Motorcycle riding comes in many different shapes and sizes. You may ride to work, or to the middle of nowhere and back. Your motorcycle may be your only form of transport, or it may be devoted to pleasure rides. And with the many needs of you riders, there is gear that suits your needs.

So, over the next few days, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that we ride and the gear needed to make that ride better. In this article we will be focusing on you Scooter riders, navigating city streets, comfortable and cool clothing, that would look great on and off the bike.


Motorcycles and scooters are two of the best choices for riding through city streets, the slimmer design means windy narrow streets are easy and with more options for parking it’s a no-brainer many city workers are choosing them to get from A to B. What’s best for riders who plan on urban-riding? Well, you need gear that’s lightweight and comfortable, and jackets and trousers that can be thrown on over your regular clothing, so that you can step off the bike and straight into work, without any accusatory glances from your co-workers about why you seem markedly more chipper than your car-captive colleagues.

For helmets, open-face or flip-ups are best. The wide-open visor ports mean you have a full view of the road ahead, and your periphery vision is not affected, ideal for when you may have some fellow vehicles either side of you. Flip-ups are amazing for offering the convenience of an open-face with a level of protection closer to a flip-up. A big benefit of this kind of helmets is you don’t have to keep taking it off to go about your day, handy if you are running errands. Many flip-up helmets nowadays are certified to be ridden with the face-shield locked in the up position, but make sure your specific helmet is certified for this.



Schuberth M1 - The M1 is an open-face built with all of Schuberth's high standards for performance and protection. The M1 has a super-wide eye-port that gives an incredible field of vision, even for an open-face helmet. The M1 is a dream for navigating city traffic.


Lightweight and mesh are perfect for city riding, as they allow you to throw it on over your regular clothes and be off on your way. The Dainese Air Frame is one of our most popular jackets and is a go-to for many riders when they need something comfortable and cool.


Short gloves are ideal for city riding, and leather is great for comfort, protection and coolness. The Racer Soul gloves are super lightweight, with a sporty short design and a Carbon knuckle protector to give you some peace of mind if you do come off your bike.


Denim and casual styled motorcycle clothing are fantastic for city riding, combining a casual style with the protection needed for a motorcycle, it means you can step off the bike and look ready for anything.  PMJ is one of the best brands to go to for motorcycle denim, with a huge range for if you're on a budget and more premium options if that is what you are after. The TWARON ballistic fabric that PMJ use is awesome for protecting against slides.


Manufacturers know that not every rider wants big cumbersome boots, that make you walk like a spaceman, it is becoming more normal to see trainer-style motorcycle shoes, that have a casual design alongside the protection needed for riding a motorcycle. The Alpinestars J6 Shoes, are one of the most popular options for this style. With a casual style that looks good on and off the motorcycle, and a fitted waterproof membrane to protect against the elements. The toe box, midsole and heel counter are reinforced to limit bending the ankle when coming off the bike.