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Arai Quantum ST Pro - Puro White

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Arai Quantum ST Pro - Puro White

Arai Quantum-ST Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Arai have made the Quantum-ST Pro to be ideal for experienced tour riders or sports riders. Using racing technology originally designed for the RX7 GP, Arai then made the Quantum-ST Pro more comfortable making it ideal for all day touring. 

This helmet has been made with a unique ‘long oval’ shape that sets it apart from the standard shape of previous Arai helmets. This shape means a longer front-to back distance and a slightly smaller side-to side distance. This creates more space around the nose and mouth. This shape is also designed to not cause the painful forehead “hotspot” that some people suffer from. This helmet features Arai’s Pro Shade System that can either be locked as a sun peak or dropped down to act as a sun visor that is great at reducing glare from the sun.

But even with all these features to keep you comfortable the Quantum-ST Pro does not compromise your protection. Arai have made this helmet with their new SNC construction. This incorporates a structural net that reinforces the layers of the shell. This helps to make the helmet even more rigid for protection whilst also keeping it lightweight.

The Arai Quantum-ST Pro is made for people serious about riding. Whether all day touring or racing round the track the Quantum-ST Pro can handle it.


  • Arai’s patented SNC shell construction has a structural net to reinforce the shell layers for incredible protection
  • Multiple density EPS foam liner gives added shock absorption
  • Eco-Pure interior lining is removable and washable whilst also being anti-bacterial
  • Ventilation system designed to distribute fresh air evenly over the head whilst also exhausting old air through the rear vents
  • Pull down chin spoiler disrupts airflow at the base of the helmet and reduces wind noise
  • PRO Shade System (PSS) offers a combination of either a lockable sun peak or drop down sun visor to reduce glare from the sun
  • Arai Emergency Release System allows for quick and easy removal of the helmet in the event of a crash



Click the download button below to view the size guide document for the Arai brand.


At Infinity Motorcycles we pride ourselves on having the best selection of helmets at the best possible prices. Any collection of motorcycle helmets would be incomplete without Arai, a premium motorcycle helmet brand with a history of making quality helmets stretching back to the 1930s.

Since those early days they’ve come a long way. Today an Arai helmet is an impressive statement of your dedication to motorcycling as well as an essential piece of motorcycle gear.

The Arai Helmets Difference

You might be wondering why anyone would pay up to and over £500 for an Arai helmet when you could buy a £50 lid. It’s a question we are asked in our branches practically every day. The answer is simply that Arai helmets are designed, built and tested differently.

Different How?

There are many helmets that are very good and meet all required standards. Arai helmets exceed the relevant standards and are extraordinarily well-built, providing superior protection and exceptional comfort.

Run By Riders

From their foundation Arai were different. They are not a corporation run by a board of directors who are only interested in profit. They are a family-run business spanning multiple generations of riders, all of whom have been dedicated to providing the very best gear possible.

Akhito Arai currently runs Arai, who took over from his father, Michio, who in turn took over from his father, Hirotake, the founder of Arai Helmets. That the Arai family name is still proudly emblazoned on every helmet makes a good indicator that there hasn’t been any corner cutting since the beginning!

We think that there is a real and distinct difference between the quality in products motivated by profit alone, and products motivated by honour, familial pride and the joy of skilled craftsmanship. This difference can be clearly seen in all Arai helmets.

Crafted With Care

An Arai helmet is constructed by hand, over a course of eighteen man-hours, by well trained and specialist craftsmen. This is more than a nice gesture or a gimmick.

Each shell takes twenty seven distinct steps to create, and everything from testing and standards to manufacture and design is based on rigorous and unique in-house craftsmanship. Earning the right to work on an Arai helmet can take five years or more.

This process means that quality is assured throughout the crafting process by a trained professional who understands the helmet completely. Arai helmets are not simply checking off a limited list of features, meaning that quality is consistently high.

The only automated part of the entire process is an automated laser beam used for cutting.

Ready For Any Challenge

In Europe crash helmets need only pass CE-2205 to be deemed safe enough to be sold as protection. All Arai helmets pass this test, and any other test, worldwide. It’s important to be clear that Arai helmets don’t just “meet” the required standards; they exceed these standards

Every Arai helmet is handmade and goes through five separate quality inspections. Whether it’s after the shell is made, or after paint and graphics, or even after final assembly, even the slightest imperfection will be eliminated. When you have finished with your Arai, before you through it away, take it apart and look inside the shell – there is a stamp in there signed by everyone who worked on your helmet, so that quality control can be tracked through every stem of manufacturing.

Note that this quality control applies to every Arai, not every tenth or hundredth. This is part of the reason why Arai has offered a 5 Year Limited Warranty for the last 15 years.

Arai were the first to offer comfort features like removable cheek pads, different interior shapes and liners in different thicknesses for a custom fit.

Arai are the only brand to have been ranked as number one in the J.D. Power Motorcycle Helmet Customer Satisfaction Survey for thirteen years in a row.

Arai are the only brand of motorcycle helmet trusted by the majority of Formula 1 drivers.

The bottom line is that wearing an Arai Helmet will make you feel more comfortable and safer, for hours on end, day after day, and long after a cheap helmet has got so uncomfortable and draughty that it has been replaced.

Why Infinity And Arai?

Why should you buy Arai helmets from Infinty? Well, if you’re buying online, there’s no reason other than the famous Infinity Motorcycles customer service, our 7 day helmet exchange policy, and our low prices.

We’d strongly encourage you to visit one of our stores wherever possible though, for all helmets and especially for Arai helmets. All branches of infinity motorcycles have staff who have been specially trained by Arai to help you buy the right helmet. This is over and above their personal riding experience and extensive knowledge of motorcycle gear!

We are also Arai Five Star dealers and service UK Supplied Arai helmets. We have a huge range of helmets in stock from other manufacturers so you can compare if you need to.


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