Following the launch of our new website and sustained online growth, Infinity Motorcycles has appointed a new Online Director. Alan Arnold will take responsibility at board level for all things website related, ensuring that the online side of the business is represented alongside its 14 bricks-and-mortar stores.

Alan, who previously supplied Infinity with pre-owned motorcycles, joined the company in 2012, tasked with opening its new clearance warehouse in Camberley. After its successful launch he relocated our mail order department to Camberley, significantly increasing its turnover over the following period of time.

In 2014 he was named Employee of the Year at the annual Inspire Business Awards.

“We were delighted that Alan got the recognition he deserved and said at the time that he has a great future with Infinity Motorcycles” says managing director Rob Puttick. “We're big believers in developing our own talent – the directors all work in the business day-to-day and it's important that we all get on and share a vision.”

Alan recently relaunched Infinity's website, introducing state of the art functionality to make the shopping experience simpler and faster for customers.