior lining to protect the bike, and so far it has kept the bike completely dry... The cover is easy to fit, and to shake any excess water from before uncovering the bike. Overall, really pleased with the quality and construction of the cover, time will tell how it holds up in the longer term!"

8. Proskins All Season Long Sleeve Top & Leggins | Base Layers | £39.99 + £39.99

Designed to be worn underneath textile and leather motorcycle clothing, the Proskins All-Season Top and Leggings provides its wearer all-ride comfort and moisture management, keeping the rider's body dry in even the most extreme weather conditions. This base layer duo regulates its wearer's body temperature at 37°C, the optimum temperature for performance and comfort, and is durable to last years of wear. Trusted and worn by some of the most prestigious BSB riders, this is one high-performance undergarment they'll be pleased with.

Here's what some of our customers thought about the duo: 

"Surprisingly warm and definitely comfy - At first they seemed very lightweight and a very tight fit, but having spent over 6 hours on the bike in them under my fabric suit I have to say they are extremely comfortable - you would not know you were wearing them - and good over a range of temperatures as it started out about 9 degrees and got up to 17 degrees and I was at a good temperature throughout. Definitely a good buy

"Super comfy - Best base layer I've managed to find so far, great comfort and good in hot and cold weather. Also makes it so much easier to slip into your tight fitting leathers."

For more information on base layers and the best ones to buy, you can read our helpful guide here.

9. Oxford Advance Hotgrips | Motorcycle Grips | £79.99

Get your loved one a pair of heated motorcycle grips for going out on a winter ride. Whether they commute to work or die for the fun of it; riding in the cold presents problems for a rider's hands, causing discomfort and numbness. The Oxford Advanced Hot Grips have 9 independent heat settings for optimal temperature control, a weatherproof design and an optimised tread pattern to allow maximum control. The Hot Grips are available in a variety of designs including Sports, Retro, Adventure, and Touring.

10. VR46 Core T-Shirt / Hoodie | Casual Clothing | £34.99 (T-Shirts) / £78.99 (Hoodies)

For any Valentino Rossi fan, VR46 Clothing will be at the top of their list this holiday season! Officially licensed merch from the MotoGP champion, their latest Core line range from high-quality caps and t-shirts to stylish hoodies and polos emblazoned with the signature 46 logo. Simple yet stylish, and ideal for the Rossi fanatic in your life, the VR46 Core clothing is perfect for wear on any occasion whether that's on the high-street or underneath their leathers on the road.

11. Oxford HD Chain & Lock 1.5M | Lock & Chains | £31.41

Offering excellent security and theft-prevention, the Oxford HD Chain & Lock is an essential accessory for any motorcyclist. The tough, double locking padlock with a hardened steel shackle deters would-be thieves, while the 10mm, 1.5 metre-long hardened steel chain is designed to withstand attacks. Sold Secure Bronze approved, this affordable lock is a great present for those worried about their pride and joy.

One customer described the lock as a "Great product - Good length chain for getting round lamp posts/anchors etc. Sturdy & resilient, very satisfied."

12. Keis Heated Inner Gloves | Heated Gloves | £59.99

These inner gloves are a perfect heating solution for the motorcyclist in your life. These feature a flexible 12V dual power battery that provides heating from to its wearer's palm and fingers, preventing numb fingers and allowing comfort during those chilly rides. Extremely comfortable, reliable, and easy-to-use; the Keis Heated Inner gloves are a great present for any winter rider.

13. Dainese Afterace Shoes | Casual & Urban Boots | £49.99

The Afterace shoes from Dainese are a great shoe for the high-street and the motorcycle, providing all-around comfort and breathability for the rider. These casual shoes are featherweight, with a ventilated fabric that allows breathability during warmer rides, a rubber sole for grip, and reflective inserts for visibility in the dark. All-in-all, these shoes are fantastic whether or not they wear them on the road, or to the shops!

14. Ram Mount Universal X-Grip Holder | GPS Accessories | Various Sizes from £34.99 to £55

An extremely useful accessory for the bike, this Ram Mount X-Grip Holder allows the rider to attach their phone to the motorcycle without the worry of flying off. Featuring a spring-loaded holder to expand and contrast to the size of your smartphone or tablet and rubber coated tips to secure the device; the patented X-Grip is a reliable, strong and compatible device that won't rust, damage your device or falter (and boasts a lifetime warranty in case it does after years of use. This Ram Mount is available in various sizes to fit a small or large smartphone or a tablet.

One customer described the Ram Mount as an "Excellent piece of kit - 'Does exactly what it says on the tin!' I bought this so I could mount my smartphone on the bike, and was delighted to find it could also be used to hold my sat nav. Easy to operate and the tether provides reassurance that your phone won't disappear down the road somewhere. Well pleased!"

Bigger Presents £100+

15. Motogirl Moto Leggings | Ladies' Denim Jeans | £129

The ribbed motorcycle leggings from Motogirl are a fantastic addition to any female rider's wardrobe. Made from 100% Dupont Kevlar, these stylish leggings are comfortable, stretchable, and equipped with CE-approved level 2 protectors at the knee for defence on the road (there are pockets for additional protection at the hip, sold separately). For the lady in your life, these really are a unique present they won't be disappointed with!

Here's what some of our customers thought about the leggings: 

"I got these as a Birthday present, and in all honesty, I don’t know why I didn't buy these before! They are so comfy both on and off the bike. I was worried about the fit as I don't have the body of a supermodel, but even if you are a size 16+, they still make you look great...."

"Best riding gear ever - I love these. They're easily the most comfortable and the best fitting pair of motorcycle trousers I've ever owned. Far better than leathers and far more comfortable than textiles. I used them all summer long and with some tight underneath they kept me going until the temperature dropped into the mid-single figures... These really work with the female figure, and they're flattering!"

For more information on Ladies Motorcycle Clothing, you can read our guide here.

16. TomTom Rider 550 World | GPS | £344.98

Give the rider in your life the gift of adventure. Packed with the latest world maps, intelligent routes and traffic updates in real-time: it has never been easier to get from one place to another on a bike! Other innovative features such as Siri & Google onboard music access, the ability to call and read-aloud messages, and checking the weather are clever, but the water-resistant, rugged design and its fast quad-core processor really impressive. The Rider 550 World is TomTom's most impressive motorcycle sat-nav to date.

The TomTom is available in two versions: the 550 World (which comes with a universal RAM mount to fix to a bike frame), and the 550 Premium (which contains the mount, a car mounting kit, an Anti-theft kit and a protective carcase).

17. Shoei NXR Flaggers | Full-Face Helmet | £349.99

As presents go, they don't get much better than a motorcycle helmet: especially a top-of-the-range helmet from one of the most respected brands in the market. The Shoei NXR is an excellent every-day full-face, packed with protection technologies, comfort amenities and performance innovations that will impress even the most hardcore of motorcycle fanatics. With a variety of colours and sizes available, the NXR Flagger is a fantastic helmet at a massively discounted price (because we bulk-bought all of them!)

But don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our customers thought of the Shoei NXRs:

"If keeping cool this summer is an issue, this is the answer. It pulls through an astonishing amount of air for it's size, is one of the lightest helmets on the market without using a full carbon fibre shell, and has a very small profile to it."

"This is one of the lightest full face helmets on the market and still boasts the Shoeis AIM shell so you know the protection is there. The helmet fits really well and like the other Shoeis, you get a pinlock, mouthguard, and net curtain in the box, fantastic and a must buy if you want a quality sports helmet"

For further advice on buying motorcycle helmets, you can read our helpful Helmet Guide here.

18. Dainese D-Cyclone Jacket & Trousers | Gore-Tex Motorcycle Clothing | £399.99 + £249.99

If the biker in your life wants to update their wardrobe, the Dainese D-Cyclone jacket & trousers are a beast of a motorcycle suit that won't need replacing for years. Ideal for commuting and touring, the textile suit offers year-round warmth comfort, high-quality Gore-TEX waterproofing and CE certified protection throughout: basically its perfect for all seasons and weather conditions. Coming in a range of sizes, two years manufacturers warranty, and available to pay over 6 and 12 interest-free credit - you really get what you pay for with this two-layer Gore-Tex laminate suit.

Here's what some of our customers thought of the Dainese clothing:

"Excellent Quality - An excellent fit as always and looks like it will withstand the punishment I put my bike gear through."

"Great fit and very warm - Bought these to match the jacket. Great venting and waterproof! What more could a biker ask for?"

For more info on the Dainese D-Cyclone suit, you can read our article here.​

19. Kriega R25 Rucksack | Rucksacks | £139

A premium option for lugging around motorcycle luggage, the Kriega R Rucksacks are the quintessential backpack for year-round performance and function. With a healthy 25 litre capacity, the R25 is specifically designed to give unrestricted arm movement and all-day riding comfort. The backpack's Quadloc harness system allows the weight of the bag to be transferred evenly to the chest and body reducing fatigue from shoulders and back. Constructed of lightweight, abrasion-resistant nylon ripstop fabric with a strong 1000D Cordura base and harness, the backpacks feature a water-resistant (NOT waterproof) YKK zip securing the main compartment, large reflective panels at the front and back for visibility during night-riding, and a side pocket for quick-access for your essentials.

Available in a range of capacities from 15 to 35 litres, the Kriega R Rucksacks are some of our most popular products, with over forty 4 to 5 star reviews between them.

20. Drift Ghost X Camera | Action Camera | £129.99 - £299.99

The perfect gift for the avid photographer, the Drift Ghost X is an innovative camera that can be mounted to a motorcycle helmet to record their journey. The camera captures high-definition video at 1080p and 30fps, 5 hours of built-in battery life and seamless, one-touch recording with minimal fuss. If they fancy themselves a bit of a vlogger, the camera has app functionality allowing for video editing and built-in WiFi for sending footage to social media or YouTube. Also featuring a sleek form that doesn't buffer at faster speeds, a 300° rotating lens and a Car DVR loop recording mode: never miss a moment with the Ghost X.

Available in the standard 1080p model or a 4K model for serious videophiles, you can also purchase an optional waterproof case, which allows the Ghost X to be submerged in depths up to 40 metres deep.

And that's it! We hope this list gives you a few gift ideas for the biker in your life. If you have any particular questions about any of the products featured on this list or any other item on our website, give us a call on 0800 130 3377 or email us directly at and we'll do our best to answer them. You can also visit our Gift Ideas Page for further ideas.

With hugely competitive prices and offers, buying from Infinity could save you money on the market. Plus, our Club Infinity points let you make even bigger savings when you buy from us. To find out more and make use of our expert team, contact us, or browse our special offers to buy online.


This article was written by Jonah Son, Website & Content Executive at Infinity Motorcycles

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