If you are a long-time member of our Club Infinity loyalty scheme you may know that over the years, we have kept your points balance hidden away from you, secret and mysterious with the only way for you to find it out by popping our Club Infinity Team an email – it was all quite archaic. Now, we were not doing this on purpose, in fact despite tonnes of loyalty programs across the internet, it is quite a challenge to get that information to you. This has now changed – we can finally show you your points balance online; you just need to register for an online account and then link your Club Infinity card.

This guide will show you how to do this.

Firstly, if you do not have an Online website account, you will need to register for one which you can do here: https://www.infinitymotorcycles.com/auth/login

All you have to do is enter the email address that you use for your Club Infinity account and pick yourself a good and secure password, and you will have your very own Infinity Online website account to make purchasing items online easier and even creating your own Wishlist to keep track of all the things you will treat yourself to or point to when your birthday or Christmas comes up. Lovely.

When logged in you will end up on your “My Account” page. On this page there is a list of options on the left on desktop, on mobile, you will have two tabs, if you tap “My Account” it will cascade revealing the other options. Here is what that should look like:


There you can see “My Club Infinity” – click/tap that!

This will then take you to the page you need to link your Club Infinity account. If you have lost or cannot find your Club Infinity card number, you will need a brand-new one which you can do by selecting the “Sign Up” button under link your card. Here is what that page should look like:




If you do have your Club Infinity card number at hand, simply enter it to the “Card Number” box and select link card. With all brand-new technology there are some hiccups and humps to get over, we are seeing that some users are having difficult with linking their cards – the first course of action is we recommend putting the prefix CSTID before your card number, so with our special Infinity test card we would enter CSTID9999999990 and you will get a page that shows your Club Infinity points balance and any vouchers that you have stored against your account, much like this:



If you are still having no luck, we recommend popping an email over to our Club Infinity team on [email protected] and explaining that you are still having trouble with linking the account.

In the case that all has worked as it should, feel free to set yourself free on the website planning your next purchase with Infinity. And you may now have a voucher or two that had been long forgotten burning a hole in your virtual wallet waiting to be spent. Enjoy finding your next bit of future kit.

Happy Riding!