The new Scorpion Smart range is designed to bring modern convention to you, straight out of the box. The EXO-520 and EXO-930 Smart both come with a built-in intercom to get you connected, instantly.

2021 has had an influx of brand-new motorcycle helmets to the market, manufacturers must have spent 2020 locked inside coming up with brand-new ways to change the helmet game. This time to think may have also allowed helmet manufacturers a chance to really ponder what it is that riders want from their helmets nowadays.

It is modern conventions and expectations that have helped to influence the new Scorpion Smart range – most motorcyclists have got themselves an intercom to go with their helmets or are in the market for one. They are not just for those who want to talk to friends while they ride. They also help to provide GPS instructions to you, allow you to listen to music and let you answer a call swiftly just by bringing your bike to halt on the side of the road – no more fumbling for vibrating phones in your pocket.

There is a tonne of brands of intercoms on the market all with their own little details to make them special, but it is becoming more and more commonplace to find them unique to specific helmets, or they are a generic intercom that you slap onto the side of your lid. The SRL and SRC kits are designed for the Shoei Neotec 2 and GT-Air 2, and Schuberth C4 Pro helmets, respectfully. Scorpion has taken a different approach. Step in, the Scorpion EXO-520 and Scorpion EXO-930 Smart.

Rather than an intercom that you buy separately that fits easily into your helmet, these two helmet models arrive with the intercom included and ready to easily fit and use.


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The EXO-COM intercom kit was designed by Scorpion alongside the intercom manufacturer uClear, to be the perfect technological boost for your Scorpion helmet. The intercom is lightweight and low-profile to not be intrusive or in your way while wearing your helmet. The intercom includes Bluetooth 5.0 technology to pair quickly and easily with any of your smart devices and provide crystal-clear audio from your phone’s music, your GPS’s instructions or your fellow riders’ moans and complaints.

The EXO-COM software is designed with DynaMESH communication, meaning you do not need to pair the device with your fellow riders, instead each intercom produces a field of interaction allowing you to instantly connect to you when they enter that field. Now, you may be a bit worried about keeping you and your buddies close together in a small area to stay connected, but with the EXO-COM you have a range of 800 metres (or 3.2 km) of connection, ample space to give each other while you ride. And you can connect up to 4 riders, including yourself. With up to 15 hours of use from a full charge when listening to music, these two Scorpion helmets will see you through the best of possible rides, and make the worse ones much better.

The EXO-COM can be bought separately to fit the newer range of Scorpion helmets (the non-Smart ones), but the Smart helmets come with the unit there in the box ready to easily install - and the microphone and wiring is already fitted on the Smart helmets, so it is as simple as slotting the EXO-COM in and you are on your way.



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These Scorpion helmets are not just about the intercom systems though. The Scorpion EXO-520 Smart is made from a highly protective advanced Polycarbonate shell. This polycarbonate construction, despite being very protective, is also fantastically lightweight, with the helmet coming in at 1650g. The EXO-520 Smart is fitted with Scorpion’s patented and unique AirFit system that allows you to pump up and deflate the cheek padding to provide you with a more one-off and personalised fit.

The visor on the EXO-520 Smart has also been redesigned to provide increased vision including at your periphery, this makes it great for navigating winding, busy city streets, and the helmet comes with a Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog insert to keep your view even clearer. It is also fitted with a Speedview internal drop-down visor that gives you instant protection when the sun starts shining – no more faffing with swapping your clear visor for a tinted one.

The EXO-520 Smart features adjustable vents on the chin and above the brow that allow cool fresh air into the helmet and onto you to make your ride a bit more comfortable – a rear exhaust then vents the air out of the helmet promoting cool airflow and preventing the helmet from becoming hot and stuffy. The Scorpion EXO-520 Smart is a high-quality, high-performing full face motorcycle helmet that is fitted with a Micrometric buckle retention strap. It retails for £299.99, which for a motorcycle helmet that comes with an intercom, is pretty damn good.



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The EXO-930 is the other helmet in Scorpion’s Smart series, and to make it distinctly different from the EXO-520, the 930 is a flip-up modular style helmet. This modular extends to the helmet’s Dual homologation – which means you can safely ride with the face-shield full up, as though the helmet is an open-face. It also has the high-quality Speedview internal sun-visor that can be dropped down to give you instant protection from the sun and none of the faff of stopping to swap visors. And the big clear visor itself will give you amazing horizontal and vertical vision, especially in the periphery to give you a clear view of the streets you are navigating.

The EXO-930 itself is made from high-quality and super-lightweight advanced polycarbonate. The light weight means the helmet will not cause excess strain on your neck while you ride but the shell will still provide the super-protection you need from a motorcycle lid. The Micrometric buckle strap will keep the helmet securely fitted on your head and it comes with a MaxVision Pinlock insert to help fight off the fogging that occurs while you ride.

The EXO-930 with its modular design, out of the box intercom, lightweight, and big clear visor, is a commuter’s dream. The helmet was designed to be worn around busy city streets giving you everything you need to make those busy rides through traffic a lot more bearable. The Scorpion EXO-930 Smart retails for £319.99 – an amazing deal for a helmet and intercom that will get you navigating with ease.




The Scorpion Smart helmets are amazing for combining brilliant, protective and useful helmets alongside the bang-up-to-date technology many riders want nowadays. For around £300 these two helmets are excellent choices for any rider but especially those who may find themselves city-riding frequently. And when you buy with Infinity Motorcycles, you get free next working day delivery when you order before 3pm and every purchase you make, including for the helmets, you will earn Club Infinity points that go towards earning you money-off vouchers on future purchases.

This article was written by Aaron Thomson and edited by Tom Evans.