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No matter how many years go by the needs for riding your motorcycle in the summer do not change. But the gear to make those hot-weather rides bearable changes hugely. Welcome again, to Infinity’s Summer Motorcycle Clothing Guide.

We’ve gone through some of the newest products that have been released over the last twelve months, and beyond, to update you with the gear you need when you are feeling hot under the collar. Riding your bike in the summer can be one of the most joyous times of motorcycle ownership, just you, the open road, and a slight breeze. Summer riding is almost mythical.

But it does not matter how hot the weather may get, you must always keep your protection the paramount concern, every time you are out on the road. That is why you need to be using the correct gear for the situation. No t-shirts showing off your biceps, shorts flashing your chicken legs and definitely no flip-flops!

Overheating is one of the biggest concerns for every rider contemplating stepping out on the bike in hot weather. Not only does overheating leave you uncomfortable, but it will also start to affect your concentration and can leave you dehydrated. Heat exhaustion and even heat stroke will turn your joyful cruise into an utter nightmare.

This guide will walk you through some great options for clothing and gear to make your summer rides a lot more bearable and keep you a lot safer.

Summer Base Layers

Adding an extra layer to your riding gear seems a bit counterproductive when your aim is to keep cool, but stay with us because adding a technical base layer is great for keeping you fresh, cool, and dry. A good-quality base layer will have moisture-wicking and fast-drying properties – what this means is they draw sweat away from your body and the material quickly dries so you do not feel sodden and uncomfortable.

A good base layer is also so low-profile and comfortable that it is barely noticeable underneath your actual clothing. Adding an extra layer like these ones below will help to keep you performing at your absolute best and keep you at your coolest.


The Tech 3 shirt & pant is the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Seamless loom construction provides unrivalled strength whilst the engineered yarns combine BeCool and Dryarn to deliver a garment that is lightweight, breathable and fast-drying. Offering unbeatable wicking properties and intelligent temperature regulation to ensure you stay dry and comfortable regardless of the environmental conditions.
These garments perform 3 functions: to increase breathability, wick moisture away from the skin and reduce muscle fatigue by utilising compression-fit areas.
Produced on a seamless loom, the complexity of the knit means that that the process takes 2 and a half times longer to produce than a regular fabric. The reward is a garment that is technically superior and with long lasting properties. 

It's also produced in a 1 peice suit that comes with a chest and back armour fitted as standard. 


The Rukka Outlast top is a long-sleeved base layer shirt perfect for wear under your motorcycle clothing in all manner of weather.

Made from a combination of comfortable polyester and stretch elastane, the shirt is woven with Outlast textile which manages your microclimate to absorb, store and release excess heat. What this basically does is regulate your internal temperature to keep you cool when it gets hot and warm when it gets cold.

Ideal for a range of activity levels and environments, the Outlast shirt resists odour and prevents sweat build up after hours of wear and features seamless construction for a longer lifespan.


As the technology in motorcycle clothing has advanced by leaps and bounds, mesh jackets have arisen as a great alternative to riders who do not want to wear leather. Now, we mentioned mesh in regards to many leather jackets having mesh liners – mesh jackets on the other hand are highly perforated and normally use textile and occasionally some leather paneling to finish the jacket’s construction off.

Thanks to this mesh, these jackets provide awesome cooling without compromising your protection. Because of this, they are becoming a more common alternative to leather.


It may seem like grandstanding a bit but the Dainese Air Frame jacket is one of our best-selling products, people love this jacket and there is a good reason why. Well, a few reasons why.

The Air Frame jacket is made from QuickDry fabric that is fast-drying, as the name suggests, to keep you feeling fresh on your ride, but it is the specifically placed mesh inserts that raise the cooling game. These inserts allow cool, fresh air into the jacket and across your body to cool you down. The interior of the jacket is also perforated even further, giving you extra breathability and helping to shift that sweaty feeling that comes with hot weather rides.

There are also CE-certified protectors on the elbows and shoulders and a pocket designed to fit an additional back protector if you want. The Air Frame also has a removable windproof liner and reflective detailing to help you adapt to different weather, as well as elastic and soft inserts on the neck and adjustable wrists. Do not just take our word on this jacket, one of our customers called the Dainese Air Frame, the “best summer jacket I have bought.” And it comes in a men’s and ladies’ version.



The RST F-Lite Airbag jacket is a CE certified jacket with a ventilated mesh outer, shoulder and elbow protection as well as boasting an integrated In&Motion airbag system detecting impacts before they happen protecting the most sensitive areas of your body.

Easy to use, comfortable to wear and comprehensive to ride in three modes: street, track and adventure; the In&motion is integrated with a CE certified level 1 back protector and uses embedded algorithms to analyse the biker's moves 1000 times a second to detect a fall, and when detected, inflates the airbag cushion within 22 milliseconds to protect your thorax, abdomen, spine and collarbone. (A subscription plan is required for the airbag system to function.)

It’s one of RST's lightest and most ventilated garments constructed using high-tenacity nylon outer shell, large K540 mesh panels that allow a huge amount of airflow to the body without compromising on abrasion resistance. A removable windproof, showerproof, jacket can be found underneath to provide light protection against rain and wind for days when the sun dips away and the mercury drops.

The 360-degree connection zip allows you to join with any RST jeans. There is also a non-airbag version which you can find here.



Taking it back to the basics, the Revit Eclipse is the quintessential mesh jacket this summer, encompassing urban style, CE level 1 protection and all-ride comfort at the low, low price of £129.99.

Featuring a main body of abrasion-resistant polyester 600D, this regular-fit jacket sports large breathable mesh panels along the front, back, arms and sides for complete upper body ventilation. Velcro adjustment straps at the cuffs and waist allow for a more fitted look, the stud fasteners at the collar and upper arms, and the subtle laminated logo on the front and back perfectly compliment the street look.

Knox Flexiform shoulder and elbow armour is ready installed to provide CE level 1 rated protection, with a pocket at the back prepared for Knox's Seesoft back insert to boost protection up to CE level 2 (sold separately). Two elasticated loops at the back of the jacket enable attachment to a pair of jeans to prevent creeping up in a riding position, and two slit pockets on the front provide convenient storage on the move.

For a sub-£200 jacket, the Revit Eclipse provides the basic necessities in their finest form. For what it lacks in a windproof lining or some of the bells and whistles in some of the other jackets on this list, the Eclipse does a brilliant job at what it was designed to do: provide efficient airflow and protection during the hottest months of the year.


The Halvarssons Edane is a CE certified summer mesh jacket with a hi-tenacity perforated outer and CE level 2 shoulder and elbow protection.
Constructed from mesh and durable powerstretch textile, the Edane jacket is highly breathable to allow direct airflow to your upper body during hot summer rides, whilst providing the essential protection necessary for the road. Hi-tenacity PE mesh is positioned on the front, arms and back to intake cool air and exhaust humid air out the back, with stretch panels at the sides and arms for a comfortable fit.
CE certified to class A standard, this Halvarssons jacket is equipped with adjustable shoulder and elbow armour as standard, as well as an Okelbo CE level 1 back protector in case of a slide. Additional pockets are included to accomodate chest protection if desired, and a long connection zipper allows you to combine the jacket with any Halvarssons trouser.


Whilst our previous iteration of this guide mentioned denim trousers, but things have moved on and like with the jackets above, mesh is taking over! Airy textiles with mesh panelling is hard to beat when keeping cool and you can see why more brands are offering this type of trouser. That doesn’t mean denim doesn’t have a place, it’s still a mighty popular item and with brands constantly developing their products we are seeing lighter and more protective models all the time. Heavy and bulky lined jeans are being replaced by more comfortable and breathable single-layer garments that weave abrasion resistant fibres into the denim, creating a high performing fabric. 
It’s worth pointing out the sacrifice for this lighter and more comfortable denim jean is reduced protection but when it comes to motorcycle clothing it’s all about striking a balance - opting for a comfortable ride over all out protection means more to some than others. All of the garments on the list are CE approved with the PMJ Deux even meeting triple A status. 


 The Knox Urbane Pro Trousers are a Class AA armoured trouser for summer riding, featuring advanced Microlock body armour, breathable mesh panels, and a tailored, straight leg fit.
Designed to accompany the latest Knox Urbane Pro MK2 shirt, the matching Urbane Pro trousers are built with the same innovation and design of the shirt. The trousers are made from high-tenacity stretch nylon with high resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing, with breathable arrownet mesh panels for optimal ventilation in the summer heat, and woven with Spandex for flexibility and comfort. The mesh panels are strategically positioned on the front and back for maximum airflow in the seated position.
The trousers are pre-installed with Knox's latest and most advanced Micro-Lock armour at the knees and hips. Microlock armour is designed to be soft to touch and comfortable to wear but instantly hardens on impact, increasing the amount of energy absorbed by the armour and reducing the energy passed onto your body. Each plate is moulded to protect that part of your body and are removable in order to wash the garment.
The Urbane Pro is a straight-leg trouser, with traditional trouser pockets on front and back provide ample storage, with an additional discreet zippered side pocket that is easily accessible in a riding position. The trousers also feature a YKK fly zip, leather branding on the waist and Knox branded rivets and buttons.



The Bull-It Icona 2 is a ladies slim-leg Covec jean with AA-rated protection, a shower resistant coating and a light blue wash finish.

These single-layer jeans are made from a lightweight denim-Covec blend which has a high resistance to cutting and tearing and lower thermal conductivity. Those fibres are also bonded with the latest recovery yarns for stretch retention and an overall improved fit.

Stylish for wear off the bike as much as it is protective on the road, the jeans are finished with a shower resistant coating that provides light protection from the rain.

The Icona 2 jeans are armed with CE level 2 hip and knee armour as standard, a traditional 5 pocket design provides ample storage and a synthetic leather patch on the back for a premium look.

PMJ DEUX JEANS | £229.99

100% made in Italy and blending protection and style in… style! PMJ creates some of the best fitting jeans and gives them abrasion resistance with a material called Twaron - an aramid fibre with resistance to heat, low flammability, no melting point, incredibly difficult to cut and of course, great at withstanding abrasion. The PMJ Deux model here is one of their top performers featuring a single layer construction, CE Level 1 armour in the knees and hips, and boasting a CE AAA rating. 

The classic dark blue denim is complimented by a brown full grain leather belt and features a classic 5 pocket design italian slim. Available in short, regular, and long leg lengths too. 


No matter how bright it gets – it is never a bright idea to skip your gloves. It is best to find a reliable pair of lightweight gloves and have them kept for your summer riding. A good summer glove is lightweight, vented maybe even mesh or perforated and has a short cuff. Here are some of our recommendations:



The entire Knox Urbane Pro range is a great thing to look at when kitting yourself out for summer, it is all lightweight with mesh while still prioritising your protection in the exact way you expect from Knox. The Urbane Pro gloves are made from a breathable mesh outer fitted with Knox’s own Scaphoid protection system and advanced Micro-lock knuckle armour. That all makes for a protective and comfortable glove. The Micro-lock armour is uniquely designed to feel soft to touch but hardens instantly when in a real impact situation.

The mesh material is used mainly on the outside of the gloves, cowhide leather is used for the palm area. This mesh placement means cool air will be filtering across your hands while they are in position on the handlebars of your motorcycle, maximising the cool air onto your hands.



The Alpinestars Reef gloves have everything you need in a summer glove. The short cuff along with the stretch fabric construction makes for a comfy glove while the hard knuckle protector provides safety from a potential impact. The backhand of the glove is where Alpinestars have put the mesh outer meaning that cool air will flow across your hands while they are in the riding position at your handlebars.

The webbing-style wrist strap provides a comfortable and secure closure and the palm is reinforced for both protection and added grip on your controls. The index fingertip is also compatible to use with touchscreen devices like your GPS. And they come in men’s and ladies versions.


Thankfully not a huge amount of thought has to go into your footwear even in the summer, something on the lightweight style will do. But throwing a pair of trainers on and thinking your ready to go out on your bike is never recommend.

If you are looking for features for a summer boot, lightweight, short boots are best and you can find some with good venting to allow cool air into your feet.



Much like with denim it seems most manufacturers find it easy to design a boot that has all the features you need for on the motorcycle while having a design that does not look out of place walking about town. The Alpinestars J6 shoes are probably one of the most recognizable motorcycle trainer-style shoes about and there is a number of reasons why they are so popular.

The boots are CE-Level 2 rated for protection, the actual outer of the boots is made from high-quality full-grain leather with suede paneling and the J6 are fitted with a fully waterproof membrane to lock rainwater out of the shoes and off your feet. So, you are getting a lightweight protective shoe perfect for summer that is also ideal for when the weather, typically, takes a turn for the worst.

The J6 is a great choice for a pair of motorcycle shoes to see you through the summer, and they come in a mens’ and ladies’ version.


TCX MOOD BOOTS | £159.99

The TCX Mood boots have a similar, laidback style to the J6 shoes, but that is one ideal for summer riding, so we don’t feel bad recommending something similar. The TCX Mood boots are made from high-quality full-grain leather that has an aged vintage look, and they are fitted with a Gore-Tex membrane to provide some amazing waterproofing as well. The rubber sole makes for comfortable walking when off the bike.

The malleolus area, toe, and heel of the boots are reinforced for added support on the most important areas of your foot and the shoe itself has been designed with TCX’s Comfort Fit System. What does this Comfort Fit System mean for you? It means the shoe has a fully ergonomic design meant to map the contours of your feet.

MOMO Boots

MOMO boots are an all-new brand that has only released their range of boots this year – but from the looks of them, they are some amazing, high-quality casual style motorcycle boots. And they look perfect for summer riding.

There are four boots across the range, all named Firegun followed by a number to denote the model. The whole range is made from lightweight technical fabric that is designed to provide superb breathability and all the boots have reinforced protection at the malleolus area, toe, and heel. The looks are also deceiving, the boots may look lightweight and casual but every model in the range features CE-certified protection.

All of the shoes are in the range are waterproof except for the Firegun-3 Air which instead trades off the waterproofing for a mesh outer allowing cool air across your foot. Despite the mesh nature of the Firegun-3 Air, the whole range of boots have the features that make them an excellent choice for summer riding.



Trainer-style boots are not the only option for your summer riding footwear, you can find other casual style boots that have a more classic design. A pair of boots like the Falco Aviator look just as good off the motorcycle as some of the previous trainer-style ones we have mentioned. Of course, this more classic boot style will have a lot less venting and mesh but they are made from high-quality full-grain leather that is fantastically protective and lightweight.

For even more protection the Aviator boots are also fitted with a reinforced toe and heel, and there are D3O armoured cups on the ankles. The boots are then also fitted with a High-Tex membrane inside that provides soft comfort and a bit of ventilation to cool your feet. The Aviator boots are an excellent choice for summer riding and give you the ease of stepping off the bike and not needing to faff around changing your footwear, because, they look so stylish off the bike.


Helmets are the most important piece of gear you can choose for your motorcycle because it protects the most important part of you: your head. Riding without wearing a motorcycle helmet is as close to a cardinal sin as you can get – all you are doing is putting yourself at risk and possibly others around you. That is why you should never ride without a helmet – it is in fact a legal requirement to wear one.

There is no such thing as a summer motorcycle helmet but there are specific properties for helmets that make them good for summer riding over others. Flip-up motorcycle helmets like the Shoei Neotec 2 or AGV Sports Modular are a great choice in good weather because they let you pop the face-shield up when you are off the bike. But many new flip-up helmets will also be dual-homologated for use with the face-shield down and up. You have to make definitely sure that your helmet is dual-homologated but that means you can use the helmet on the motorcycle with the face shield raised like it is an open-face helmet.

A race-style helmet will also prioritise airflow into the helmet, which is good for hot weather riding. Be warned though: race helmets are often a lot noisier because of the extensive ventilation systems they use that prioritise keeping you cool over keeping your hearing clear. A good quality set of earplugs will help mitigate this though. The Arai Debut is a great entry-level full-face helmet from Arai made from a solid, super-fibre laminate shell that is brilliant and deflecting and dissipating energy generated during a fall or crash. The helmet has been built to ECE 22-05 standard so you have the peace of mind knowing that you will be protected if the worst-case scenario does happen.

Another option for a helmet to keep you cool would be an open face. These do not have the complete face-shield, like a full-face helmet, instead normally having just a visor, though there are some vintage-style ones which have no visor at all so you can wear a pair of goggles or there are modern-style commuter open-face helmets that have a visor that covers the whole face.

The modern-style open-face helmets are well-loved by commuters and couriers because they offer the full-length visor alongside the ease of not having to remove your helmet too much to talk. A low-cost choice for a modern-style open-face helmet would be the HJC IS-33 2, it has reached its end of life and has now been discontinued but you can get some graphics, like the Korba for £80. For a more top-end of the scale for these kinds of helmets, there is the Shoei J-Cruise 2, an update of the previous J-Cruise model the 2 is constructed from Shoei’s high-quality AIM shell that is a mix of various material layers alongside fibreglass. The J-Cruise 2 has a big wide-open visor that gives you a great peripheral field of vision – that is perfect for navigating busy city streets.

The other option for an open-face is a vintage-style one, traditionally stripped back, they had no visor and relied on you getting a pair of goggles to wear while riding. But many newly produced helmets of this style will have some mod-cons to make riding a little easier. The HJC FG-70S for example has an integrated sun-visor, meaning you can wear regular goggles but when the sun starts shining you can drop the sun-visor for a little UV protection. The shell is made from a mix of Kevlar and fibreglass for a lightweight but super protective shell. At the top-end of this style you can take a look at the Arai Freeway Classic – and classic it is. The helmet is stripped down its basics, there is no sun-visor this is meant to be worn like a traditional biker helmet from the 60s, with goggles or sunglasses. But what you do get is Arai’s complex fibre outer shell and triple-density inner shell, that will provide fantastic protection that you can totally rely on.


There is a host of accessories on the market nowadays designed to help make a summer ride in hot weather a lot more pleasant. These accessories can be used alongside our clothing recommendations to give you a better chance of enjoying your ride.


Keeping hydrated is a brilliant way of making your hot weather ride more bearable. Kriega, the go-to name for most riders looking for luggage and storage accessories also has a range of hydration packs. Worn like a backpack, the Kriega Hydro 2 and Hydro 3 provide a quick way of refueling your body on the bike.

The Hydro 2 has a 2-litre capacity while the Hydro 3 has a 3-litre capacity. The bags themselves are made to the high standard that you expect from Kriega, they are made from tear-resistant 420D Cordura nylon that is lightweight but fantastically hard-wearing. Both bags feature Kriega’s unique Quadlock harness system that will keep the bag securely strapped to you while you ride. Both the Hydro 2 and Hydro 3 kits will work brilliantly to make your ride through the summer sun that much better.


The Alpinestars Cooling Vest has been one of our go-to recommendations for rider comfort for a long time and that is because its unique design which vents fresh air inside and across your body cooling you down. The vest also has temperature regulating properties to keep you feeling even cooler. The vest is also lightweight and comfortable and has anti-bacterial properties.


The Tucano Urbano Cool Fresh seat cover is designed to leave an air gap between you and the seat, now that may sound a little bizarre but what this means is airflow is able to pass under you. Your bum is sat against that seat for the best part of an hour so getting some airflow down there is a godsend while riding in hot weather.

The seat cover is made from 3D Aero mesh and is just 2cm thick but it still creates a channel for air to flow through. The seat cover has a strap so that you can securely strap it to your seat to limit the potential slipping that can come with sitting on another layer on your seat. And there are two version, one for a motorcycle and one specifically for a scooter.



The United Kingdom is the United Kingdom and so even when in the throes of lovely weather there is that ill-feeling that it could all go Pete Tong. The heavens could unleash on the loveliest of days and you kitted out in your summer riding gear may find yourself short of a way of keeping you dry.

Summer motorcycle clothing is designed to keep you cool and fresh; it is not meant to protect you from rain, which is why a packable waterproof layer comes in handy. These are designed to pack away into a small and unobtrusive size to go into the storage of your bike, under your seat, or in a backpack for example. They allow you to adapt instantly to a change in weather that can happen in moments. The Oxford Rain Seal comes in two parts – as over-jacket and over-trousers, for a little under £60 altogether, there is also a full one-piece suit that you can get too. The material used on the Rain Seal is lightweight and waterproof to keep you dry and comfortable and the sizing is designed with motorcycle gear in mind, so if you are a medium in a regular jacket, you should get a regular in this, same with the trousers.

An alternative is the Richa Typhoon rain overalls, a full one-piece waterproof suit that comes with its own handy storage bag so you can stow it away easily. It also has a waist strap that allows you to carry the suit around when packed away. You can get the Richa Typhoon overalls for just £45!   Tom's Tip

You just can’t beat a countryside blast in the sun! Warm air, grippy tarmac, fellow bikers out, bugs dappled on your visor. But what about when the midday heat cranks it up a notch and becomes a little bothersome?

I’ve found that taking a neck tube and soaking it in cold water works wonders for helping to regulate temperature a bit better when it’s really hot out.

In a dry, sunny climate the water in the neck tube evaporates, cooling the skin rapidly. Because the neck is a major blood vessel highway (carotid artery & jugular vein) the body uses it as an area to dump heat before entering the brain. By improving this exchange of heat with our wet neck tube, the cooler blood flows around the body, and critically, to the brain.

It also just feels really nice!




There is no excuse to not wear your proper motorcycle clothing while riding in the summer, no matter how hot, dry and bright it may be there is no point at all to put yourself, or possibly even others, at risk when you step out on the bike. Infinity hopes this guide will help on the journey to find the gear that makes every ride, including the potentially hot and sweaty ones, as good as possible for you without compromising your protection. And the gear you need to keep comfortable while being protected.

This article was written by Thomas Evans.