The Schuberth C3 and its Pro variation were some of the most popular flip-up helmets that have ever been released. After the stumble of the C4, the redemption of the C4 Pro, can the C5 re-establish Schuberth’s flip-front dominance?

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The Schuberth C5 is the brand-new flagship helmet from the German helmet manufacturer, is set to be released next year. The C5 is not just a redesign and evolution of the C4 Pro, instead, this is a total design revolution. The C5 is the first flip-up motorcycle helmet that has been certified for the new ECE 22.06 – meaning that it has taken on board all the new additions for safety and protection that this updated certification has introduced to deliver the best protective helmet that Schuberth can.

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One of the biggest changes to the C5 is a totally redesigned shell shape. The C4 had issues with its fit and that very often made it a deal-breaker for many riders. Fit is one of the most important aspects of a motorcycle helmet – if it does not fit right, then you will not feel right wearing it and the protection it provides will be lacking.

The interior shape of the C5 has been redesigned to fit more riders, and address that complaint of the C4. The shape has been redesigned, rather than fall into the extremes of a round shape or oval shape helmet, the C5 sits in the middle, which is where most people’s head shape lies.

To help improve fit, even more, Schuberth will be introducing different size cheek padding, a thicker and thinner option, to give you a more unique and personalised fit. But it is the crown piece pad that is truly unique, the crown piece pad comes in several versions which will allow you to change the shape of the helmet, towards a rounder shape or a more oval shape – that means those riders who have a head shape that is more towards those ends of the scale will still be well taken care of.


As dictated by the ECE 22.06, the face-shield of the Schuberth C5 now locks in place by a switch – the face-shield will still lock in place but the switch is used to securely lock it into position which is one of the new additions to the 22.06 certification. The lock switch is very low-profile to reduce the chance of locking the face shield in place by accident.


The C5 will use Schuberth’s Direct Fibre Processing which uses one strand of high-quality glass fibre on a spool that is cut and blown into a mould. This is then heated and put under high pressure to create a super-strong shell. A carbon sheet is then layered over the top for further even more protective performance.


The ventilation system on the C5 has also been updated, with a traditional scoop inlet at the chin to help with defogging of your visor, but there is also a new chin vent that flushes cool air across the lower part of your face. The wider top vent now has three positions – open, halfway, and closed – while the new rear exhaust vent uses negative pressure to draw the air over your head and out of the helmet.


The C5 continues Schuberth’s trend of releasing an integrated intercom alongside the helmet, though that is as far as we know.

This integrated comms unit will most likely be a common feature for most helmets that are released from now on, and not just helmets from Schuberth. The intercom for the Schuberth C5 will be based on a Sena Mesh unit – mesh communication works differently from the traditional daisy-chain style of intercoms where one has to be linked to another, then that is linked to another. Instead, the mesh communication is like a field produced by the comms unit, if a compatible Sena Mesh unit enters that field you will be connected. This is much simpler than the daisy-chain style.

The C5 comes with the speakers and wiring of the intercom kit pre-fitted, so all you have to do is plug the two actual control modules into the helmet. This will be sold separately with an RRP of £349.99, but when bought with the helmet, you will get the intercom unit VAT-free. The first control module sits on the side of the helmet while the other one goes on the rear. The rear module can be charged by a standard charging cable, but the side-fitted module has a small watch battery with an approximate lifespan of 18-months.


Much like Schuberth’s previous helmet models, the Schuberth C5 is fitted with a super-secure ratchet strap, though the fixing method of the internal sun-visor has also been revised to improve your peripheral vision and in fact, this also improves the coverage of the sun-visor.

Out of the box, the visor on the C5 is fitted with a Pinlock anti-fog insert that forms a barrier on your visor reducing the build-up of fog on it, the Pinlock itself is a top-of-the-line Pinlock 120 which provides the best fog-resistance and longevity. It also features Schuberth’s patented A.R.O.S (Anti-Roll off system) which reduces the chance for the helmet to roll off during a nasty crash.

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Overall, it appears that Schuberth has taken much of the criticism of the C4 on the chin and on-board. Instead of simply keying into certain features and trying to improve the predecessor, the Schuberth C5 has been built from the ground up, in an effort to reclaim the German brand’s dominance in the flip-up market. This is certainly a tall task, but a lot of the features of the C5 look to be putting it in a definite good direction.

The price point for the C5 looks to be on the premium end of the scale, positioning it closely at odds with the very successful Neotec 2, the plain colourways are being tentatively marked at a retail price of £499.99, while the graphics, of which six are being released will retail for £599.99.

You can take an early look at the entire Schuberth C5 range here.

With a release date not firmly in place but looking like later this year or early next, you can, in the meantime, check out Schuberth's incredible current range of motorcycle helmets, right here.