Motorcycle riding comes in many different shapes and sizes. You may ride to work, or to the middle of nowhere and back. Your motorcycle may be your only form of transport, or it may be devoted to pleasure rides when you get the chance. And with the many needs of you riders, there is gear that suits your needs.

So, over the next few days, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that we ride and the gear you need to make that ride better.


When it comes to reaching top speeds, Sports Riding gear demands a high-level of performance and protection. Racing leathers, namely one-piece and two-piece suits, are an absolute must as they are profiled to ensure exceptional comfort and protection. Suits made from cowhide or bovine leather at least 1.3mm thick, retain their strength and abrasion resistance over time, and are streamlined to cut through the air. Leathers also provide freedom of movement while also being snug to wear, and protection fitted to the elbows, shoulders and knees provide essential protection and performance.

Regarding helmets, there are three important aspects to consider: protection, lightweight, and aerodynamics. An exceptional full-face is absolutely essential for providing utmost protection and impact absorbing properties, and the moisture-wicking inner lining and ventilation system will keep you comfortable throughout. A dark or mirrored visor wouldn't go a miss either, as they reduce glare and eye fatigue when riding in sunlight. While they are illegal for wear on the road - on the track, its fair game!

As for gloves, the most important feature is grip: a leather, suede or silicone grip across your palm and fingers offer you greater dexterity and control. Other features to consider are pre-curved fingers that give you less resistance while your hand is clasped over the handlebars, and a more abrasion-resistant glove with a high melting point won't come away or burn if you hit the tarmac.

And when it comes to footwear, sports boots require a high level of ankle support and protection, while maintaining flexibility for tactile feel of the pedals. The boots also need to be highly durable and comfortable, and light to allow for quick movements.


The Shoei X-Spirit 3 uses a 6-layer AIM+ shell with a multi-density EPS liner, but a carbon-fibre shell such as the AGV Sports Modular incorporates less materials, but is just as protective and lighter, and both helmets were developed within a wind tunnel to reduce drag and move quickly through the air.


The Dainese Racing 3 is made from Tuto cowhide, with built-in composite protectors, air vents on the side and front to prevent overheating, and a connecting zip to any Dainese leather trouser.


The Knox Handroid Mk4 gloves are an award-winning sports glove, with an exoskeletal finger spine, Scaphoid protection system to prevent dragging your palm on the tarmac and cowhide leather palm for a tactile feel.


The Daytona Voltex, in particular, stands out as they have a hard plastic inner shell with impact-absorbing foam at the ankle, heel and calf, but the exterior is a water-repellent cowhide outer with toe sliders and elasticated sections.