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The Bering Balistik Textile Suit is a game changer for waterproof minded motorcycle riders, providing high-performing premium laminate waterproofing at an incredible price, as well as a range of stand-out features that makes the Balistik one of the top-of-the-range products from the French manufacturer Bering.

You could pass your eyes over the list of features of the Bering Balistik jacket and trousers and come to the assumption that a suit so jam packed with top of the range features is going to make your bank account a bit ballistic. But no, this complete suit of jacket and trousers comes in at under £600, with the jacket being £319.99, and the trousers available for £249.99, for a grand total of £569.98.

And we have huge stock of both the jacket and trousers in all sizes in our stores and available for delivery online today. Your commute to work, a touring adventure in Europe or quick ride through the English countryside will all be a doddle with the Bering Balistik.

And we have consulted our resident video man, and proud owner of his own Bering Balistik suit, Tom Evans for his experience of riding with this very unique laminate waterproof suit.

Bering Balistik Jacket and Trousers |  £319.99 and £249.99

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Incredible Waterproofing

Laminate waterproofing has taken the place as the premium top of the line waterproofing technology available in motorcycle clothing. It works very differently to the traditional drop-down liner used in most waterproof motorcycle garments. Whereas the drop-down liner sits behind the top layer of the jacket or trousers, and stops water from soaking in and getting to your body, it still allows the top layer to get wet and soaked. Meaning the jacket or trousers will become heavy and as you ride will become “…cooled by windchill and [will begin] sapping heat from your body”, Tom says. And when you finally step off your motorcycle you will need to put your jacket or trousers in a safe place to dry off.

Laminate waterproofing is different though. The actual top layer of the garment is treated to repel water giving close to hydrophobic qualities meaning the water will bead off the top layer and not soak into the jacket or trousers. This design means not only will your regular clothing, underneath your motorcycle jacket & trousers, not get wet but also the top layer of the garment will not become soaked in the water; Stopping your motorcycle gear from getting heavier and heavier as it becomes wetter while riding.

But the other great thing about laminate waterproofing is that when you get to work or get home from your ride, you can step off the bike and give your jacket or trousers a good wipe down and they will look brand new, or at least not look like you went swimming in them.

Here’s what Tom has to say about the waterproofing performance of the Bering Balistik:

“You need a laminate mate” was the general reply from the office when I prodded for suggestions on waterproof gear. Rukka was always at the top of the recommendations but so was the cost. It’s fantastic stuff with a warranty to back it.  But the price was just too damn high! Being a petrolhead with a bike and car addiction means funds have to be distributed wisely.

While filming a product preview for one of our suppliers' new range of products I found another option. The Bering Balistik. Here’s a GIF of Tran Am TV’s Ed Miles throwing water at me whilst wearing it:

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“I was sold there and then”.

“Come March 2019, I’ve worn the 3-layer laminated jacket and trousers for roughly 4 weeks through heavy rain and, odd for February, 18-degree sunshine. One word. Epic. I understand the concept of laminate membranes but the way it works is magical. You ride 2 hours in the heaviest rainfall to arrive at your destination and only feel a tad damp. Moisture isn’t held, trails of water on your journey through the office don’t exist, and forget about leaving a puddle wherever you choose to hang it. It's still something that excites me every time it rains. And my favourite thing, you can put it on the next day and it will be dry!”

All-Year Round Riding

The fear of torrential rain is not something that rears its head only in the deep dark winter, you can find yourself battered by near horizontal rain any day of the week, month or year. But the Balistik has you covered in this department.

Not only is the Bering Balistik suit fitted out with the high-performing laminate waterproofing but it is also packed to the teeth with vents. Wearing both the jacket and trousers with all those vents open gives a good stream of cooling air on your body, but Tom points out a great extra feature to make a warmer weather ride even more comfortable – The ‘Pulse Air System’ – “[This system] uses a two-stage zip system. The first vents to the waterproof liner which hampers the airflow. While the second waterproof zip opens up the liner so air is vented directly inside the jacket”. This gives an optional second level of cooling for those really hot days.

But then you may think the Bering Balistik will leave you put out when it gets very cold, but no. The Bering Balistik jacket has a 120g Micro-fleece liner, while the trousers have a 60g thermal liner, to keep you nice and toasty while you ride. And if you need, they can both be removed whenever you want.

Protection & Peace of Mind

But it’s not just about the waterproofing with the Bering Balistik. The jacket has protectors on the shoulders and elbows, and the trousers have similar style protectors on the hips and knees, all CE Approved and adjustable to give you a little bit of personalisation to make them perfect for you. But if you’re after even more protection the jacket features a specialised pocket made perfect to fit Bering’s own CE Approved Back Protector.

And the other bits

Between the Balistik jacket and trousers there is 12 pockets, enough to keep all your bits and pieces from your mobile phone, wallet and keys all safe on your motorcycle. Both the jacket and trousers also have reflective detailing designed to give you a bit more visibility in darker conditions.

The Bering Balistik Jacket and Trousers also feature a number of adjustment systems, on the collar, wrist cuffs, waist all to give you a personalised and comfortable fit, and then you can use the 360-degree connecting zip, to connect your Balistik jacket straight into your trousers.

The Bering Balistik is an incredible choice for any rider who wants to take their weather protecting gear up to another level. Laminate waterproofing with an affordable price, and a host of other incredible features and an affordable price, make this jacket and trousers set a serious contender for one of the best waterproofing solutions on the market.

Tom says “this year will be the year of the laminate. They are game changing for all weather motorcyclists and are becoming more affordable all the time. Bering has done a cracking job with the Balistik and as much as I look forward to pushing the two-piece suit to the limit, I can’t wait to see what Bering come out with next!”

Buy online today with Free UK Next Day Delivery, Free Returns for up to 90 Days, and 0% Finance on orders over £280. You can buy the Bering Balistik jacket and trousers with 6 months Interest-Free credit: for example, you can pay £85.50 per month for 6 months with a £57 deposit. And if you’re a Club Infinity member, you will earn 2,276 points for both jacket and trousers meaning you will earn yourself a voucher for £20!

This article was written by Aaron Thomson, Website & Content Executive, and Tom Evans, Video Talent and Motorcycle Enthusiast at Infinity Motorcycles

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