Kriega is famous for their range of stylish, durable and practical motorcycle luggage, especially their range of US Drybags. But how much can you actually fit in a Kriega US20 bag?


Here’s what you COULD fit into your Kriega bag 


45,270 pennies can fit in a Kriega US20 Drybag
24,570 skittles can fit in a Kriega US20 Drybag
2,590 AA batteries can fit in a Kriega US20 Drybag
480 golf balls can fit in a Kriega US20 Drybag

Here’s what you SHOULD fit into your Kriega bag...

3,200 bags of skittles may be fun, but it is not practical. Here are the essential items that will all fit into your Kriega US20 Drypack.

Motorcycle weekend luggage packing list


Spare pair of trousers

If you’re not planning on wearing Kevlar jeans all the time, you’ll probably want to take a spare pair of trousers for the evenings and days off the bike.


T-shirts or shirts

Being able to change into a fresh shirt or t-shirt after a day’s riding is a must.


Shoes for when you’re not riding

Unless you opt for casual motorcycle boots, it’s worth making space for a second pair of shoes for when you’re not riding.


Spare gloves

Taking a couple of pairs of gloves is always a good idea. Weather can change in an instant, and you don’t want to risk wet and cold hands or hot and sweaty hands.

Socks & underwear

Because well… you should.



At the very least take your toothbrush!


Important documents

Don’t forget to pack any tickets you need, passport and drivers licence. We know it’s a simple one, but these things do happen…


Sunglasses or goggles

Riding with the sun or wind in your eyes is uncomfortable and dangerous. Make sure you have a pair of goggles or sunglasses if you have an open-face motorcycle helmet.



Noise reducing earplugs will help you enjoy your ride tenfold!



Does it move? Should it be moving? If not, tape it!


Small toolkit

You don’t need to put the whole garage in, but having a quick repair kit for minor issues is a must. Think Multitool, spare light bulbs, fuses and spark plugs. Tip: Save valuable space in your luggage by giving your motorcycle the once over before your trip. For example, lubing your chain before your weekend trip means that you don’t have to take it with you.

High vis vest

If you’re travelling in Europe and don’t fancy an on-the-spot fine, you’ll need to make sure you pack your high vis vest.


Motorcycle lock

Just imagine getting to your destination after a great day on the bike and realising you’ve forgotten your motorcycle lock… nightmare!


Phone charger

Phones are so much more than simply making calls these days. Keep your phone charged and you have a camera, sat nav, torch, oh and a phone too!


All of this will fit into the Kriega US20 Drybag! Choose Kriega for your motorcycling needs.


Kriega has an extensive range of motorcycle luggage which is perfect for commuters and seasoned motorcycle tourers alike. View the whole Kriega range here.

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