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  World SBK 2019: Round Five Report - Pirelli Imola
13 May 19

Round 5 has come and gone, and Bautista's winning streak has ended! Here's everything that went down at the Pirelli Italian Round.

  WSBK Race Calendar 2019 (With Leon Haslam)
13 May 19

One of the most fiercely competitive series worldwide, the FIM Superbike World Championship is back! Check out the 2019 WSBK calendar, take a look at the tracks and watch the results as they come in.

  Affordable Motorcycle Gear for Track Days
8 May 19

We've put together a list of some of the best pieces of motorcycle gear to get you track-day ready, without the need to break the bank!

  April's Best New Arrivals
1 May 19

With Spring in full season and your bike most likely out of the garage, why not refresh your bike gear? Here's just a few of the awesome drops you can pick up from Infinity.

  World SBK 2019: Round Four Report - Motul Dutch
16 Apr 19

Round 4 has ended with huge drama, record breakers and a bit of snow. Here's our round up for the fourth round of 2019's World Superbike Championship

  Motorcycle Track Day Tips for Beginners
11 Apr 19

Attending a track day for the first time can be daunting. Luckily we’re here to settle those nerves: here's everything you need to know about Track Days and some simple tips and tricks to get you started!

  Infinity Spotlight: Bering Balistik Jacket and Trousers
19 Mar 19

The Bering Balistik Textile Suit is a game changer for waterproof minded motorcycle riders, providing high-performing premium laminate waterproofing at an incredible price, as well as a range of stand-out features that makes the Balistik one of the top-of-the-range products from the French manufacturer Bering.

  World SBK 2019: Round Two Report - Chang International Circuit
18 Mar 19

Round 2 comes to a close, and Alvaro Bautista extends his winning streak. Here's our round-up of the second stage of 2019's World Superbike Championship in Chang International Circuits, Thailand.

  We're a little excited about the Yamaha Tenere 700
7 Mar 19

It's not often we talk much about bikes, But with Yamaha on the proverbial horizon of releasing the Tenere 700, we're getting quite excited and wanted to put that excitement into words.

  World SBK 2019: Round One Report - Phillip Island
28 Feb 19

WSBK is back, and Round 1 did not disappoint! Here's our round-up of the first stage of 2019's World Superbike Championship in Philip Island, Austrailia.

  Everything You Need To Know about Waterproofing
22 Feb 19

From Gore-Tex to Drystar, here's everything you need to know about the types of motorbike waterproofing from membranes to their effectiveness.

  A History of Alpinestars: Suiting World Champs for 50 Years
18 Feb 19

From Roger De Coster and Kenny Roberts to Jorge Lorenzo and Jonathan Rea; Alpinestars continues to be the face of world-class motorcycle clothing.

  Best Motorcycle Boots For Winter
6 Feb 19

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of our most popular, best-selling winter boots to combat the cold and battle the brisk, starting from £59.99 from the motorcycle industry's top brands.

  Introducing the Schuberth C4 Pro
14 Jan 19

Lightweight design, high-performance aerodynamics, and an interior a BMW would blush at: the C4 Pro is the definitive flip-front for modern touring

  In The Know: Base Layers, Waterproof Boots & Heated Gloves
14 Jan 19

Motorcycling vet and Watford store manager Keith Roissetter offers his tips and advice on layering, waterproofing and keeping warm this winter...