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Schuberth S2 Sport - Rush

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Schuberth S2 Sport - Rush

Schuberth S2 Sport - Rush

Schuberth S2 Sport - Rush​

The Schuberth S2 Sport is a sporty full-face perfect for everyday wear or around the track, featuring a multi-fibre shell, EPS foam liner, and integrated sun-visor.

Schuberth dedicated twenty-two months to the creation of the S2 Sport. A motorcycle helmet that is designed to be perfect for everyday commuting or speeding round the track. Rigorous testing in Schuberth’s wind tunnel facility ensures that the S2 Sport is aerodynamic with a design that reduces drag and lift. This means that the S2 Sport is one of the quietest full-face helmets on the market. 

The outer shell of the helmet is made from multiple layers of fibreglass, fibre and glass fabric that is reinforced by a special resin. This works alongside the EPS foam lining to give great shock absorption. This means your head is protected while you ride but because of Schuberth’s unique construction, the helmet is also very lightweight. Schuberth especially developed its Anti-Roll-off System that is provided on the S2 Sport. This system is designed to ensure that the helmet cannot pivot off the head. For this system to work the chinstrap must be closed and adjusted correctly.

When the sun starts shining there is no need to stop and change visors when wearing the S2 Sport. This helmet comes with an integrated sun visor that is easily extended or retracted by a slider on the edge of the helmet.

S2 Sport is a testament to Schuberth’s design ethics. Offering fantastic protection, performance and technology the S2 Sport is ideal for any serious rider.


  • Outer shell constructed from multiple layers of fibreglass, glass fabric and fibre that has a resin reinforcement to give great protection
  • EPS foam-lined interior for added shock absorption
  • Schuberth’s patented Anti Roll-off System (A.R.O.S) prevents the helmet coming off during a fall when used and adjusted correctly
  • Coolmax Interior lining is antibacterial and anti-allergenic whilst it can also be removed and washed
  • Integrated sun visor is controlled even when wearing gloves by a convenient slider on the edge of the helmet
  • Air ventilation system with multiple channels means fresh air is distributed evenly over the entire head
  • Pinlock visor included

​PLEASE NOTE: A Dark visor is not included with this helmet and is sold separately.


Schuberth helmets were founded in the 1920’s in Braunschweig, Germany. They produce over 1.5 million helmets each year, both under their own brand name and also as BMW brand helmets. A renowned leader in Formula 1 auto helmets, they also supply to 65 armies worldwide, national fire services as well as industry specific headgear for mining, construction, oil/gas, steel, forestry and energy. All of these require exacting professional standards for their specific needs, and for that reason Schuberth have an enviable breadth and depth of manufacturing and engineering experience.

From F1 To SR1

Schuberth often bring their engineering insights from working on different helmets for different industries to bear on their motorcycle helmets. Probably the best example of this is their SR1 helmet range, inspired by their Formula 1 range and designed in close collaboration with Michael Schumacher himself.

These supersport helmets are beautifully designed with a solid feel to every part of the helmet, from the shell itself to the way the moving parts click smoothly and effectively into place. Comfort and durability are both very high quality, and of course they benefit from the most unique feature of Schuberth helmets – they are extremely quiet at high speeds.

Silence At Speed

Schuberth helmets are one of very few manufacturers who have a dedicated wind tunnel in which to test their helmets. During testing, Schuberth helmets are not only optimised aerodynamically but also aero-acoustically too. That is to say that not only does the wind tunnel ensure that your Schuberth helmet remains stable at speed but also remains as quiet as they can possibly be. The current C3 Pro flip front helmet for example has a noise level of less than or equal to 82dB(A) at a constant 100km/h setting a new benchmark for the whole industry.

That's especially good news for riders with tinnitus or sound sensitivity, as we know that ear plugs cannot be relied on to completely protect your hearing in all circumstances.

It's much more than just a helmet for protecting damaged ears, though – without earplugs or helmet, wind noise alone can reach 115 decibels on a motorbike, as much as a loud rock concert. Since decibels are measured in a logarithmic way, this is a huge difference! Logarithmic measurements are like the Richter scale (used to measure earthquakes) and that means that:

Moving from 10 decibels to 20 decibels means that a sound is about 10 times more intense.

Moving from 90 decibels to 100 decibels also means that a sound is about 10 times more intense.

A Schuberth C3 Pro flip front helmet is therefore nearly 2000 times less intense than unfiltered wind noise!

That means that a C3 Helmet is useful for safeguarding your hearing before you hearing can be damaged by excessive and continuous exposure to loud noises. As well as being exceptionally aerodynamic and quiet, the C3 range is also notable for being incredibly light, making it a great choice of helmet if comfort is of high importance to you.

It is no accident that Schuberth work with BMW so well; they are a great partnership, both offering high quality German engineering with a focus on providing understated luxury and comfort in addition to the features you expect from a high-end product.

Schuberth Helmet Extras

Schuberth have a few extras that help their helmets stand out from their competitor ranges.

The Anti-Roll-Off-System or A.R.O.S. is a safety feature that is included in every Schuberth helmet, and makes sure that the chinstrap is closed and safely adjusted. The A.R.O.S. means that the helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind and is less likely to cause damage or come into contact with vulnerable areas during a crash, which is important for safety.

Reflex pads also demonstrate Schuberth's commitment to safety, as reflective "Reflex" areas ensure that the motorcyclist is easy to identify and avoid in dark conditions. Early recognition and recognition from a way off means that passive safety is greatly improved by these areas.

Working its way through the planning and design stages for years to ensure it is exactly as good as it can be, the long awaited SRC-system (Schuberth Rider Communication system) can be integrated into the Schuberth helmet acoustic collar within minutes. This Bluetooth communication device has a wide range of functions including, rider-pillion intercom, mobile phone, MP3 and GPS connectivity, bike to bike intercom (up to 300m) and a built in radio. Come in store and check out this amazing technology from Schuberth helmets.

Infinity And Schuberth

At Infinity Motorcycles, we've been Schuberth helmet stockists since the first Concept models were brought into the UK, our stores have staff trained by both the UK importer and Schuberth themselves. We would always recommend coming into a store in order to get a good fit and advice on the right helmet for you, but if that is not possible you can buy online thanks to our 7 Day Exchange policy on helmets.

In addition to the standard two year warranty, all Schuberth helmets bought from Infinity Motorcycles since January 1st 2014 are eligible for an extended warranty.


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S2 Sport Rush Grey
Great service and a great helmet. The first Schubert I have owned after various Arais and Shoeis. Very quiet and confortable.

05/03/2019 13:20