On the search for the best ladies motorcycle gear for your riding needs? Say no more - here is the ultimate guide to women's motorcycle clothing.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker, adventurer, commuter, dirt biker, sport biker, or cruiser, you all love the same thing: being on two wheels!

With over 300,000 female motorcycle license holders in the UK alone, and the female riding community growing year on year, the need for ladies' motorcycle gear increases - protective, functional bike gear that's comfortable to wear, goes with your style and caters to your body shape, size and length.

In a male-dominated industry, it can be difficult trying to find good recommendations for female-orientated bike gear - we’re here to change that!

We’ve spoken with the experts: our female Infinity staff, to find out their favourite gear, their recommendations and advice for women out there. Here's our Ultimate Guide to Women's Motorcycle Gear.

Laura / Infinity Watford

"There are so many reasons I look forward to riding in Summer, but if you’re an all year rider like me - you’ll know one of those top reasons are to dust off your summer gear and feel that hot sunny breeze rushing through your air vents. This is why I love my Knox Urbane Pro MK2 jacket, it’s a full mesh jacket and more often than not you’ll find me wearing it on colder days with a hoodie over the top, in the hope that summer will be coming soon!

I always take my Knox jacket touring with me because it's so easy to pack down and the back protector that comes with it gives me plenty of confidence in the winding mountains. It’s also an extremely flattering jacket and doesn’t look too ‘power-ranger’ or feel heavy and cumbersome. I like to feel nimble when I’m riding and I hate the distractions of clunky gear - this is why I’ll always find the excuse to drag my Knox out of the wardrobe no matter the weather. I’m also very impatient".

For the rainier days, I pack my Halvarssons Jolen jacket, which again folds nicely in my Kriega US30. The Jolen I’ve found to be a great Summer mountain explorer combo - because when you reach those high peaks it can get ridiculously cold. You’ll find yourself going through 3 different climates in the space of 30 minutes. The Jolen is a lightweight waterproof textile and with the correct base layers it can see you through most temperatures.

For trousers, I always switch between two pairs - The Motorgirl Lara Cargos and the Bull-It Lunar's [Jeans]. Between now and high summer I’ll often be wearing my Lara Cargo’s - they offer great warmth mid-season and although they are not waterproof - I have tested them in the rain and the multiple layers within them makes it very hard to feel the wet dripping through (tested on the M1 in December) - but please note, they are not listed as waterproof - if you’ve checked the weather and it states rain - take a pair of over trousers to add on top for extra comfort! 

The Bull-It Lunar jeans are my ultimate go-to in Summer time, I suffer from the heat (I blame it on being from the North, we don’t get much sun there). So when the sun is blazing, it’s imperative that I’m as lightweight as possible so I can continue riding comfortably. The Lunar’s are also the world's first pair of compression biker jeans, which is great for circulation in the lower legs.

Both the cargo and jeans look incredible when they're on and both sit slightly above the waist so you don’t get a cold back from the wind. They also both feature belt loops, so if you’re like me with a smaller waist-to-hip ratio and struggle with the waist being too big, then this is an instant win.

Knox Urbane Pro MK2 Shirt

The Knox Urbane Pro MK2 is a Class AA armoured shirt for summer riding, featuring advanced Microlock body armour, breathable mesh panels, and a form-fitting design.

Price: £229.99
3 Colours: Black, Black/Denim, Black/Grey
Sizes: XS – 3XL (UK 8-20)

Halvarssons Jolen Waterproof Jacket

The Halvarssons Jolen is an AA-rated ladies jacket with a Dryway waterproof laminate membrane, Outlast thermal liner, and CE-certified elbow and shoulder protection.

Price: £529.99
2 Colours: Black, Grey/Silver
Sizes: 36-46

Lisa / Infinity Belfast

"As a girl on a bike who likes her mix of quick evening blasts out, full-on day rides and lots of long weekends touring I need the right mix of gear! So from casual to race leathers to full Gore-Tex, I need it all. 

Summer riding - evenings and short blasts - it will be my Oxford [Super] Jeggings, my Alpinestars Missile V2 leather jacket, and my Sidi's [Vertigo Boots]. I want to be protected, cool, comfortable and be able to listen to my tunes but also be contactable when out and about.

For touring I will go for my Rukka [Suki] suit, again protected, warm when needed, dry but can be ventilated if it's too warm, Daytona [Max] boots and held air and dry gloves. I go to Scotland at least once a year so I need to be prepared for all weather.

Essential items on all my rides will be the following...

  • Cardo [Pactalk Edge Intercom] (for tunes)
  • Held Air and Dry gloves (for comfort and dryness)
  • Oxford Comfys (keeps neck nice n snug and makes helmet go on easier)
  • Kriega R3 [Waistpack] (handy for the small essentials - lippy and lady bits!)
  • Ultimateaddons phone case (waterproof and visible when using satnav)
  • Auritech Ear Plugs (I suffer from tinnitus)

But my favourite item is my Arai RX-7V Spencer Special Edition that has been custom fit - we are all Arai technicians in store so I was able to use my skills to ensure that I got the correct fit for my head. Fits like a glove now and we have done many miles together - I absolutely love it!

But at the end of it all, for everyone motorcycle gear is a very personal thing, I know what I need and I love being able to help folks get kitted out in-store using my own knowledge and experience of gear that I personally use."

Arai RX-7V EVO

The Arai RX-7V EVO is the flagship model for the Japanese helmet craftsmen. ECE 22.06, big wing, and racetrack thoroughbred; what more could you want?

Price: from £699.99
20 Colours: Solid, Graphics, Replicas
Sizes: XS – XL

Cardo Packtalk Edge

The Cardo Packtalk Edge is one of the highest rated intercoms on the market featuring the latest DMC mesh communication to pair with 15 riders seamlessly. Powerful JBL speakers ensure the audio is crystal clear and punches above their 40mm size. 

Price: £356 single / £635 duo
1 Colour: Black
Sizes: N/A

Lana / Infinity Camberley

"As a rider who doesn't like pink, glitter, tapered waists and flared hips, I find myself really feeling uncomfortable when trying on women’s gear. I always encourage my female customers to therefore not to limit themselves to women’s specific gear as I know from first-hand experience, that sometimes the more comfortable option can be found in the men’s section.

Head to toe, I wear an Arai RX-7V as my helmet of choice; not only do those cooling cheek pads feel great in the summertime but it was by far the best fit for me. I had the benefit of trying on a lot of different helmets and they all fit completely differently – this is why it’s always worth trying before you buy!

Next is my Richa Airstream 2 which is a 3-season jacket as I used to commute on my bike and needed something versatile. I find Richa jackets always fit me well as I have broad shoulders, and short arms and they seem to get that spot on.

To accompany this I zip my Richa Colorado trousers to my jacket. The connection is only a short zip at the back so it stops the windchill without making it a pain to disconnect when stopping off. I have the regular leg but they do a short and long leg too (I’m about 5’4).

On the very bottom I wear my Dainese Course Out boots and they are fantastic and super comfortable with one full zip at the back and velcro calf adjusters. Admittedly, they're not the most waterproof boot but I can’t fault the fit. (Most modern version would be the Nexus 2).

I do have a couple of exceptions to my men's gear rule such as the MotoGirl Lara Cargo’s and my High Racer ladies' gloves.

MotoGirl is a name you’ll hear a lot as a female rider and rightly so. They make quality gear for women who ride, sacrificing neither style nor quality. The cargos are stretchy and very adjustable again with three leg lengths so you can get that perfect fit.

The High Racer's are my summer gloves and although [they're] not the most comfortable, Racer went above and beyond with armour using Knox sliders and abrasion-resistant inserts.

That’s just some of my gear and I’m always looking for the new thing – like my Furygan 2 piece [leather suit] I have lined up for the summer. The world of motorcycle apparel is broad and there is always something that works for you without sacrificing practicality and comfort. Whether it’s ladies' gear or men’s, I find they are surprisingly interchangeable."

Richa Airstream 3 Jacket

The Richa Airstream 3 succedes the jacket Lana is wearing, with D3O armour in the limbs and a back protector as standard. Still a 3 season jacket with removable waterproof liner, cracking ventilation and a thermal liner you can take out, it offers a whole lot of versatility.

Price: £269.99
1 Colour: Black
Sizes: S – 6XL

Motogirl Cargo Trousers

The Motogirl Lara Cargos are the mutli-pocketed delight from the female led clothing brand taking bikerwear by storm. The Lara Cargos are Class A rated thanks to a DuPont Kevlar weave, and featuring CE Level 2 Knee & Hip armour as standard with a breathable moisture wicking mesh lining inside. 

Price: £169.99
2 Colours: Black, Beige, Camo, Olive Green
Sizes: 36-46

Gina / Infinity Hanger Lane

"I've always liked motorcycles and riding but what gave me the push to actually start it myself was being a pillion behind my friend. Looking at a bike zoom past you or watching it on TV is cool but experiencing it yourself gives you a whole different feeling. Riding for me is about freedom and I knew I wanted to be part of this community. It's also a great way of transportation!

So at 17, I decided to do my CBT and I began my journey with Infinity Motorcycles as a customer. Whenever I visited the stores I was always welcomed and everyone was eager to help me pick out the gear that was best for me. Fast forward a couple of years and now I work in one of these stores helping new and veteran riders with their questions and enquiries.

Going from head to toe, my top picks are the Arai RX-7V helmet which is the best lid I've had so far: the quality is exceptional not to mention the comfort it gives. The many vents it has helps you cool down on a hot summer day and the double chin curtain gives you extra protection against the chilly winds on colder winter days. 

Rev'it has become one of my go-to brands, thus I chose the Rev'it Horizon 3 Ladies Jacket. With its laminated waterproofing I don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain. The removable down jacket allows me to wear it pretty much all year around and the vents help a ton when I get stuck at a red light.

The Racer Guide is by far the most comfortable summer leather gloves I own. Although they're not technically women's gloves, they fit my hands perfectly (we come in all shapes and sizes after all!) The short and tight-fit cuffs make them work with any jacket and the perforated upper lets through that much-needed breeze in summer.

Moving down to the bottom half, most of the year I wear motorcycle jeans to keep me protected. My favourite ones are the Bull-It Fury V Jeggings which are not only protective but very stretchy and this makes it super comfortable. They are perfect for warm weather riding and even during colder months with the help of an extra underlayer.

Last in line is footwear: out of my many shoes, my daily ones are the TCX Blend Ladies Boots. They are a pair of waterproof boots with memory foam insoles which makes walking in them a breeze, and since they are a lace-up boot, they allow me to customise the fit each time depending on what I wear underneath. 

It may seem obvious, but protective gear is very important when riding a motorcycle - because it protects! You will see many people riding without motorcycle clothing but I'm the kind of person who's fully kitted out at all times. Sadly, there have been a few accidents I was involved in and without the right gear, I would've left the scene in a much worse shape than I did. Some smaller encounters like a car driving over my foot wouldn't have been pleasant if I didn't have bike boots on...

My advice to everyone who is just starting off riding (or has been riding but without gear!) is to spend some time with us in the shop and I guarantee you we can find something suitable for your needs. Just have fun, ride safe and see you soon!"

Racer Guide Gloves

The Racer Guide gloves are a leather sports gloves with Knox protectors which absorb force and act like sliders to protect the scaphoid and perforated upper for ventilation.

Price: £94.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: S - 3XL


Bull-It Fury V Jeggings

The Bull-It Fury V is a ladies' jegging with A-rated protection, a shower-resistant coating and a pure overdyed black finish.

Price: £149.99
Colours: Black
Sizes: UK 4-22, Short-Regular-Long Leg

Millie / Infinity Chiswick

"I’m still a new rider; I started [riding] as a pillion in 2019, and after a year, I fell in love with the biker life and decided to get my own! I got a Yamaha R125 almost 3 years ago, and I've been abusing it in the city and on long touring rides.

In my opinion, it's the best 125cc on the market - it's helped me to get used to a big one as it’s almost the size of a 600cc sports bike! Now looking for the next love of my life to have more fun on it.

I’ve always struggled to find motorcycle gear in my size, as I’m a size 6 UK on the bottom and size 4 UK on the top. There are just not enough clothes in a small size range, and a lot of ladies' clothing tends to come in pink, which I’m not willing to wear!

Infinity Motorcycles was always the first place I went to when I needed anything for the rides: the staff are really knowledgeable and helpful! In almost every shop there is at least one biker lady to help and share their experience with gears.

Now that I work in this industry, the experience has helped me to get the knowledge of products to be able to find what I need, but testing them out is the best way to go.

Shoei NXR Transcend: I've had this helmet for almost 3 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Shoei offers free-of-charge custom fittings, which made it perfect for my small face in a Medium size. I've used it in every weather condition, on city and country roads, and it’s perfect for touring and sport riding).

The ventilation system is incredible; it cools me down even during the hottest summer days. Its lightweight is an extra bonus when you go for a long trip, and also very quiet at 70mph when the vents are closed.

I love the unique graphic which is original from the manufacturer. Definitely, my next helmet will be the updated version of the NXR 2.

Held Cadora Jacket: The best jacket I ever owned. It’s a laminated Gore-Tex garment, which makes it astonishingly waterproof and breathable. It has a nice slim fit and the shortcut is perfect on sports bikes. Tons of pockets on the thermal layer and under it, this way I don’t need to carry a bag with me if I go for a quick ride.

Bull-it Fury V Jeans: I would recommend the Fury V jeans to every lady rider: the high waist is perfect on the bike. They fit like normal denim jeans, but give high protection, especially on reinforced areas. They come with Level 2 knee protection and I usually move them around into different trousers if I can’t wear these pants for some reason.

There is a pocket for an additional hip protector, it covers perfectly at the right place. Awesome all year around, just make sure to bring a pair of over trousers with you in case it rains! I use it almost every day, also managed to fly in them abroad to be picked up by a friend on a bike. It was as comfortable as any other jeans.

Richa Ghent Gore-Tex Ladies Gloves: I used these gloves during the winter, and with some base layer gloves, they worked amazingly even under 0 degrees. The leather palm makes it really comfortable and gives a good grip, there is a slider on it to protect, and the fingers are covered too.

The Gore-Tex waterproofing helps with breathability, and because of that, it’s good to use in mid-season too on a rainy day. The short sleeve makes it easy to pair with any jacket but still offers wrist protection.

TCX Blend Ladies Boots: This is my favourite piece of motorcycle gear I own. These boots have been with me on a lot of trips, and they're comfortable both on and off the bike. I did a few hours ride in it, hiking to the top of Snowdonia, multiple holidays without the bike also, and they even worked in big snow.

Never leaked, never broke. I can’t even leave the house without them - I’m planning to purchase a second pair too!

Richa Colorado 2 Pro Ladies trousers: It was challenging for me to find waterproof textile trousers in my size, but the slim fit of Richa Colorado just made it perfect for my shape. I paired it with suspenders that zip together with the trousers, and I've never had a problem with water running in at any point.

It’s also laminated, which kept me dry and warm all the time. There is a removable thermal layer for the coldest weather, but also a huge zip for ventilation which makes it perfect for pretty much every weather condition. They're really amazing trousers for touring, and the reflective marks helped me be visible on winter nights.

Whenever I’ll have to replace my jacket, I’ll get the matching one from Richa, that’s how happy I’m with this product.

Knox Urbane Pro MK2 Ladies Shirt: The very best summer jacket on the market. It comes with a huge back protector, of course, it’s level 2, also the abrasion protection is higher than most motorcycle jackets! Huge mesh panels make it really breathable and they fit like a second skin; I can’t imagine going for a ride in summer without it.

As an extra, I can just wear it under any jacket or jumper, to look more casual, but still have full protection. Now there is a waterproof over jacket available for it with thermal lining (Knox Dual Pro Jacket), which just makes it perfect for more seasons.

Knox Urbane Pro Trousers: These trousers are my newest addition to my summer gear. The best one in a really hot ride in the city, it almost feels like I’m not wearing motorcycle gear, but simple leggings. There is a big range of sizes available from it for anyone on a bike, and you can also wear it under any trousers to get protection."

Shoei NXR 2

The Shoei NXR 2 is a premium sports-touring full-face with an AIM shell, ventilation system and ECE 22-06 certification.

Price: From £429.99
Colours: Solid, Graphics, Replicas
Sizes: UK 4-22, Short-Regular-Long Leg

TCX Blend Waterproof Ladies Boots

The TCX Blend is a full-grain leather ladies' boot with a waterproof lining, reinforced toe and heel counter, and leather shift pad.

Price: £184.99
Colours: Brown
Sizes: 35-42

Lydia / Infinity Norwich

"I got into riding when I was 16; my friends had rode motocross and it was wonderful to watch. It was something I felt I needed in my life and it’s the best thing I've done!

Riding allows me to feel a sense of freedom and exhilaration. I can be me and not one of the other hats I wear: mum, wife, store manager.

For the past five years my riding has been 95% on track and I adore it! Each time out I want to improve myself. It's addictive and so much fun. I love to see the guys faces in the track-day briefing when I’m in my full race kit with my little boy sat on my knee, a nod to doing what makes you happy. For me it shows that women can do this as well and deserve the level playing field.

For recommendations, personally, it's track gear: I wear Dainese Aero one-piece leathers, HJC's  RPHA 11, Knox Handroids, Alpinestars SMX Plus boots and Knox Aegis back protector.

For winter riding, I have Rukka Gore-Tex Performance two-piece textiles and they are just superb and so comfortable.

For summer, I have the very flattering Knox Levett jacket, Knox Action shirt and the Knox Scarlett skinny jeans or the Bull-it Ladies Jeans and Alpinestars T-Dyno jacket.

My advice for new riders would be to take your time and not rush getting your gear. Make sure you feel comfortable and that what you’re choosing is going to work for your requirements.

Don't be put off by label sizes as each manufacturer’s products will fit differently - please ask for help if you can't see what you’re looking for (we don't bite and we love helping!)

I'd also recommend to always put a back protector in your motorcycle jacket; it's better to have it there and not need it, rather than not have it and need it. And finally, enjoy yourself and do everything in your own time."

Knox Handroid MK4 Gloves

The Knox Handroid Pod MKIV Gloves are an award-winning sports touring glove with an exoskeletal finger spine and Scaphoid Protection System.

Price: £229.99
Colours: Black, White, Blue
Sizes: XS-3XL, Short-Regular-Long Leg

Rukka Nivala Ladies Gore-Tex Jacket

The Rukka Nivala ladies jacket is a premium touring garment, with a triple-layer waterproof Gore-Tex laminate membrane, malleable D30 protection and four-season adaptability.

Price: £1229.99
Colours: Black-Pink, Black-Silver
Sizes: Euro 34-46

For more information on ladies clothing, you can browse the collection on our website or give us a call on 0800 130 3377 and our customer service team will be happy to help.

This article was written by Jonah Son.