It's not often we talk much about bikes, unless we're talking about our own personal motors that get us to work and the gear we wear on them. But with Yamaha on the proverbial horizon of releasing the Tenere 700, Tom from Infinity was getting quite excited and wanted to put that excitement into words.

And for a brief period, Yamaha is offering the Tenere 700 at an introductory price of £8,399 on a first come, first serve basis, exclusive for online orders and applies until the system closes on July 31st 2019. You can find out more about the Yamaha Tenere 700, and get as excited as us by checking it out on our sister website Capital Moto, find out more here.

"If you look closely at the Yamaha press release for the Tenere 700 you’ll notice the Earth nestled in a cloud of desert dust on the horizon. The Tenere looks like an alien with a quad LED projector headlight up front suiting it’s suggested Mars surroundings. The rest of the bike looks up to the job with specs to match, rally raid ready from the showroom. When’s the next trip to Mars, Elon?

I’ve been eager to see this bike in production ever since Yamaha showed the T7 two years ago. Such a badass bike and kept those looks going into a production model. Powered by the proven 689cc engine used in the MT-07, you know it won’t lack performance on or off road. Especially if you like to pull wheelies and rip rad rooster tails. Off road, of course. With a cross plane crank parallel twin, you know it’s going to sound naughty doing it! ABS can be toggled on and off when riding over tarmac, dirt, or whatever surface you fancy.

An 18-inch rear wheel with 200mm travel from the remotely adjustable rear shock and 210mm of travel from the upside-down front forks that hold onto a 21-inch wheel. From factory they will come with a set of semi-knobbly tube requiring tyres that will give you a good balance over a mix of terrains. A 217-mile tank range sounds decent enough and I’m sure the aftermarket adventure manufactures will provide a plethora of range extending options for those hardcore middle of the desert types.

It’s slim and tall design looks purposeful for tearing around where there is no road but such great visibility and presumable manoeuvrability, I can’t help but think it will be a cracking bike for commuting and filtering. Field of vision and road presence will be fantastic. And, let’s be honest, most people will be doing just that with this bike! The dash contains a multitude of information you’d expect from a bike in 2019 but also leaves space to accommodate other devices such as; sat-navs, road book readers, or smartphones. Whether you need to punch in the postcode for getting to your next meeting, or if you’ve entered into an off-road time trial the functional cockpit of the Tenere 700 is there to serve you.

I’m so excited to see this bike hit the showroom, it’s going to be epic!"

This article was written by Tom Evans, Video Talent and Bike Enthusiast at Infinity Motorcycles, and was edited by Aaron Thomson.