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The Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex is a behemoth of a touring/commuting motorcycle suit, providing complete waterproofing, CE certified protection throughout and year-round comfort amenities. Buy online today with Free UK Next Day Delivery.

Described by some as an ideal motorcycle suit for winter, and a great solution for the UK Spring/Summer, the Dainese D-Cyclone is designed with versatility at its forefront. Capable of withstanding an all-manner of climate and weather conditions, and leaving you high and dry when you step off the bike, this Dainese Gore-Tex combo is a behemoth of a touring/commuting suit, ideal for year-round use.

You’ll be forgiven for gawping at the original price of this suit. But delve deeper into the multiple layers of GORE-TEX® fabric and you’ll find a suit that can go the distance without the need for worry. Miles of road and torrential rain? Sorted. Early morning commute to work in frosty conditions? Don’t worry ‘bout it. The solution to global warming and the unpredictable UK climate? One problem at a time…

As a result, we’ve bulk-bought all UK stock of this Jacket & Trousers combo, to sell to you at a fraction of the price. You can own the £399.99 for the Jacket, and £249.99 for the Trousers (a total saving of £460!) or pay over 6/12 months with Interest-Free credit!

But what do you get for your money? Let’s have a look:

Dainese D-Cyclone Jacket + Trousers | £399.99 + £249.99


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Article image

A Lightweight, Durable Textile Suit

The D-Cyclone suit is fabricated of laminated GORE-TEX®: a lightweight, durable material, built to last and strong enough to not rip or tear easily. Combined, the suit weighs 3.83 kilograms (1.95kg attributed to the jacket – not including the back protector, 1.88kg to the trousers) which provides strength and resistance to weather conditions, while not heavy to cause you cramps by the end of your journey.

The jacket and trouser combo also have polyurethane rigid areas covered with cowhide leather at the shoulders and knees. This provides additional strength and durability and makes these areas flexibility and supple for conforming to the user’s body shape.

The overall construction of this D-Cyclone suit doesn’t allow for too much flexibility in movement. Course, you will be in only one position seated on your bike anyway!

Complete Waterproofing

The benefits of GORE-TEX® don’t end there though – far from it. The textile suit is completely waterproof and resistant to water you could ride for miles in endless rain and come out the other end dry as Ghandi’s flip-flop!

This stems from the suit’s waterproof shell, built of multiple layers of GORE-TEX® laminate: 2 in the jacket and trousers, and layers at specific points of the trousers that are more vulnerable to wet conditions in the seated position (specifically the seat and knees). These GORE-TEX® layers are completely watertight and water resistant, as well as windproof and breathable, allowing for optimum comfort levels and protection from the harshest weather conditions.

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Optimal Protection

If your other half is worried about the dangers of the road, let them need not worry! The D-Cyclone combo is a super protective bit of kit, designed to withstand the roughest weather conditions without feeling heavy.

Underneath this GORE-TEX® fabric, the jacket & trousers combo have removable composite protectors, certified to EN 1621.1 standards, tactically installed in areas of the suit to resist abrasion and absorb impacts at the most vulnerable points in the body.

These protectors can be found in the shoulder and elbow of the jacket, a back protector with Dainese Wave G2 back protector CE certified included, as well as a pocket for a double chest protector (not included in the jacket). As for the trousers, CE certified protectors can be found in the knees, as well as flexible, pro-shape soft protectors at the hips.

Article image
Article image

Year-Round Comfort

This Dainese suit is a dream to wear. The comfort lining allows for multiple layers of clothing without discomfort. The suit has a removable thermal lining that provides heat insulation during your ride. The “removable” aspect of this lining allows for versatility whatever the outside temperature might be: in the cold, the suit makes you feel, for lack of a better word – snug, while in warmer conditions, the liner can be taken out to allow more effective perspiration.

The jacket’s inner collar can also be removed depending on the weather. This connection between the neck and motorcycle helmet prevents skin exposure to the wind and prevents it from entering the jacket.

The breathable nature of this GORE-TEX® suit can be attributed to the coated vent ports at the chest and back of the jacket. This ventilation system allows for fresh air to pass through the jacket and out through the back without discomfort. In colder weather, you can close these vents up by a combination of YKK zipper and fabric closure.

As for the fitting, multiple adjustments throughout the suit allow for complete customisation regardless of your size. Button fastenings can be found at the waist, neck collar, wrists, and hips of the suit, as well as an anti-floating zip at the sleeve of the jacket.

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Article image

The Other Bits

The Dainese D-Cyclone suit features reflective inserts that allow for more visibility on the road, a connecting zip that connects the jacket and trousers together, as well as a multitude of pockets.

The jacket itself has 5 pockets in total: 2 waterproof inner pockets, 2 waterproof outer pockets (fold-sealed and YKK zip), as well as an additional non-waterproof (you’ve been warned) zipped pocket on the left of the coat. The trousers also have 2 non-waterproof (again, you’ve been warned) front pockets with zippers.

Article image
Article image

Overall, this textile suit is worth its weight in gold. Designed with a striking, sporty-aesthetic that won’t grow old, the Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex suit is a multi-season textile suit capable of seeing you through the year.

Buy online today with Free UK Next Day Delivery, Free Returns for up to 90 Days, and 0% Finance on orders over £280. You can buy the D-Cyclone suit with 6 months Interest-Free credit: for example, you can pay £97.50 per month for 6 months with £65 deposit. If you're a Club Infinity member, you will earn 2599 points (for both jacket & trousers) which will earn you a free £20 voucher!

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket - Black/White | £399.99

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket - Black/Fluo Yellow | £399.99

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket - Black/Red | £399.99

Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex Trousers - Black | £249.99

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This article was written by Jonah Son, Website & Content Executive at Infinity Motorcycles

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