HJC are one of the most popular helmet brands in the world and with that popularity comes a huge range of graphics that include some of the most iconic characters from Marvel, DC, film and television. In the spirit of Halloween, we have found that the HJC RPHA-11 is perfect for any motorcyclist that needs some costume ideas for this year!

The RPHA-11 is one of HJC’s top-of-the-line premium full-face motorcycle helmets, built for racing and track days but an ideal choice for any road rider that wants incredible performance and unreal protection. The RPHA-11 comes with HJC’s PIM (Premium Integrated Matrix) Plus Shell – what this means is that the shell is reinforced with additional protective materials like carbon and a carbon-glass hybrid fabric, that give greater shock-resistance without making the helmet heavier. This produces an incredible protective helmet shell.



Before going straight into the big names of Marvel and DC, we thought we would introduce every Facebook mum’s favourite character: Otto the Minion!

The Minions were the great success of the Despicable Me movies, the loveable yellow creatures in their denim dungarees were a source of great humour compared to the uptight Gru. And now you can be your favourite Minion, Otto for Halloween and be fully ready for any surprise motorcycle rides that may break out, all thanks to the RPHA-11 Otto the Minion graphic.

The helmet is completed with a nice Minion yellow t-shirt and a pair of blue jean denim dungarees. If you are looking for something a bit more motorcycle ready, Resurgence and MotoGirl both produced sets of armoured motorcycle riding dungarees that are perfect for on the bike – and a bit more suitable than the high-street dungarees we have on in the picture – we will NOT be wearing these on the bike.

The Otto graphic is frighteningly gorgeous as you look through the visor in his mouth, and the big bright Minion yellow will keep you in full view of other riders – in fact, they probably could not take their eyes off you.



If you are a big Tom Hardy fan, or even a short one, you will have seen his tour de force performance as the down on his luck Eddie Brock in Sony’s (NOT Marvel’s – licensing is weird), Venom and will be suitably excited for the Woody Harrelson-starring Venom: Let There Be Carnage that has come out recently (as of October 2021). Celebrate its release by turning yourself into the monstrous symbiote, Venom, from the film thanks to this outrageously good-looking RPHA-11 graphic. Seriously, this thing looks awesome!

This may be considered a bit of a cop-out for some of you, but leave us alone, you have no idea the mental and physical effort that has gone into this. Our Venom graphic RPHA-11 is beautifully complemented with a Venom costume from a well-known creator of skin-tight (yes, it is quite tight) suits – in our experience, the skin-tight design should allow you to still see through the face, but in this, we could not see a bloody thing. Despite vision issues, you can still tell how amazing this Venom graphic is, and thanks to the high-quality PIM Plus shell on the RPHA-11 we will not have much fear of injury when blindly walking into something while wearing this costume. Despite the vision difficulties this costume still looks great and having the beautiful RPHA-11 on your head is very helpful for preventing you from injury when you do walk into something wearing this costume – that is not an if, we could not see a thing.

This PIM Plus design is a mix of multiple fibres with reinforcements in carbon and a carbon-glass hybrid that improve the shock-resistant performance of the helmet, all while keeping the helmet lightweight to reduce neck strain, even when worn a few hours.



Everyone has a favourite Joker: Heath’s utter, almost too-real, anarchist; Jack Nicholson’s dandy or even Jared – no, not that one actually. But the Joker from this writer’s childhood was the one from the animated series – Mark Hamill’s cackling voice will forever invoke fear for Batman’s well-being in me. This RPHA-11 graphic takes its inspiration from the animated series and the comic book. The Joker graphic on the RPHA-11 is big, bold and beautiful, with it on you will not look out of place chasing down Batman on the streets of Gotham, or pulling out your drive in Milton Keynes, I would suppose.

For our Joker costume, we hit the local charity shops and through sheer blind luck we found a wonderful purple ladies’ blazer – despite being a bit too tight I think it pairs well with our also charity shop-bought lime, near fluorescent, green button-down shirt. Support your local charity shops people!

Being the crown prince of crime is a stressful business and it would be far less impressive getting hot and bothered while riding – to combat this the RPHA-11 has an advanced channelling ventilation system that pours cool fresh air into the helmet and across your head to cool you down, the exhaust ventilation on the rear of the helmet flushes this air out before it can become stuffy and uncomfortable.



The alien from Alien, or Xenomorph if you would like to address them with proper respect, is one of the most iconic monsters in all media, not just film. Its double-barrelled mouth is well-known for looming over Sigourney Weaver’s heroic Ripley – unfortunately, the HJC Aliens helmet does not contain a second smaller inner helmet that pops out. Probably fortunate actually – the logistics would not work.

Our costume for our Xenomorph is totally DIY – just a few high-quality bin bags, a selection of marker pens (you know the brand) and a bit of elbow grease has created a costume that is utterly terrifying, less so in the way that Ridley Scott’s was and more in the what the hell have these people been doing during work hours while building this travesty, this monument of misplaced effort. At least the Aliens graphic looks nice…

H.R Giger would be proud of this HJC collaboration, the graphic is gorgeous inspired by Giger’s ‘biomechanical’ influence on a glossy finish with beautiful detailing. Not just built for good looks and Halloween costume ideas, the RPHA-11 has been wind tunnel tested to optimise the helmet’s aerodynamic performance as best as possible to make it a monster on the track too. The helmet has an integrated rear spoiler to cut through wind drag and stabilise your ride at high speed. The RPHA-11 is a dream on the track but it is also one on the roads too.


By the time you have read this article, Halloween may have passed by, but at least you got the chance to admire our impressive costumes – impressive right? RIGHT?

The HJC RPHA-11 is one of the best full-face helmets that HJC have on the market, and despite their incredible range of graphics, it is not just a gimmick. It’s a high-performing, highly protective helmet that will see you through any track day and be a brilliant option for everyday riding. RRP for the plain colourways of the RPHA-11 start at £329.99, but you will be absolutely floored by the range of gorgeous graphics available with an RRP starting at £359.99.

This article was a collaborative effort from the Infinity Motorcycles Content and Graphics Team: Aaron Thomson, Tom Evans, Jonah Son and Lewis Hooper.