Infinity Motorcycles have announced that they are getting behind the campaign that the Greater London MAG (Motorcycle action group) have started to oppose drastic changes to parking in Camden which the council have proposed from next year and are encouraging all of their customers nationwide to do the same.

The new changes proposed by the Camden Borough Council on the 24th November 2020, were introduced with the aim to reduce pollution and improve local air quality by reducing the number of high carbon emission and diesel vehicles in the borough. These changes include new daily charges of £6 a day until 2023 when it is proposed that a maximum stay of 2 hours will be enforced, as well as minimising the use of parking bays for bikes.

This new cost is 600% more than neighbouring Westminster and effectively removes the ability to use a motorbike for commuting purposes. The Camden Borough Council is basically treating motorcycles as cars, despite the huge difference in all aspects of environmental impacts made by each.

Conflicts between motorists and councils are nothing new but a quick online search revealed that Camden has history when it comes to responding to requests from powered two-wheeled users. Giuseppe Marchese had his request for a motorcycle bay ignored for over a year, and when he chased it he was told that ‘…as over a year has passed since the request was made, it is not possible to undertake a review.’

Basically, they’ve said that if they ignore something long enough it will go away.

Disputes over Motorcycle parking in Camden have previously gone as far as the high court, one of them ended up costing the council (who lost) £3100 in costs

Camden resident and regular Infinity customer Ian Peterson added, ‘They have teams of people working on these things every day and they will simply steamroller over objections. They have a long history of it and nothing ever seems to change despite universal objection to them.’

MAG has offered to help Camden grasp the benefits of motorcycles and recently wrote a letter to the leader of the council offering to share knowledge and evidence about the positive impact that motorcycling can deliver.

In their proposal for these changes, the council states that one of  the reasons for these changes is ‘…to discourage inessential journeys…’  Obviously, most commuters don’t see riding to work as inessential.

MAG are hoping that their campaign won’t go the same way and they are asking for any interested party to email Camden council to tell them why they oppose the changes by getting in touch with the Council leader, [email protected] You can also write to [email protected] (the Consultation inbox) but there is a deadline of 18th December on that. To see any future updates you can find them on Facebook (