Men’s motorcycle boots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in order to accommodate the wide range of applications that they need to cater for. This can lead to indecision or just settling for a jack-of-all-trades boot, but it doesn't need to be. The first question you need to ask yourself is:

"What sort of riding do I plan on using the motorcycle boot for?"

Your needs are very different depending on the type of motorcycle or scooter, type of weather and even the type of road you plan on tackling.

All Rounder Motorcycle Boots

For most of us a simple waterproof motorcycle boot is an ideal all rounder and these start at around £50 for an affordable and serviceable off the shelf item. 

At this end of the market you will be getting little more than a lightly armoured wellington but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something a lot better from a name brand. Budget around £80 and you can wear something from a respected company such as these Spada ST1 boots or Merlin SpringtAqua Dry boots.

Of course, at Infinity you can expect a better deals on the top brands. Look out for deals on our motorcycle boots, which can feature huge savings on high street prices.



Heavy Duty Motorcycle Boots

Heavy duty men’s motorcycle boots such as Sidi Courier boots and Daytona M-Star boots are popular with some riders who are on their bikes all day as the full grain leather used in such models has extra durability as do the thick soles.  

Short style sporty summer motorcycle boots are also now widely available and offer an amazing level of accident protection over the classic pair of army boots. 

Goretex can be found in a lot of high end men’s motorcycle boots and offers a degree of breathability and comfort once thought impossible in footwear. Manufacturers such as Daytona and Sidi work closely with W.L. Gore to ensure the best possible product for the end user.


Sports Motorcycle Boots

For the sportier rider race replica boots are popular, and again you don’t have to spend big money to get the look, or indeed a lot of the protection of a full track motorcycle boot. £100 can buy something that will do the job fine for most road riders. If you’re really serious about protection or just want something that does get worn on the track by the big boys then budget at least a couple of hundred pounds and have a look at models from Sidi, Dainese, Daytona or Alpinestars boots, such as Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 boots and the Dainese TR Course Out boots.

Many good quality men’s motorcycle boots are rebuildable, either by the factory as in the case of Daytona, or by a capable shoesmith.

The more you spend on motorcycle boots the more you get but look for at least basic ankle protection discs and some form of reinforced shin protection. On higher end models you’ll find replaceable toe sliders, replaceable shin and ankle protectors, steel shank anti crush soles and full ventilation systems. All designed to keep you as safe and comfortable on and off the bike as possible.  

Don’t expect to find steel toecaps in mens motorcycle boots though - toecaps can actually remove your toes in a bad accident. Ouch!


Infinity Men’s Motorcycle Boots

The difference with motorcycle boots from Infinity Motorcycles is that we can often negotiate discounts for you so that you're paying much, much less than you would in a comparable offline store.

This is on top of our attention to quality customer service, while our roots in the bricks and mortar business mean that if you want to check out a bit of kit you're more than welcome to pop round to one of our many stores and make sure our boots are up to scratch in person.