Motorcycle riding comes in many different shapes and sizes. You may ride to work, or to the middle of nowhere and back. Your motorcycle may be your only form of transport, or it may be devoted to pleasure rides. And with the many needs of you riders, there is gear that suits your needs.

So, over the next few days, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that we ride and the gear needed to make that ride better. In this article we will be focusing on you Cruisers. Open-roads, vintage clothes, to hell with comfort, its about looking cool and staying protected.


It’s what motorcycle riding is all about, no bells and whistles, just the gear needed to keep you protected and enjoying the wide-open road. Cruiser means vintage style is best, think bobbers, Harleys and mean-looking machines straight from the 60s and 70s. Leather jackets are king, helmets are stripped back, and it doesn’t matter how long the journey will take, because it’s all about the ride.



Stripped back, vintage style is cool for the cruiser. The helmet doesn’t have to gently caress your head while being worn, it needs to fit and not hurt, not much else is needed. Aggressive, old-school style is coming back and the Shoei Glamster is one of the best examples of this. The Glamster is an awesome throwback to ‘80s, built with modern technology. The AIM shell is super-protective and lightweight, while the high-performing ventilation system will keep you cool, while looking cool.


Did we mention leather jackets? Timeless and instantly evocative of motorcycle-style, leather jackets look awesome on and off the motorcycle. The RST Roadster 2 jacket has a mean, vintage look made from aniline waxed leather, that is super-protective against a potential slide and the fitted RST Contour protectors on the elbows and shoulders are fantastic at resisting the shock of an impact, keeping you protected.


Lightweight leather gloves are a great choice to complement the rest of your gear, and leather provides fantastic abrasion protection while remaining comfortable. The Rukka Beckwith has a low-key, old-school style made from a lightweight leather and a comfortable polyester lining, the knuckle has a reinforced protector and there are further protectors across the fingers.


Motorcycle denim is a godsend for casual style with motorcycle-ready protection. Bull-It is one of the biggest names in the motorcycle world for their huge range of motorcycle denim, with multiple options for fit and leg-length. 2019’s Tactical range is one of the most popular range of denim jeans available, the Covec denim is durable and offers incredible abrasion resistance, and the jeans come with CE Level 2 hip and knee protectors.


Casual style boots that look good on and off the motorcycle are best for a cruiser-rider. The Merlin Stockwell is an awesome choice, with a Chelsea boot style that looks great off the motorcycle and all the features needed to keep you protected on it. The boots are made from 2.4mm premium Cowhide leather