Knox are renowned for their cutting-edge motorcycle protection and apparel, and they continue to push boundaries with their latest Urbane Pro range...

Having built themselves a reputation for producing some of the most innovative and stylish designs in the industry and with over forty years of development and heritage behind them -  Knox are at the forefront of protective clothing, and their latest 2021 collection is a testament to that fact.

We take a closer look at the newest Knox products for 2021 and tell you why you should get excited!


Knox Urbane Pro MK2 Armoured Shirt

The headliner of Knox's latest range is the Urbane Pro MK2: the ultimate mesh jacket and the most comprehensive, and stylish armour for your upper body.

The MK2 is the successor to Knox's best-selling Urbane Pro Body Armour: a CE-approved armoured shirt, popular for its lightweight, breathability, and close-fitting protection. The MK2 not only delivers these qualities in full force, but brings with it a new modern look and an up-to-date certification to Class AA standards - usually reserved for much bulkier textile and leather jackets!

How does it achieve this - its thanks to Knox's latest proprietary Micro-Lock body armour: their most advanced, stable and softest protection, placed close to the body for optimal impact protection.

What makes Knox Micro-Lock different from other protection, is its smart technology and properties to produce a super soft feel that hardens instantly when faced with an impact. This locking action increases the amount of energy absorbed by the armour and reducing the energy passed onto your body. Micro-Lock also retains its properties in all manner of temperatures and environments and is stable in the hot and cold.

This formula is moulded into low-profile armour that sits comfortably in pockets at your elbows and shoulders for the highest form of protection close to the skin.

The garment itself is incredibly sleek and comfortable, and is made from high-tenacity stretch nylon with tough, breathable arrowmesh. This gives the shirt superior resistance to abrasion and tearing, while also being flexible and lightweight. The arrowmesh panels allow for optimal ventilation and all-day comfort - essential for riding in the most intense summer heat. And for when it gets cold, the Urbane Pro is slim enough to be worn underneath a warm outer layer (think of it like a bulletproof vest!)

The jacket's thumb loop and security belt loop systems prevent the sleeves and shirt from riding up while on the bike, keeping the Micro-Lock armour in place. The right shoulder sports a new Knox logo, highlighting the brand's heritage and design.

A handy zipper on the chest is roomy enough to hold a wallet, set of keys or a smartphone (though if you have one of the larger models, we would recommend storing your device in the much larger back pocket). Speaking of which - the discreet, zippered back pocket is easily accessibly in a riding position, and makes for a more comfortable storage option than your traditional trouser pockets.

The Urbane Pro MK2 is also available in a ladies version, complete with the very same CE approved Class AA protection and breathable qualities as the men's shirt, but tailor fit for women, featuring a modern chic design that's fitted, comfortable and practical for every day riding.

£229.99 RRP


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Knox Urbane Pro Trousers

The brand new Urbane Pro Trousers are the perfect partner to the Urbane Pro MK2 shirt, with a cool matching look, as well as the same breathability and Class AA protective performance as the shirt.

Trousers are largely ignored when it comes to summer riding, and while denim and traditional textile boast a high level of protection - the material itself doesn't allow for a lot of perspiration and can feel suffocating in the extreme heat over long periods of time.

The Urbane Pro Trousers act as the perfect solution to this problem - sporting large arrowmesh panels positioned at the thighs, calves, and back of the legs for maximum airflow, and exhausting hot air. 

The trousers are built from the same high-performance stretch nylon as the shirt, but woven with Spandex, allowing for a greater degree of elasticity and a flattering fit around your lower body.

Micro-Lock armour is installed as standard at the knees and hips, attributing to its new CE approved Class AA classification, and can be removed for casual wear or to wash the garment.

The trousers are branded with Knox rivets, jeans button and hexagonal key ring, giving it a premium look, and has 7 pockets in total: two on the front, two traditional back patches and two unconventional deep pockets on the back, as well as one additional, discreet zippered pocket on the side that is easily accessible when at a standstill.

The Urbane Pro Trousers are also available in a ladies version, which offers the same impressive Class AA protection, mesh ventilation, and riding comfort as the men's trousers, but specifically designed for women in mind, featuring a high-waisted, stretch fit that is flattering to any body type!


£229.99 RRP


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Knox Urbane Pro Gloves

As a compliment to the Urbane Pro MK2 Shirt and Trousers, the Urbane Pro gloves are a brilliant CE-approved summer glove with a high level of protection and comfort.

The Urbane Pro gloves are made from exceptionally lightweight and abrasion-resistant textile and leather, with 3D spacer mesh on the back of the hand for optimal ventilation. In a riding position, your hands are the most front part of your body, so ensuring your hands comfortable and protected in the summer is essential.

The inside of the glove is lined with perforated Cowhide leather, which extends to the fingers bridge for durability while allowing perspiration to prevent clammy hands. The palm is further reinforced with Amara textile for a superior grip pad, with additional Amara on the index finger and thumb for touchscreen compatibility.

The Neoprene cuffs use a proprietary 'Lift & Lock' system that allows for a secure fit and easy removal. Knox branding is embossed on the back, with a yellow Micro-Lock tag at the palm.

A newly developed thermoplastic knuckle guard is combined with Knox's Micro-Lock technology for superior impact absorption. Knox's patented Scaphoid Protection system at the palm is installed to eliminate the grabbing effect when a leather palm makes contact with the road, reducing the risk of hyperextension and a broken scaphoid!

£99.99 RRP


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This article was written by Jonah Son.