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Sidi Black Rain Boots - Black

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Sidi Black Rain Boots - Black

Sidi Black Rain Boots - Black

Sidi Black Rain Boots Black

Ideal for touring, the Sidi Black Rain Boots are fully waterproof sports boots that that feature ankle and shin protection with internal padding in for additional comfort.
The fully waterproof/breathable membrane keeps your feet fresh, cool and dry in all weather conditions, and the Lorica construction and internal padding in the heel and ankle makes the boot extremely comfortable and natural to wear.
Boasting features such as shin, ankle and heel armour, reflective inserts and a dual coloured sole: the Sidi Black Rain Boots will keep you protected and comfortable in style on your motorcycle for long stretches of road.


  • Fully Waterproof/Breathable
  • Lorica outer construction
  • Shin ankle and heel armour
  • Internal padding in the heel and ankle
  • Reflective inserts
  • Zip closure with velcro covering
  • Dual coloured sole

Click the download button below to view the size guide document for the Sidi brand.


There are few names in motorcycle wear as well known to the average rider as that of Italian boot maker Sidi. Founded in 1960 they started as a small workshop producing mountain sports footwear and registered their first patent in 1966 for the first rear entry ski boot.

Now after half a century, SIDI’s unique balance of tradition and innovation, style and comfort, make SIDI sporting footwear exceptional in the industry. An area it got the jump in quite some time ago.

In the late 60’s the founder of the company Dino Signori, (who also gave his name to it, maybe it’s surprising that it’s not the Disi company!) looked at expanding the range and came up with the idea of producing motorcycle boots.

A long time bike fan he knew that there is more to life than trekking and skiing, so in 1969 Dino jumped into the biking industry in a big way, and aligned Sidi boots with Italy's legendary motorcycle hero, Giacomo Agostini. He was the first rider who helped Sidi advance road race footwear, a tradition that continues to this day with no less than a third of the Moto GP regulars turning up to play in the company’s ever evolving products.

Also in 1969, Dino signed up a very outgoing Belgian, and then current world MX champion world champion Joel Robert to wear his MX boots. For those not familiar with this colourful Belgian (and 6 times world champion) he was famous for not taking training very seriously. To the extent that at one event he stubbed out his cigarette on the handlebars of a competitor whilst they were on the start line!

The early 70's were obviously a productive time for this small company as it was around then that they produced their first cycling shoes. This is another area that they have innovated in over many years and their products are the choice of people such as three-time World Cycling Champion Oscar Freire. Today there are almost as many cycling shoes in their range as there are motorcycle boots for the road.

In subsequent years, the Sidi design team have created some of the most ground breaking designs in motorcycle footwear. Things we take for granted today such as velcro fasteners, the use of Lorica, inner laces, sole replacement systems, toe sliders made from durable materials, techno bridge adjusters and adjustable calves all made some of their first appearances on models produced by this innovative designer of motorcycle boots.

There are also a huge range of ladies boots with most models having an equivalent that are designed for the female rider. Sizing in some models starts from a tiny 36 (that’s a two) so there’s bound to be something for the slight of foot.

Whatever you’re looking for in stylish and functional motorcycle footwear this half century old company will have a model to suit your needs.


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The average review for this product is 4.8 stars

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Very impressed. You could do a lot worse.
This is a great set of boots that will last you from your first day on a 125 as a learner all the way to an experienced biker on any machine. I've owned these for 2 years now and they are fantastic. Dry, comfortable and warm in the winter months. Light and cool still in the summer months. Good stability and grip. Judging by the little wear and tear mine have had in 2 years I honestly think they will last me another 5 easily. You could do a lot worse.

19/07/2018 11:57

Sidi Black Rain Evo Boots
Excellent all weather boot

22/08/2017 10:10

Back into some great boots
I commute all year round and my last pair of boots (recommended to me) lasted about 4 months. So I have returned to the boots that I know will keep me going for years. They're comfy, waterproof, robust, warm/cool for all conditions (inc into minus 2-3 degrees). Fantastic! NB If you are a toe scraper then they will wear out! - Now got a sensible bike, so I am expecting at least 5 years daily use out of them. I also agree with the other comments of going for a slightly bigger size.

22/08/2017 10:10

Sidi Black Rain Evo boots
The best waterproof motorbike boots I've ever had. This is my third pair. They are comfortable to walk in, waterproof, warm and look great. They wear well too. The only negative is that they're getting harder to find these days so when my latest pair needs replacing, I don't know what I'll do. But on past performance, they should be good for 3 years at least (based on 5000 miles of riding in all weathers each year).

22/08/2017 10:09

Good value
waterproof so far and a better value alternative to gore-tex if price is key, fit is snug in the width, I went 45 for a 44 normal foot, have had SIDI before and expect a few years good service at least

22/08/2017 10:08

Nice Boots at Great Price
I have only worn my Sidi Rain Evo boots once on my bike after wearing them at home to break them in a bit. The fit is very good and just right for the size I ordered. They still feel a bit stiff on the bike but after an hour or so I was soon used to them and they felt comfortable on and off the bike. Haven't been in the wet yet so I can't comment on how waterproof they are but they look like they will be up to the job of keeping my feet dry. All in all, I am happy with these boots.

22/08/2017 10:08

Good value
Wanted waterproof boots and these have met my needs riding in the Winter. Size-wise I purchased a size nine instead of my usual eight; this was a wise decision as an eight would have been far too small. The zips are difficult to do up even after wearing for some months. Good grip from soles, however, feel for gear and brake is not good, it felt like starting from scratch on a bike and I have ridden in all weather for many miles. I would perhaps first try on in a shop next time.

22/08/2017 10:07

Great all round boots
Comfortable, warm and waterproof. I've not had any problems with the boots as of yet. Great price for what you get.

22/08/2017 10:06

Good boots
I've had these for two years now as a commuting year-round boot. They are still going well. They look good and are pretty waterproof too which is what they're being sold as I think!... They take a while to wear in but when they do they are nice and comfy. In the winter bust out the thermal socks and you should be alright although the toes do suffer from the cold. Other than that if you live in the UK they are a worthwhile investment. The only gripe is that the side zip is a bit temperamental so be careful as I think that'll be the first thing to go wrong on them.

22/08/2017 10:04

Brilliant all year round boots
I bought a pair of these when I first started riding around 5 years ago and they are still going strong to this day. They're a little bit stiff when new, but soon wear in and become very comfortable. They've been used on an almost daily basis since I got them but they show very few signs of wear at all; the soles have lasted, the zips still work fine and the waterproofing has never failed despite being used in some atrocious conditions. Unlike many other boots, these go down to ladies sizes and due to the narrow fit are a good choice for the lady rider. Highly recommended and, in my opinion, excellent value for money.

22/08/2017 10:00

This is the second pair I have owned. The first lasted nine years and never once leaked despite being used in some truly awful weather. These really are good for four-season use.

22/08/2017 09:59

All I can say is brilliant and brilliant service on your part

22/08/2017 09:57

Sidi Black Rain...
This is my second pair of Black Rain's..the first having lasted 6 years. Having to commute in all weathers means I put my gear through a lot and these boots have never let me down. Comfortable, hard wearing, well constructed & waterproof to an excellent degree. Pound for pound these boots are fantastic value for money.

22/08/2017 09:56

Great product and worth the money
Firstly, I didn't intend to buy these boots but needed a pair and these had to do, purely for the fact that they were the only ones supposedly for women that provided more protection than a pair from Clarks. That said, they're well worth the cash as not only do they keep my feet warm and dry, but the extra padding on the top proved invaluable when I managed to drop the whole weight of my bike, through the back brake, onto my foot. Thanks to their shape and snug fit, they stopped my foot from swelling like a mango and no doubt from breaking a bone or two. Other protective bonuses, not standard with all boots, are the ankle disks on the outside and the strategically-placed Velcro on the inside to give the sensation of better padding and safety. The shin protection is nice and chunky, without stopping proper ankle flexion for gear changing (up or down) and general walking. They're also really easy to clean and just wipe off with a cloth or sponge. I'm not sure if it's a sports bike rider

22/08/2017 09:54

If you are looking for a pair of all year round boots then buy these, they are very comfortable, bone dry in the rain warm in the winter and cool in the summer, great value for money.

22/08/2017 09:51