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Get your summer riding clothing sorted and follow a few basic rules and you can ride comfortably and safely right through the warmer months. 

Riding in the summer can be one of the most joyous ways of spending time on your motorcycle. Every bike was built with warm weather in mind, the open road and a satisfying breeze as you ride. But no matter how nice the weather is, the paramount concern of every rider should be their protection. That is why, even when summer riding, you should wear the correct gear for the situation. No t-shirts showing off your arms, and definitely no flip-flops.

We know that with motorcycle clothing comes the fear of overheating – and overheating on a motorcycle is not only uncomfortable but you also run the risk of affecting your concentration and leaving you dehydrated. The fear of heat exhaustion, and in worst-case scenarios heat stroke, will mean your sweet cruise in the sun could turn sour fast.

Summer motorcycle clothing has made huge leaps and bounds in terms of providing both high levels of protection and the cooling needed to keep you riding happy, so we have picked some of the most popular pieces of gear on the market, to make your summer rides bliss.


Summer Base Layers

Base layers are not just used to give you an extra layer of warmth in the winter, you can also get layers specially-designed to give you a higher level of ventilation while you ride.

Adding an extra layer under your jacket may seem counter-intuitive if you are looking to stay cool, but summer base layers are specially designed with wick moisture properties: evaporating sweat to allow your body to naturally cool itself down. But these base layers don’t just wick away moisture, they also work to slow down the process of you sweating, this will keep you feeling more hydrated and leave you performing at your best.


One of the best moisture-wicking base layers is the Dainese D-Core Aero top and bottoms. This set is made from a mix of several different materials, from Elastane for a comfortable stretchy and personalised fit, to polyamide, polyester and Dryarn, that all work together to make your ride as comfortable and cool as can be. The D-Core set is designed to actively manage moisture, wicking it away from your body to keep you dry while allowing cool air across you to regulate your temperature. Exactly what you need to make that hot weather more bearable.

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FORCEFIELD TECH 2 Base Layers | FROM £49.99

Another option designed for warmer weather is the Forcefield Tech 2 shirt and pants a fantastic addition to Forcefield’s Climate Control range, they offer incredible breathability and compression in key areas for super ergonomics and comfort. Like the D-Core set, the Tech 2 provides moisture-wicking thanks to both the BeCool and Dryarn Fibres, to make any hot weather ride, a breeze.

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The Oxford Base Layers set is brand-new from Oxford Products, one of the most relied on names in motorcycle clothing and accessories. The Base Layer top and bottoms are made from 4-way stretch knit fabric which is ultra-breathable, the fast wicking and drying properties mean no matter how hot it gets you will remain cool and not sweaty. The Base Layers also have a specially designed thermal property that despite the name works in both freezing cold weather and boiling hot.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather is often the go-to for jackets to see you through the summer because they are often single layers with no mid or bottom layer making you unnecessarily hot. One big advantage of leather jackets is that many feature mesh liners, (yes, another layer) but one that is heavily designed to provide cool air while you ride.

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The RST GT is a leather jacket that not only features a fixed 3D Mesh liner but has a perforated leather upper that makes the jacket a fantastic choice for summer riding. If your budget is tighter, consider the Bering Carter leather jacket, available in limited sizes, made from high-quality leather with a fixed mesh lining, and fully CE Approved for a bit of peace of mind. Take a look at the Bering Carter jacket by clicking here.

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Another option is the Segura Stripe jacket made from premium buffalo leather that is super abrasion resistant and protective, and its fixed mesh lining will allow a stream of cool air into the jacket, its also has got the added feature of being fully waterproof, incredible for a leather jacket. And the Segura Stripe is designed for both men, and women.

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MotoGirl in the last couple of years have stood out in the industry carving a niche for motorcycle clothing for women, designed by women. The Valerie jacket is made from waxed cowhide, semi-aniline leather, that is a high-quality jacket with a timeless subtle design that would look good on and off the motorcycle.

The 1.2mm leather provides fantastic durability, that is tough against abrasions. For even more protection, the jacket features CE level 2 rated protectors on the shoulders, elbows and back, that all contributes to the Valerie being AA Rated. With sizes ranging from 2XS to 5XL, the MotoGirl Valerie is an awesome choice for any lady who wants a jacket that is super protective and looks good.

Mesh Jackets

When it comes to summer motorcycle jackets, leather is often favoured over multi-layered textile jackets, as they’re often preferred winter or cold weather jackets. But with all the advancements made in motorcycle clothing and the constant fear that the heavens could unleash on you no matter how good the weather was looking 5 minutes ago; many textile jackets now have the features needed to make them perfect for summer riding.

Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket | £179.95

The Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket incorporates all the necessary features for a performance summer riding jacket, but with the fit and finish that only Dainese can provide. Composite protectors are standard in the sleeves and there is a pocket for an optional back protector as well (sold separately). A practical windproof liner can be installed for those chilly morning rides and pulled back out quickly when you know the day is going to heat up. Thoughtful attention to detail such as the Anti-Floating Sleeve System and soft inserts at the wrists and neck where the jacket comes into contact with the rider’s skin reflect Dainese’s experience and expertise, attesting to the quality and value of the Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket.


The Rukka Forsair Pro Mesh is one such jacket, featuring everything you need to keep you riding happy in the heat as well as the rain. The Forsair jacket features air vents on the sides with zip closure giving you the choice of how you want to ride. The ventilation system works alongside the mesh inserts on the jacket to provide a super stream of cool fresh air into the jacket giving you complete breathability and comfort. The 2-layer Gore-Tex laminate layer is another top selling point of the Forsair jacket, providing incredible waterproofing, so you’re prepared for whatever the weather.


The Tucano Urbano Network 2G Jacket is the Italian brand’s answer to hot weather riding and it is full of design features to make the hot weather as cool as possible. The jacket has an extensive mesh construction that allows a huge amount of cool air without compromising your protection. The jacket is CE-rated and features Level 1 protective armour on the shoulder and elbow, and if you’re after even more protection there is a pocket for a Tucano back protector.

The hem, elbows and cuff of the Network 2G Jacket, are adjustable allowing you greater and more personalised fit, and the back of the jacket and cuffs have reflective detailing to keep you visible in darker conditions.

Denim Motorcycle Jeans

Denim motorcycle jeans are one of the best options for summer riding. They provide the protection you need while giving a comfortable ride in the hottest weather - not to mention they look good on and off the motorcycle. Most denim motorcycle jeans will come with fully CE Approved protectors, and the high level of abrasion resistance provided by the high-quality denim is a great choice for keeping you protected and comfortable in the summer.


The Mens Tactical Straight jeans are Bull-it's latest range of premium Covec denim built for high-performance riding, with a lightweight design and unsurpassed abrasion resistance. Designed and developed with Covec's 75KPH single layer denim, these jeans are cut, tear and heat transfer-resistant without feeling heavy or bulky to wear. The Bull-it SP75 slim jeans are a traditional-looking jean with a slim fit and tapered cut.

The jeans have a super think wick-away mesh liner to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat, with a shower-repellent coating to finish. Fitted with CE level 2 hip and knee armour as standard, these jeans are practical and stylish for every-day wear.


We have already mentioned how MotoGirl has approached motorcycle clothing, with their philosophy of designing clothing ideal for female riders, and that outlook continues with MotoGirl’s range of leggings and jeggings.

The MotoGirl Moto leggings, come in 3 varieties, the plain standard, Ribbed, and zipped. The leggings themselves are made from heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant fabric that is also stretchable to give you a comfortable fit. The leggings feature CE-approved Level 2 hip and knee protectors. The leggings have an inner DuPont Kevlar layer for even more hard-wearing durability.

The Melissa Jeggings, are more denim jean focused option with abrasion-resistant, stretchy fabric, alongside the DuPont Kevlar layer and CE-approved level 2, knee protectors. Both the Moto Leggings and Melissa Jeggings are AA-Rated in CE-Certification.

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PMJ is an excellent choice for motorcycle denim, the Italian brand a hugely focused on creating motorcycle denim that maximises protection alongside comfort and style.

The brand-new PMJ New Rider jeans, available for both men and women, is made from 12.5 oz. stretch cotton denim, alongside a 100% TWARON ballistic fabric inner that is reinforced for protection and mesh lined for some added coolness on a hot ride. The Jeans also feature CE-approved adjustable knee protectors and a Zero-shock padding on the hips. The PMJ New Rider jeans are available in styles for both men and women.

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Summer Motorcycle Gloves

With the sun raging and temperatures soaring skipping your gloves may seem like a good idea. It’s NOT. Riding without gloves is never a good idea. So, it is best to find a pair of gloves ideal for summer riding. Short, vented and mesh are all features to look for when picking gloves for warmer weather riding. For more advice check out our Best Summer Gloves here.

Rukka Forsair Mesh Gloves | £84.99

A fantastic choice for mesh summer gloves is the Rukka Forsair, a short cuff, mesh glove that will keep your hands cool in the heat and the stretchy high resistant Cordura fabric is great for both a comfortable fit and protection.

Constructed of elastic Cordura fabric, the Rukka Forsair gloves are absolutely perfect for long distance touring. The short-cuff gloves are breathable to keep your hands cool and comfortable in the heat, with touchscreen fingertips for adjusting your Sat Nav on your travels! The gloves also feature full-leather grip palms and fingertips for controlling your bike, the Rukka Forsair gloves also feature hard knuckle protection and a scaphoid slider for preventing drag in an accident.

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Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Mens and Ladies | RRP £74.99

Alpinestars are a name most motorcyclists have heard of, and they have a huge range of clothing and accessories for any weather and riding style. Their SMX range encompasses boots and gloves designed for everything from keeping you warm, cool or dry, but all of them are designed for the best protection.

The SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 gloves, as the name suggests, are Alpinestars gloves suited for hot weather riding, and this can be seen by the design and features put into the gloves. They feature a mix of leather and technical 3D Mesh, a design that is according to Alpinestars innovative to produce a glove that can achieve the highest CE certification for protection while still being comfortable.

The mesh allows cool in and across the hands, but the leather provides a hardy layer to protect against an injury, and the fully-carbon knuckle guards offer incredible protection against impacts and abrasions. The palm of the SMX-2 gloves has a microfibre and PU mix insert that is designed to both improve on your handlebars and provide added impact protection in the event of a fall. The SMX-2 Air Carbon gloves come in a range of colours and are available in both men and women’s versions.

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Knox Orsa OR3 MK2 Gloves | £79.99

The Knox Orsa MK2 textile gloves are a short-cuff, CE certified glove ideal for off-road, endure use. Offering superior protection and a secure, yet comfortable fit, these Knox gloves boast many innovative features that make them hugely popular among riders.

The gloves feature a unique Boa closure system for a secure and comfortable fit at the wrist, superior knuckle protection filled with honeycomb gell for impact absorption, as well as Knox’s patented Scaphoid Protection System (SPS for short) which nullifies the grabbing effect that occurs when a leather palm comes into contact with the road, reducing the risk of a hyperextension and a broken scaphoid.


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Racer Net Gloves | RRP £24.99

The Racer Net Gloves are an awesome choice for summer riding, with a high-quality leather construction that is paired with mesh panelling to flood the gloves and your hands with cool air while you ride. The gloves are lightweight and feature a short-cuff and reinforcement across the knuckle. With a CE-approval and summer riding focus, the Racer Net is a great solution to warm weather riding.

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Vented Summer Motorcycle Boots

The case for boots is one similar to gloves: throwing a pair of trainers on and getting on your bike seems reasonable in hot weather, but is not recommended.

Ideal motorcycle boots for summer riding should be short and vented. Urban style leather boots like the Oxford Merton, are a fantastic shoe in this regard. The leather construction is protective whilst lightweight and the Merton has the added feature of being waterproof.

TCX SP-Master Gore-Tex Boots | £169.99

The SP-Master boots by TCX are just the thing for commuting and touring in style, sporting a sleek race look, and boasting the comfort and waterproofing to go the distance.

Featuring a highly-breathable, soft-touch microfibre upper with micro-injected inserts for durability, the SP-Masters have padding in the front and back for additional comfort and flexibility and an upper gaitor that wraps around your calf comfortably. Designed to keep you warm and dry on the road, this version of the SP Master boots have a Gore-Tex lining that completely prevents water from penetrating the outer layer while also allowing your foot to breathe.

In terms of protection, these CE certified TCX boots have an abundance of reinforcements designed to prevent injury, boasting a polyurethane ankle retention system, heel guards, an ergonomic shin plate with iron mesh air intakes and a PU shift pad integrated into the upper area of the boot, as well as replaceable toe sliders made from highly resistant polyurethane.

Comfort-wise, the TCX SP Masters also features an interchangeable, anatomic comfort footbed, as well as a mono compound, ultra-light rubber sole  The combination of an elastic zipper for easier fastening and a wide velcro closure snugly secures the boot around your foot.

Perfect for long-distance riding, commuting and touring: the TCX SP-Master Gore-Tex boots are a jack-of-all-trades motorcycle shoe that can do it all. The boots can keep you high and dry in the worst weather, protect you in a pinch, and be worn for hours without a hint of discomfort.

Dainese Metropolis Waterproof Boots | £159.95

Trainer style motorcycle boots are fast becoming a great option for a casual street shoe without compromising protection needed for riding. The TCX Street Ace boots are a casual trainer style with protective and durable leather construction, as well as a T-Dry waterproof lining, great for any motorcyclist thanks to the option for mens and ladies.

The Dainese Metropolis D-WP is an updated fully waterproof version of Dainese’s fantastic all-purpose motorcycle boots. With a casual that looks great stepping off the bike but all the protection, comfort and support you need when you are on your motorcycle.

The ankles of the Dainese Metropolis have rigid inserts that provide a stable structure to the ankle, providing protection. Reflective detailing on the boots mean you have that added visibility when you are riding in poor conditions. But it is the Waterproof D-WP interior that makes the boots stand out. The D-WP Interior offers complete waterproofing and weather protection to keep your feet dry while you ride.

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Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes | RRP £159.95

When you are riding in hotter weather a lot of riders find more comfort in a pair of boots that don’t cover so much, the urge can be to wear your normal trainers but it is always better to resist that urge and that can be helped by trainer designed specifically for motorcycle riding.

The Dainese Street Rocker shoes are designed for urban and warmer weather riding, with a style that would not look out of place off the motorcycle. The low-profile of the shoes mean your feet will not become quite as hot whilst wearing them, as you may in long boots. The upper is made from full-grain leather that is breathable but will still hold up tough in the event of a slide off your motorcycle.

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Helmets with high-performing ventilation

While there is no such thing as a summer helmet, there are a host of helmets on the market that will provide the high level of ventilation that make them ideal for summer riding.

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With the Shoei GT-Air 2, air is in the name. Shoei drastically redesigned the ventilation system, improving it to allow more airflow through the helmet without increasing drag and wind noise. Another choice is something built with the race track in mind. For racers, performance is the most important thing, so they need to be cool and comfortable, a helmet like the Arai Chaser-X which borrows the ventilation system from the top of the range race ready RX-7V will let you ride and cool and comfortable, no matter how hot it gets.

Shoei J-Cruise OPEN FACE | FROM £299.99

If you think a full-face or flip-up motorcycle helmet is just too hot, you can opt for an open-face helmet like Shoei's J-Cruise which will still provide the protection you need while giving you an extra level of airflow.


With the Sports Modular, AGV has done something that many had thought was impossible, they have created a flip-front motorcycle helmet that has the super high performance that makes it perfect for owning the race track.

The shell is made from 100% carbon fibre that offers not just incredible protection but an amazing lightweight. For any rider serious about cutting seconds of those track times aerodynamics is very important, its what gets you A to B without wasting time to drag, and AGV know this too. The aerodynamic design means that when reaching speeds of 80mph and faster the helmet has a zero-dynamic weight.

Summer Accessories

If you are looking for a bit extra comfort while riding in the summer, there are many accessories now available. The Tucano Urbano Cool Fresh Seat Cover is designed to create an extra gap between you and the seat of the bike, allowing great airflow, cooling you while riding.


Dehydration is a big fear when you find yourself out on the road in summer weather especially if you are far out in the countryside without many places to stop and hydrate. The Hydro-3, from one of the most reliable brands on the motorcycle market Kriega, will give you the extra opportunity of hydrating while on the go.

Alpinestars Cooling Vest | £139.99

A fantastic accessory for staying fresh on the go is the Alpinestars Cooling Vest, a three-layered sleeveless layer that incorporates an innovative cooling system that evenly releases moisture and regulates your torso from extreme heat. As well as being lightweight and comfortable, the vest has anti-bacterial properties and a refillable water chamber for a longer life span.


The Tucano Urbano cool fresh seat cover is designed to leave an air gap between you and the seat which allows airflow through the area giving you a cooler feeling.

  • Aero 3D mesh seat cover (2-cm thick)
  • Creates an air space for maximum freshness
  • It increases the seat comfort, due to its Aero 3D net structure
  • Can be secured to the seat


So that is that - no excuses not to wear protective clothing throughout the summer. Looking to upgrade your gear? Pop down to one of our Infinity Motorcycles stores or shop online and ask our expert staff what they’re wearing to stay cool. You’re bound to get the best advice possible to make this summer splendid, especially on the motorcycle.


This article has been written by Aaron Thomson, Content Creator, and Jonah Son, Digital Marketing Executive.

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