Owning a bike can be a fantastic experience. Cleaning one, not so much. Infinity Motorcycles shares some expert tips on keeping your motorbike pristine.

Being a motorcyclist is not just a great choice for getting from A to B – it is also an enjoyable hobby that you can get yourself involved in. Cleaning your motorcycle on the other hand can be a long-winded source of frustration. Infinity is here to make this a bit more of a pleasurable experience.

Motorcycles are exposed to some of the worst weather possible – especially if you are riding through the cold winter months – so a regular cleaning can keep your pride and joy looking as good as it did the first day you claimed it. Keeping your motorcycle parked undercover or in a garage is the most ideal solution for storage, but this is not always possible. A motorcycle cover is an invaluable investment no matter if your bike will be kept outside or indoors.

There are right and wrong ways of cleaning your motorbike – using the wrong cleaner could potentially damage the paintwork or damage components leaving your bike worse for wear than when you started.

How To Clean Your Motorcycle

Find the necessary motorbike cleaning products

Before you start getting down to removing the nitty-gritty from your bike, you’ll need to understand what products you need based on the materials of your bike. Each material on the bike may need a different type of cleaner, so it is best to use the recommended cleaner for every specific part and prevent the chance of causing any damage.

Take a look at the range of motorcycle cleaners that we stock right here. Give the instructions of every cleaner you are planning on using a good read to make sure there are no warnings for non-recommended use.

Find a protected area to clean your motorbike

Find a well covered area that provides ample shade and enough room to reach every side, crevice and bit in between of your motorcycle. The shade will help to keep every bit of the bike cool and prevent the sun from drying the bike leaving streaks.

Prepare your work area

Prepare your work area by organising all the cleaning products and all the tools you’ll need while you clean.

The Two Bucket Method is one of the most tried and trusted methods to get your bike sparkling clean.

Have two buckets, one filled with a sudsy cleaning solution/water mix and one containing only clean water. The idea here is to rinse your cloth or sponge in the clean water after applying your soapy solution to the bike to prevent dirt from going back into the soap. Rinse the bike gently to remove any excess dirt, before applying soap or going at it with a sponge. Motorcycles are built to be water-resistant but not waterproof so the use of high-pressure washers is not recommended, but they can be used with a lot of care; powered cleaners are becoming more popular and there are some motorcycle-specific options now available, such as the Muc-Off Pressure Washer

Use various sizes brushes to wash the wheels and under-carriage of the motorcycle to avoid transferring highly abrasive brake dust to your paintwork. If your bike does not have a centre stand, a paddock stand is a great piece of kit to keep your bike stable and keeps the bike in an upright position to let all the dirt runoff. Having the wheels off the ground makes it easy to clean the entire way around the wheel without having to move the bike back and forth.

Once the washing has been done you can gently hose the bike down or use a bucket of clean water.

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Ensure that you dry your motorcycle correctly

Keep a separate cloth handy for when you need to dry the bike, a chamois or microfibre cloth is best. You can use compressed air or something like a power dryer from the Bruhl range if you are a bit more serious about your drying. Using forced air to get to those hard-to-reach areas makes life easier and quickens drying time.

Do you need to polish your bike? A polish does provide some extra protection, especially on your paintwork. Polish or wax acts as a kind of sunscreen for the paintwork and it can give your bike a brighter, more vibrant look. Always check your products with the materials on your motorcycle to make sure they will not cause any damage and avoid using silicone sprays as this can get into your tyres and become a safety hazard. A detailing spray is a quick way to get a great, clean finish on your paintwork, and waxes are a better option but require a bit more time and some extra work on your part.


Looking fresh! (Harley Davidson; Unsplash)



There you have it, some advice to keep your motorcycle looking as good as it deserves to look.

Make sure that every cleaning product you use, be it sprays, oils or even the cloths you plan on using, are non-abrasive and not harmful to your paintwork. Check out the full range of cleaning and maintenance products from every brand as you can find pre-packaged sets which include everything you need from cleaner, wax and detailers and even sets that include the tools you will need. And if you have any other questions or need any more advice when getting your bike clean, drop us an email to [email protected]

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