Motorcycle riding comes in many different shapes and sizes. You may ride to work, or to the middle of nowhere and back. Your motorcycle may be your only form of transport, or it may be devoted to pleasure rides when you get the chance. And with the many needs of you riders, there is gear that suits your needs.

So, over the next few days, we are going to take a look at some of the ways that we ride and the gear you need to make that ride better. Not all motorcycle gear is created equal, and Touring motorcycle gear is designed to withstand the harshest elements, endure the longest hauls, and be comfortable throughout your journey.




A helmet for tour-riding needs to be adaptable, capable of tackling any riding condition while keeping you comfortable and protected. The Arai Tour-X 4 is a fantastic adventure style helmet, with a Super Fibre laminate shell, with a high-performing ventilation system designed to keep you cool and fresh as you ride.


Waterproof textiles are best for jackets, most jackets nowadays will feature a thermal liner alongside a method for waterproofing - either laminate or as a water-resisting layer. And all-over vents on the jacket mean you can adapt to warm weather, cold and wet weather in an instant. The RST Maverick is inspired by RST's partnership with Dakar legend Mick Extance, the Maverick is designed to endure the harshest conditions that can be thrown at it.


Again waterproof is key for gloves, you don't want your hands feeling soaked when you know you may be riding for a couple more hours at least, and windproof is also a requirement. Your hands, and so gloves, are the most forward piece of you while you ride, so if the gloves have a windproof liner this will limit your hands becoming too cold while you ride. The Rukka Apollo has a Gore-Tex and leather design, Gore-Tex being one of the best waterproof solutions on the market, and the leather makes the gloves lightweight, perfect for long rides.


For trousers you want them to be protective and comfortable. Protecting against, not just the weather, but also potential bumps and scrapes, what you are after is CE-approved protectors on the knees at least and also hips if you can. The RST Maverick trousers are an ideal companion for the jacket, and for you on a long ride. The Maverick trousers are fitted with a fixed SinAqua waterproof liner, a removable quilted thermal layer and CE-approved Level 1 knee armour, along with pockets for the optional fitting of CE Hip armour, meaning you will be protected, come rain, shine, cold or in the event of a fall.


Not to sound like a broken record, but if you are a touring rider you need waterproof boots; imagine the scenario: You are an hour in to your ride, about 3 more hours ahead of you, and the heavens have opened, lashing down on you, your mood is grim, the weather is grim, your boots like buckets have seemingly collected every single drop of drizzle from above, your tour which took 3 months to plan down to every intricate detail has become a motorcycle-life lesson that you will relay to any new-rider you meet in the future. The Sidi Adventure 2 boots are fitted with a high-performing waterproof Gore-Tex construction, so that you can avoid the wet-inevitable.