Momo has just landed on Infinity Motorcycles and look to fill a unique and particular niche in the world of motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycle riding has made leaps and bounds to become a normal way to get around in life – commuting, travelling and long-trips are all free domain for any biker to do. But there is still a common problem, the minute you step off your motorcycle, back into normal life, you find yourself clonking about in big bulky, cumbersome boots. Motorcycle boots are not well-versed for popping into the shops while going about town – and that’s the reason why we have seen such a boom in popularity for casual-style motorcycle shoes like the Alpinestars J6 or the TCX Street 3's. A pair of protective and high-performing footwear on the bike, and look stylish on the high-street!

Momo looks like they to want to fill this niche. Their current Firegun range looks blinding while checking out the product specs of each shoe you find that they are packed full of everything you could need while riding. There are some common elements and design choices across the whole range, the uppers on each shoe are made from high-quality technical fabric. This fabric is unbelievably lightweight but also hide the high-performing waterproof liner – yes, the Momo boots are waterproof – well, except for the Firegun-3 Air, instead of a waterproofing liner this version has perforations all-over the upper to allow cool air in and across your feet.

The toe box, heel and ankle of each of the models are reinforced – generally speaking, these are the most important areas of your feet to keep protected and these reinforcements are designed to provide this protection. The Momo range all feature Ortholite foam insoles that are designed to provide long-term cushioning throughout the entire lifetime of the footbed, that is the sort of comfort you would need riding, but that longevity means that they will still be ‘basically’ brand-new however long you plan on wearing them – as long as you are not putting them absolute hell. So, these could be your go-to riding shoes for the clearer seasons, for years to come.


The Momo range comes in 4 models: the Firegun-1 boot is the top-of-the-line model featuring a waterproof zipped outer gaiter that hides the toggle closure underneath – the design of the Firegun-1 looks a lot more fashion-focused but they are still packed full of the protective and comfort features you need on the bike.

The Firegun-2 features a Gore-Tex membrane for Gore’s ever-reliable promise to keep your feet dry, and has a bit more of a traditional style than the Firegun-1, using a combination of a lace closure and velcro at the top.

Finally, the Firegun-3 comes in two versions: a waterproof model and the FireGun-3 Air model which, while lacking water-resistance, makes up for it by featuring a fully-perforated outer for maximum airflow in the Summer. Both models only feature a lace closure and resemble a more normal sports sneaker.

Our man, Infinity Tom, got an exclusive look at the Momo footwear range, and you can check out his video below.

The Firegun-3 Waterproof and Air RRP starts at £149.99, the RRP for the Firegun-2 starts at £169.99 while the Firegun-1 RRP is £199.99. Check out the whole Momo range here.


This article was written by Aaron Thomson.