Why invest in good motorcycle security?

Simply the hassle involved with sorting out paperwork, police reports, insurance and the like makes it worth protecting your motorcycle.

That's still even before you pay any excess’s, lose your no claims bonus and a chunk of what the motorcycle is worth to you off of the agreed value. Then there's the hassle of getting about until you replace it . Having to suffer the ignominy of public transport is not something anyone wishes to see in their future.

Current figures show that about 35 motorcycles a day are stolen in London, and many are used in other crimes.

So yes it's worth getting a decent lock, chain and a cover. Get the best you can afford, but make sure it has Thatcham approval as a bare minimum as you will qualify for a discount with a lot of insurers when you use it. The other advantage with a Thatcham approved lock is that you need noisy power tools to get through it. Bolt croppers won’t work and you’ll need a lot of time and hacksaw blades to cut through it with a saw.

A decent lock should literally last you a lifetime, getting that insurance discount every year means that over time a quality lock will literally pay for itself.

Motorcycle locks

Oxford locks, like their old-style Monster range, can be found on an Infinity deal at the moment for around £69.99. Personally I think the Boss Alarm Disc Lock with a free chain at £84.99 is a slightly better deal as the lock makes a great and very visible disc lock on its own. If you’re on a budget the unalarmed Boss Lock with a chain at £59.99 is fantastic value, especially for a Thatcham approved lock.

 The Abus Extreme security ange is generally rated as some of the best stuff around with their carefully temper-hardened chains very difficult to get through, unless you employ very noisy high quality power tools.

Regardless of what you choose these will all work better if they're secured to something solid. We saw that first hand at our Holborn branch recently when the council closed the local motorcycle bay for the day. They lifted any machine up that they could on to their low loader, the ones chained to the rail stayed put.

Please don't think that your motorcycle isn’t a target, some people will nick anything. It’s slightly mercenary, but if your motorcycle is more secure than the next one along then the other one is a lot more likely to go missing. As a customer once quipped to me, you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun everyone else….

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Motorcycle trackers

A popular option is to fit a tracker but be careful as there are a number of very cheap options on various websites that make lots of unsubstantiated claims. We suggest you stick to what is proven and known to work in the often harsh environment that is a motorcycle. Being reasonably rugged and able to handle lots of vibration is far more important than being cheap.

The Autocom tracker has proved very popular. It’s is £129 and all you need to do is put in a preloaded SIM so that it can text you if your motorcycle is interfered with in any way. The unit also operates as a signal sender so that you can see where your motorcycle is as long as it’s in GPS range. There is no annual fee with this unit.

At our Infinity Clapham workshop we also supply and fit trackers like the Datatool TrakKing which costs £250 fitted and an annual subscription fee of £99. This means that your motorcycle is watched constantly by their control centre who are straight on the case if the motorcycle gets moved without your permission.

The Road Angel Biketrac is a small GPS, GPRS, GSM and RF tracking device that will keep your motorcycle (or any other high value vehicle) safe and secure, protecting it against theft. It is Thatcham level 6 and 7 accredited and costs £372 fitted and includes you first year’s subscription to their services.

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Motorcycle alarm system

If you’re after a motorcycle alarm we supply and fit the Datatool System 4 Red for £380.

Top of the tree is the Meta Trak alarm and tracker unit combined, which has been endorsed by Yamaha (but will fit any motorcycle) which we can supply and fit for £550, again that includes you first year’s subscription to their comprehensive services.

Motorcycle covers

Advice from security experts also suggests that a simple cover can help dissuade thieves. We stock a variety of different sized covers that will do a good job of hiding your pride and joy from prying eyes, as well as keeping the elements off.

A basic Oxford Aquatex (from £29.99) will offer basic protection. The drawback with the cheaper covers is that you can't put them on a hot motorcycle, though they do have an underbelly strap to hold them in place when it gets windy.

A step up is the Ride-recommended Oxford Stormex (from £69.99) or the close fitting Oxford Protex stretch cover (from £89.99). These can go straight onto your machine and will allow it to breathe, meaning they’ll even let a damp motorcycle dry from underneath the cover. They also have a window for the Solariser charging panel (£39.99) which will keep your battery healthy through the winter months or for when you’re not riding as much.

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Whatever security product you use invest in, make sure you get a simple Minder Cable. They’re only about £3 and a really useful reminder that can save a lot of money and more importantly a lot of embarrassment. And yes that is the voice of experience you hear. Doh!

If you’re ready to start shopping, head to our motorcycle security section on the website, or visit one of our 14 stores around the UK where our friendly and expert team will be on hand to help you find the best security gear for your needs.

With thanks to the expert Keith Roissetter, manager of Infinity Holborn.