Product Recall: Bering Vesuvio Gloves

Reference: BGH920

Batch number: HT3016A-HT3016B-HT3535A-HT3535B

Sold from 13/09/2016 to 21/03/2018

Risk type: Risk of warming up; Risk of electric shock

Risk level: Serious risk

The creepage distance between the live primary circuit and the accessible secondary circuit is too small and the inside of the gloves overheat.
Accessible parts of the product could become live and user could suffer burns.

The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standards EN 60335 and EN 61558.

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It’s been brought to our attention that there has been a manufacturing fault in the Bering Vesuvio heated motorcycle gloves. 

The reasons for the recall include:

  • Risk of warming up
  • Risk of electric shock

We request that the users of the gloves not use the product as this is potentially dangerous, and return it to your nearest Infinity Motorcycles shop with a receipt of your purchase to receive a credit note or a refund.

For further information, contact the store you bought the product from. You can find the contact details of each store here.

We thank you for your understanding.

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