Check out the brand-new range of products from one of the most relied-on manufacturers on the motorcycle market, Kriega.

Kriega has a long-standing reputation with any motorcyclist for producing high-quality and smartly designed motorcycle storage solutions, and their ranger has further bolstered with their all-new 2021 range.

Their new release only encompasses a few items, but we know each one will come with Kriega’s standard of quality and a functional design that makes a ride a little bit sweeter - let's take a closer look!



Firstly, we have the US-40 Rackpack: the latest addition to Kriega’s best-selling US-Drypack systems. The US-40 is made from that high-quality 420D Cordura that Kriega started adopting across their range in 2019, and features a modular design that allows expanded storage from 28 litres to 40 litres.

At 40 litres, the Rackpack is the perfect on-bike storage for everything you need for camping or touring – you can easily store a tent, roll mat or sleeping bag, and the separate storage tunnel is big enough to accommodate your tent poles! At 28 litres, the pack is still great for containing a change of clothes and waterproofs, ideal for shorter journeys, or the less roughing-it style trips.

A feature totally unique to the US-40 is that the bag is double-ended; both sides have openings that can be securely closed, so you still have that reliable Kriega security. But this means you can easily access the items on either end of the Rackpack quickly without having to shift a tonne of other things out of the way - just remember to be a bit more organised when packing!

The newly designed hook straps and hook-back system allows you to mount the pack directly to the tail rack or other structural parts on your bike - and you can do that even without a rack on your bike! 

Just like all of Kriega’s US-Drypacks the US-40 can be securely mounted across a pillion seat with the included subframe loops. For £169, the US-40 Rackpack is a fantastic choice for those riders serious about taking trips, anywhere from jolly glamourous stays to much rougher stuff.


Next up is the OS-Bottle: a convenient bottle holder made from ultra-tough Hypalon. Hard-wearing against bumps and knocks, the OS-Bottle is the perfect accessory for rehydrating off-the-beaten-path.

Designed to hold two 1-litre bottles, the holder happily hooks on to any part of your Kriega kit including the OS-Pannier, US-Drypack or Rucksack, giving you easy access to your water, and is designed to hold two 1-litre bottles. The drawstring compression strap keeps your bottles securely in the pack and the heavy-duty aircraft-grade Acetal buckles will keep your OS-Bottle safe no matter how bumpy it gets. The Kriega OS-Bottle retails at £55.


The Kriega Trail Pockets are a pair of 1-litre storage bags, designed to give you an instant boost of storage to any Kriega backpack with a Quadloc Lite harness. Providing two additional litres of easy-to-access front storage, the pockets can be simply attached to the straps on the backpack itself to stow away items and accessories you need on hand at all times including your phone, wallet, passport or keys.

Made from incredibly durable 1000D Cordura and 420D Nylon, the pockets feature a secure YKK zippered closure you can rely on - they're responsible for the majority of zips used all around the world, so you know you can trust them.

The Trail Pockets also include an extra, across-the-chest harness buckle that helps to distribute the weight of your storage evenly and provides a secure fit so you need not fear the bags fly off during your ride. The Kriega Trail Pockets retail at £55.00.


The OS-Mini Cam Strap is a less exciting new accessory, and yet, it's a highly versatile storage add-on!

As an alternative to the original OS Cam Straps, these mini straps allow you to hook on any smaller diameter items to your US-40 Rackpack, OS Panniers, OS-Rack Loops or Subframe Loops. Made from high-quality 25mm webbing with an aircraft-grade alloy hook, the OS-Mini Cam Strap can be used to fix a jacket, tripod, roll matt or tent to your bag while touring or hiking. Retail price £17.50.


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At the time of writing, information for these products have yet to be officially released so we don't know anything specific about them, but Kriega have teased two new backpacks to their ‘R’ range: the R16 and R22.

From their names alone, we can assume their names pertain to their size (like the rest of their range) so expect a 16-litre capacity backpack for the R16 and, surprisingly, a 22-litre bag for the R22. Another thing we can expect is the same high-quality construction and hard-wearing Cordura fabrics if the above images are anything to go by, but Kriega always like to experiment on design and function so you never know - they may sport jet packs for all we know!

For the time being, we're left to speculate, but we reckon the same great technology with a new modernised look is just over the horizon. They are expected to be released in Autumn so keep an eye out for more information.




Kriega's brand new range is set to land end of July, excluding the aforementioned R16 and R22 backpacks which should hopefully arrive later in 2021. Keep an eye on the website when they become available, or if you just cannot help yourself you can give us a call on 0800 130 3377 to pre-order one of the items or head in-store and pre-order for you to collect it when it becomes available.

This article was written by Aaron Thomson, and edited by Jonah Son.