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Rukka Navigatorr Gore-Tex Jacket - Black

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Rukka Navigatorr Gore-Tex Jacket - Black

Rukka Navigatorr Gore-Tex Jacket - Black

Rukka Navigatorr Gore-Tex Jacket Mens - Black

The Navigatorr jacket is made from Gore-Tex 3-layer laminate for high protection. There is a detachable liner with 60g insulation outlast temperature regulation. A connecting zipper to the Navigator trousers can be found at the bottom and there is a detachable collar made from elastic Gore-Tex stretch material. The cuffs are waterproof and there are ventilation openings with zippers on the front and sides. There is an adjustable waist belt and four external pockets with snap fasteners and lower pockets with zippers and snap fasteners. There are also two internal waterproof pockets, perfect for valuables. This jacket comes complete with D3O limb protectors and D3O Air full back protector.


  • Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminate, strengthened with Armacor product technology, combination of high-tech fibers aramid (Kevlar) and Cordura
  • Rukka D3O Air limb protectors meet the requirements of CE Norm EN 1621-1 2012 and the full back protector the requirements of EN 1621-2 2014 
  • Includes Rukka D30 Air full back protector and pocket for the Rukka D30 Air central back protector
  • Detachable liner with 60g insulation and Outlast® temperature regulation
  • A connecting zipper to trousers
  • Waterproof pockets marked with a waterproof pocket label.
  • Soft neoprene in collar
  • Detachable collar of elastic Gore-Tex stretch material
  • Sleeves with zippers and waterproof Gore-Tex cuffs
  • Ventilation openings with zippers on front and on the sides with long 2-way zipper
  • Elastic parts under the arm and on back
  • Width adjustment on upper and lower arm
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Four pockets outside; chest pockets with snap fasteners and lower pockets with zippers and snap fasteners. 
  • Two waterproof pockets inside including a mobile phone holder

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Rukka was founded in a Finnish farm kitchen in 1950, initially called 'AB Sportsbeklädnad Urheiluvaatetus Oy’.

Shortly afterwards they bought their first "welding" gear, enabling them to make waterproof seams and launch their first range of waterproof clothing. Thankfully for international audiences, they changed their name to the less-intimidating "Rukka" in 1966, which was the nickname of founder Roger Störling. Nowadays, Rukka is an independent division of one of Europe's largest sportswear manufacturers.

Things have moved on since the PVC waterproof of the 80's, Rukka are at the leading age of motorcycle clothing development, working with leaders such as W.L. Gore and DuPont on new materials and testing. Every material is extensively tested by Rukka and the material manufacturers in every condition you'll find motorcycle riders.

The flags in the Rukka logo spell Rukka in the international flag alphabet, a tribute to Rukka's roots in sailing, which, along with motorcycle riding, can create the most testing weather conditions any of us are likely to encounter.


Why Would You Choose Rukka?

There are a great many motorcycle clothing brands competing for your attention and cash, and at Infinity Motorcycles we carefully filter the brands we offer so that they all excel at something.

Rukka, hailing from Finland as they do, excel at creating clothing that is useful in harsh winter climates and is extremely tough. Many consider it to be the highest-tech motorcycle clothing available on the market today, and we certainly wouldn't put up a counter-argument.

Being hardy, tough and well-built, it naturally lasts a long time – so the adage "buy cheap, pay twice" is definitely relevant here. Rukka is more expensive than some other brands, but can last much longer and consequently comes with generous warranties, so factoring this in you can get a lot more clothing for your money with Rukka.

One of the reasons for Rukka jackets' toughness is the attention and care taken during construction. The stitching and attention to detail at wear points on Rukka products has a legitimate claim to being the best in the business, and it is an aspect of motorcycle clothing that is often ignored by the cheaper brands, resulting in excessive wear and a need to replace your motorcycle clothing more frequently.

What most people think of when they think of Rukka, even more than their extreme toughness and weather resistance, is features. Rukka have more features, clever additions and high tech fabrics than any other brand we can think of that caters to the same audience. From armour and armour pockets on every stretch of jacket, to the advanced Gore-Tex and Superfabric materials that make the jackets weather and abrasion resistant, respectively – their special features run the gamut from life-saving, to leg-saving, to simply day-saving.

That's the short version of why you would choose Rukka – for the long version, with a hefty dose of personal experience, come into one of our Infinity stores and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff.


Why Not Rukka?

It's also important to recognise that you might not choose Rukka for some roles. While Rukka make very versatile motorcycle clothing (great for off-road, sports and touring – a really rare combination), it's not Dainese race gear, and it doesn't want to be.

Similarly, if you're not sure if you'll still be riding motorcycles in five years’ time (for whatever reason), some of the advantages of Rukka motorcycle clothing will be a bit lost on you. Although you'll still have the advantage of top of the range protection, it might not be so important to you that the construction is high enough quality to last for years on end, or that Rukka clothing comes with a five year warranty.

All in all, however, we think Rukka are an incredibly good brand of motorcycle clothing, and deceptively good value for money.


Rukka at Infinity

Rukka make excellent clothing suitable for off-road, sports and touring motorcyclists. As the clothing is so good at such disparate roles, they make a good choice for the dedicated motorcycle rider looking for a single set of clothing to wear for all conditions.

At Infinity, many of our shop staff have worn Rukka as well as our other brands, and will have strong opinions on what's best for you and your riding style! We recommend coming in to our stores to take advantage of their expertise, as well as to take the most important step when buying motorcycle clothing – trying on the clothing for size.


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The average review for this product is 4.0 stars

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Expensive but is it worth the cost ?
I’ve only had the jacket a month so not long enough for a detailed review. First time I used it was in sub-zero (just) temperatures traveling to work with the outlast liner in, although I only had a shirt on underneath I was surprised that it kept me relatively warm. The liner attaches to the jacket about 5 cm in from the main zip, this leaves a centre band of around 10 cm with no thermal lining. I did feel the cold in this section however considering it was -2 it didn’t affect me too much and if I had layered up I can’t see this being a problem. The second ride was in torrential rain and I was interested to see how the vent zips held up against the wet as this is my first Gore Pro jacket, my previous jacket (not Rukka) has a drop liner and if that was not used then every zip let water into the jacket. No problem with the Rukka, which is what you should expect for the price. I obviously haven had a chance to try the venting system or the out last system yet.

30/01/2018 20:53

A good Jacket and a well known zipper problem
wonderful Jacket but with a serious issue. The Zipper, is very well known that if you use this jackets everyday 12h a day you would expect they last...but truth is....they don't. For 1k Jacket I was expecting more....much more. The Zipper don't last 6 months until you have to send the Jacket Back and 2 months waiting. Is very bad for a Brand such as Rukka. The very most expensive Jacket with a problem for years and they still are selling them as the best. I hope that the new Zipper Update will fix it as is one of the best jackets out there. If you just like to show off your jacket for some weekend things or a trip then is great, if you are using 12h a day 7 days a week better buy 2 so you always have a spare one or you will end up waiting for the replace one or no jacket.

13/01/2018 15:32

No regrets
I've have worn my Rukka suit at least a couple of times each week for the last 15 years. The wear & tear finally took its toll and the rain was starting to get through in the heavy downpours. With the prospect of facing the high price tag of a new Rukka, I shopped around for a few weeks, thinking perhaps I could get away with a cheaper waterproof outfit. There is plenty of choice although not that many that are Gore-Tex. I've had plenty of non Gore-tex 'waterproof' type suits before and paid the price in the bad weather. In my own experiences, nothing has come close to the performance of the Rukka suit. I really didn't want to fork out this much money for a replacement but when it came to the crunch, I handed over my hard earned, for the Rukka Navigator Jacket & Trousers. Even when I returned home after the purchase, I was thinking have I made a mistake paying this much! Over the last couple of weeks, I've been riding in the winter weather and no longer have any regrets about my

17/12/2017 12:25

A great investment
I'm coming into my second winter with the Rukka Navigatorr jacket and trousers and I wouldn't be without it. This is the first Rukka suit I've owned and I now see why so many riders choose to invest in this brand. The pro shell works really well. Not only does it keep you dry but as it doesn't absorb as much water into the material, it helps to keep you warmer as well. The material feels a little stiff at first but it does break in and also acts as a decent wind stopper. Hopefully I wont have to test the protective qualities but it certainly feels substantial and inspires confidence the moment you put it on.

13/12/2017 15:23