Here are the ten best motorcycle jackets that are impervious to water. 

You don't need to be a veteran biker to understand the importance of waterproofing when riding, but it does take a bit of research to weed out the weak from the mighty.

Whether you ride all year long or exclusively when the suns out, to work or long-haul touring, and whatever bike you ride - you're likely to come across a spot of wet weather. 

Not all waterproof jackets are made the same: they come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and degrees of quality.

Have no fear - Infinity Motorcycles is here to give you our recommendations on the best options to buy, whether you're after a cheaper option, a waterproof oversuit or the best jacket money can buy!

But first, let's talk waterproofing...


Why does it matter what waterproof jacket I buy?

When you're shopping for a motorcycle jacket, you're buying a garment fit for its purpose.

What we mean is, if you wanted to buy a pair of running shoes, you would shop in a sports shop. If you wanted to redecorate your house, you wouldn't buy your paint from Rymans, you would go to B&Q.

Buying a waterproof motorcycle jacket is kinda like this - you can easily buy a waterproof jacket for £20, £50 or £100 that would be perfect for walking, hiking, or skiing, but motorcycling is a different ball game altogether.

On a bike, you're reaching top speeds of 70 to 80 miles per hour, which forces more wind pressure onto your front. If you're riding in the rain, these forces are pushing the water onto the face of your jacket, which if not strong enough, can force the water through the outer layer of your jacket and soaking your clothes underneath.

Basically, you don't want to half measure it!

You can get a good sub £200 motorcycle jacket to outlast the odd shower, but the very best waterproof jackets might require a bit more of an investment to see you through torrential rain.

What are the benefits of a more expensive waterproof jacket over a standard or cheaper one?

Again, not all waterproof motorcycle jackets are one and the same.

Whereas traditional waterproof jackets adopt a waterproof drop-liner design, the best, often more expensive waterproof jackets take advantage of a laminated waterproof membrane.

In a drop-liner jacket, this lining sits behind the outer layer of the jacket to prevent water from penetrating the interior. What this does however allows the exterior layer to absorb water, making it feel heavy and cold when you come out of the rain.

A laminated membrane on the other hand is treated to repel water from the exterior of the jacket so water beads off the outer surface and isn't soaked into the garment. This is done by laminating together 2 or 3 layers of textiles together to feel and act as one durable layer (think laminated paper), eliminating the space in between the linings that would otherwise retain water and repelling moisture away from the laminated layer, so you feel cool and dry when you take off the jacket later.

A prime example of a laminated membrane is Gore-Tex, which offers four benefits: waterproofing, breathability, durability and is machine washable. 

When laminated onto textile, Gore-Tex technology fends off all water from ingressing the outer layer, and with little to no water pick up. At the same time, Gore-Tex allows any moisture built up inside the jacket to be released, preventing the feeling of overheating or sweating.

As Gore-Tex is made from expanded PTFE-based technology, the membrane is durable and long-lasting and is resistant to acids and alkalis, so you don't need to worry about exhaust fumes, grime or road salt ruining the jacket. You can wash and dry the garment if it does get dirty, however, you will need to refresh the water resistance of the jacket with a Storm wash or something similar.

But what are the best waterproof motorcycle jackets? Allow us to provide the following 10 suggestions...


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  1. Rukka Kalix 2 Gore-Tex Jacket
  2. Richa Infinity 2 Pro Waterproof Jacket
  3. Oxford Montreal 4.0 Dry2Dry Jacket
  4. Halvarssons Vansbro Laminated Jacket
  5. Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Jacket
  6. REV'IT! Horizon 2 Jacket
  7. Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket
  8. Richa Rain Warrior Jacket
  9. RST Pro Series X-Raid Jacket
  10. Bering Balistik Waterproof Jacket



Rukka Kalix 2 Gore-Tex Jacket
£599.99 RRP

The best-selling Rukka Kalix 2 is an exceptional motorcycle jacket for shrugging off the wind and rain while you focus on the road.

The jacket is made from Cordura DWR (durable water resilient) with a two-layer laminated Gore-Tex waterproof membrane (28.000mm waterproof rating, 25.000mm breathability), guaranteed as a motorcycle-specific garment to withstand the elements and prevent water from penetrating the outer layer. 

The combination of a removable thermal lining and the 5-point ventilation allows fresh air through the jacket. The Kalix 2 is armed with D3O developed Air limb armour at the elbows and shoulders for CE Level 2 certified protection, as well as a pocket to occupy a back insert for increased security.

Other amenities of the jacket include the soft neoprene-lined collar, the waist and arm adjustments and the long connection zip allows you to join the jacket with the accompanying Kalix 2 trousers

Come rain or shine - the Rukka Kalix 2 is one of the best jackets for everyday riding.

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Richa Infinity 2 Pro Jacket
£329.99 RRP

The Infinity 2 by Richa is an outstanding multi-functional jacket: impermeable, thermal regulating and high impact protection.

This Ride Recommended jacket is made from heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant textile with a waterproof laminated Aquashell Pro membrane for protection from the harshest winds and most torrential rain. The detachable thermal lining retains your body heat in the colder months, whilst an AVS air ventilation/circulation system provides coverage for warmer seasons, with adjustable air vents and mesh panels to circulate cool air when it gets hot.

D3O's advanced impact protection technology is equipped at the elbows, shoulders and back, with an additional pocket to accomodate a chest protector. A large pocket can be found at the lower back of the jacket for convenient storage on the bike, as well as the usual front pockets.

The velcro waist and arm adjustments provide a customised fit, and a short connection zipper allows you to combine the jacket with an accompanying pair of Richa trousers, like the Colorado 2 Pro trousers. The neck collar and cuffs are lined with soft finish neoprene.

Warm, dry and well-priced - what more can you ask for in a touring/urban jacket?

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Oxford Montreal 4.0 Dry2Dry Jacket
£169.99 RRP

If you're after value for money - the Oxford Montreal 4.0 is a front-runner for the best adventure-touring suit under £200.

The fourth iteration of Oxford's award-winning Montreal range, the 4.0 features a high-density polyester outer shell that works alongside Oxford's high-performance Dry2Dry membrane (10,000mm/h2o waterproofing and 20,000g/m2/24hrs breathability) to keep out the wind and rain. The underlying thermal liner allows for versatility in winter, and six waterproof zippered vents prevent perspiration in the summer.

Level 1 CE protection covers the elbows and shoulders with a pocket for a back protector if desired. The 360-degree reflective printing increases rider visibility, the accordion stretch panels improve freedom of movement and the Bar-Tack stitching prevents popping. You can also zip the jacket with an accompanying pair of Oxford trousers, like the matching Montreal 4.0 Dry2Dry trousers.

Awarded with Ride Magazine's Best Buy and ABR's Best Budget Buy; the Montreal 4.0 offers an abundance of weather versatility and protection, as well as extraordinary value for money.

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Halvarssons Vansbro Jacket
£529 RRP

One name synonymous with high-performance clothing is Halvarssons, and the Vansbro jacket is one of their best. 

Made for the all-season rider, this Class AA rated jacket is constructed from lightweight and durable 640D polymer, with a durable water repellent (DWR) Teflon coating and anti-abrasion HI-ART panels on the shoulders and elbows. This is further backed by a waterproof and breathable Dryway+ laminate membrane for super water resistance and internal moisture control.

The four vent panels on the front and arms circulate cool air through to the "open back" vent, whilst the removable Outlast thermal lining with Thinsulate effectively retain your body temperature.

CE level 2 armour is equipped at the shoulders and elbows, with a pocket for an optional back protector. A long connection zipper allows you to pair the jacket to an accompanying trouser (such as the Halvarssons Malung pants), and adjustments on the neck, sleeves and waist for a fully customisable fit.

Boasting all the bells and whistles in seen in jackets £300-£400 dearer, the Vansbro is a multifaceted touring jacket with outstanding waterproof lamination.

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Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Jacket
Sale £246.99 £259.99 RRP

Alpinestars' most popular jacket, the Andes V3 is also one of the best entry-level garments for waterproofing and breathability.

Now into their third generation, the V3 adopts the same advanced polyester construction with Alpinestar's exclusive Drystar waterproof membrane for high resistance to water and wind whilst allowing built-up moisture to be released. 

For colder seasons, the jacket is equipped with a removable thermal liner that extends down the full length of your arms. The jacket also boasts a new DVS airflow system, which allows cool air to enter the two zippered chest vents and to exhaust hot air out the back vent.

Moving on to protection, this Class A rated jacket is readily installed with level 1 Nucleon Flex Plus elbow and shoulder armour, as well as pockets to install additional chest and back armour if desired (sold separately). The elbows and areas of the lower arms are lined with reinforced textile for additional abrasion resistance in critical areas of your limbs and is able to seamlessly accomodate the Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag vest. A connection zip also allows you to connect the jacket to the matching Andes V3 trousers.

All of this results in one of the highest-performing waterproof jackets under £200. The Andes V3 is also available in ladies sizes.

For more info on this product, check out our video review of the Alpinestars Andes V3 Jacket.

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REV'IT! Horizon 2 Jacket
£359.99 RRP

The Horizon 2 is a perfect example of an all-season touring jacket, featuring waterproof lamination, plenty of ventilation and CE level 2 protection.

The laminated PWR outer shell is bonded with a premium Hydratex Lite waterproof membrane for effective protection from the wind, rain and cold. This outer layer also allows moisture to pass through. 

Designed for all-season use, this means the Horizon 2 takes advantage of a quilted thermal lining for retaining heat on frosty mornings and can be removed later when the day gets warmer. Additionally, the jacket is equipped with two waterproof ventilation points, dubbed VCS Aquadefence, at the chest to intake cool air when it gets hot.

REV'IT!'s cutting edge SEEFLEX armour is positioned at the shoulders, elbows and back for variable impact protection with innovative ventilation. Laminated reflective detailing on the chest, back and upper arms improve rider visibility, the flexisnap collar and adjustable straps throughout. A short and long connection zipper allows for connection with the Horizon 2 trousers,

For superior 365 versatility, comfort and protection - look no further than the Horizon 2. The Horizon 2 is also available in ladies sizes.

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Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex Jacket
Sale £369.99 £529.95 RRP

As the follow-up to the original and well-received Dainese Carve Master, the Carve Master 2 is a multi-functional sports-touring jacket with enough versatility to see you from spring to winter.

This Dainese jacket is built from high-density 3D-Stone and Mugello fabric for extreme wear and tear resistance, elevated comfort and freedom of movement, and backed up by a 3 layer laminated Gore-Tex membrane for protection even the most torrential rain. 

The addition of a removable thermal collar, as well as a thermal lining, further bolsters use during the colder seasons, and air vents on the sleeves, chest and back provide cool air circulation in the heat.

Removable composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 cover the shoulders and elbows for supreme impact protection. The reflective inserts increase night versatility, the abundance of pockets allow for plenty of options for storage, and a connecting zipper allows you to combine the jacket with a matching trouser, like the Carve Master 2 trousers.

3-season touring never looked so good. The Carve Master is also available in ladies sizes, and in a D-Air version.

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Richa Rain Warrior Jacket
£39.99 RRP

If you're not really into bulky Gore-Tex waterproofs, but still want protection from the odd shower, an oversuit might suit you better, and they don't get much better than the Rain Warrior from Richa.

This PVC jacket is fully waterproof thanks to the integrated Aquashell LTZ membrane and is designed to be lightweight and storable, so you can unpack and store away as and when needed.

The Rain Warrior's loose fit allows you to wear over the top of your clothing comfortably, with an adjustable waist and elasticated cuffs to ensure a perfect fit. The 3M reflective detailing improves rider visibility and comes with a convenient bag for easy storage.

Fast, efficient and waterproof - without the price tag; you can also bag yourself the matching Rain Warrior trousers!

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RST Pro Series X-Raid Jacket
Sale £179.99 £269.99 RRP

The Pro-Series X-Raid is a serious bit of kit for touring riders and daily commuters, packing a ton of features into a military-style jacket to withstand whatever the road throws at you.

The jacket is made from rugged VX-R and Amara textile, semi-bonded with RST's proprietary SinAqua waterproof membrane: a 3-layer laminated softshell fabric with a durable outer finish, a waterproof level of 10.000mm and 5000 m² breathability. 

Underneath this outer shell is a removable quilted lining to retain your body temperature in cold climates, but for hotter weather, two large chest vents can be opened to allow cool air in while you ride.

CE level 1 armour is equipped at the shoulders and elbows for critical road protection. Adjustable straps at the arms and waist allow a more personalised fit. A full 360-degree connection zip allows you to pair your jacket with an accompanying RST trouser for a one-piece suit (see the matching X-Raid trousers), and a plethora of inner and outer pockets allow for a variety of storage solutions.

Overall, the X-Raid is an effective jacket for adventure touring, and set at a very reasonable price!

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Bering Balistik Waterproof Jacket
Sale £249.99 £329.99 RRP

For the four-season tourers in the audience, the Bering Balistik is definitely worth consideration. Packed with waterproof lamination, thermal regulation, and CE approved protection - all for an affordable price!

Constructed from durable Taslan textile, this Bering jacket is laminated with a high-performance waterproof membrane which works as an active barrier against the wind and rain to prevent soaking and repels all water. A Pulse Air ventilation system allows cool air to circulate your upper torso and out through the rear vents. Underneath this durable outer is a removable 120g micro-fleece lining, and a fixed 3D mesh liner for perspiration.

The Balistik sports CE level 1 elbow and shoulder protection, as well as a pocket for a back insert. The reflective detailing increases your visibility whilst riding, an abundance of pockets gives you plenty of storage for your keys, wallets and trinkets, and a connection zip allows you to combine your jacket with the matching Balistik trousers.

Superior weather protection for a fraction of the price of similar jackets - what's not to love?

For more info on this product, check out our video review of the Bering Balistik jacket.

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This article was written by Jonah Son.

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