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Great Jacket at a great price

Bought this jacket and matching trousers six weeks ago to wear during my daily 50 mile commute. Decided to go for Spada after reading other favourable reviews. First off the size was a perfect fit after following Spada's size guide. The jacket has a nice substancial heavy feeling to it with CE armour fitted as standard. It also features numerous waterproof pockets externally as well as internally which is useful to avoid having to strip off to get your wallet at cold wet petrol stations. Since buying the the product I've experienced weather including torrential rain, sleet, snow and hail with temps around 0 degrees. I've remained warm and dry with usually no more than a long sleaved T-shirt underneath, which when you consider the wind chill at 60mph takes the temp down to about -28 degrees is very impressive. The only negative if I'm being picky is the outer of the jacket does soak up water which means it is wet to the touch and takes some time to dry out when you get to your destination.

Ben from Matlock

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spada all road jacket

Great fitting jacket, stylish looks, comfortable warm plenty of ventilation lots of pockets, i like the waterproof outer ones for mobile and wallet really good idea.

Ian from Kings lynn

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Great Jacket, loads of features

A brilliant buy, especially at 50% discount. Looks to be perfect for 3 season use and all kinds of extra bits of storage. Fit ( Medium) is snug and a good length to protect a smart under jacket if needed. Some nice cool vents as well for 15-20C riding.

Graham from Epsom

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Good but flawed

In most ways this is a really good jacket, fit is fine, protection spot on and an array of pockets and so on. Reflection adds to safety. But when it rains the cuffs just leak water and whilst rest of your body remains dry you pull of the jacket and end up with saturated shirt, jacket or jumper cuff. Bah humbug!

Graham from Epsom

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Good all round jacket

Bought one of these jackets while in the UK last year and more than happy with it for the 'special' price I paid, even with the woeful AUD vs UK Pound exchange rate. Have worn this thru our Aussie summer months without the quilted liner (up to 39 degrees C) and found the jacket reasonably cool, although a few more vents would be helpful at this temp. Had the cuff unzipped and the main zipper down as bit plus all vents be fair, this is a UK jacket :) In the cooler Tassie weather, the quilted liner goes back in and its toasty warm. I do find the collar a little lower than my old jacket, so the back of my neck is a bit breezy. Great pockets, both inner and outer. Been drenched a few times and stayed dry.

Bob from Westbury - Tasmania

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Excelllent jacket

Good value jacket comfortable on long and short journey s. Well made and thoughtfully designed

John from Banbury

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Had this item just over year, and to be honest fantastic jacket in the nice sunny dry environment, however it can only be tested when it's wet and it fails significantly...shoulders are wet constantly, must admit will not buy another SPADA product.

Kevin from RG22 4RN

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Not too bad.

I bought this in the spring of 2015, I have covered around 20000 miles in it. It's generally been ok. The jacket looks good and feels sturdy. When the temperature drops significantly I don't find it that warm. Even with the liner in it's quite draughty in places. It can be a bit of a fiddle to tuck into my chunky winter gloves. If it's raining it doesn't expand quite enough to get over my gloves. I wouldn't say it was particularly waterproof, ok for a light shower, but the as soon as the rain becomes a little more persistent the leaks start to appear, usually after 5 mins or so. It leaks around the midrift and shoulders. Stuff in your pockets will stay dry as these are nicely waterproofed. Overall not a bad jacket to be used from spring through to autumn if it's dry,but I wouldn't call it a waterproof winter jacket.

Mike from Poole

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Highly recommend

Having purchased a spada jacket for my son for Christmas which arrived quickly found it was to big for him. Contacted infinity and they was more than happy to change it. This was exchanged with no problem at all and my son is pleased with the jacket. I would recommend infinity to anybody, good products at cheap prices and delivery is excellent.

Paul from Sutton Coldfield

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Good strong comfortable jacket

Had the jacket and matching trousers for 6 months riding daily in all weathers. I've found it comfortable and warm and you can adjust several areas of the jacket for the perfect fit. Compared to other waterproof jackets this one holds up well although I have had wet shoulders and a patch in the chest area in heavy rain. As others said it does hold the water a bit. Also I can say the armour is excellent and the jacket is tough after coming off in a low speed spill the jacket just had light scuffing on the arm and I had no bruises at all. Loads of useful waterproof pockets and some well placed reflective strips on the arms. Fits well to the trousers

Mark from Enfield

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Great warm waterproof jacket.

Bought this before going to buy my first bike in 10 years at the opposite end of the country. It was wet, and occasionally snowing on the day I drove from Preston to Reading in my brand new All Road trousers and Jacket. I also forgot my jumper, so had nothing but a base layer underneath. Yes as it got dark, and the temperature fell to 1°C I was rather cold at 70+MPH, but I was bone dry, and the lack of a fleece jumper was my own silly fault. I've since ridden in far warmer summer conditions. The waterproof lining is not breathable, and heading into urban traffic (Central London) in temperatures above 20°C is not pleasant. I have every intention to purchase a mesh or summer jacket for the warmer days. Up to 20° the ventilation is effective, with chest, back and arm vents, with cuff zips that can be usefully used to ram air up your sleeves. I've also been unfortunate enough to have a spill, courtesy of a Mercedes driver who didn't know what mirrors and signals were for... I can confirm the knee protectors in the trousers did an amazing job of preventing me from suffering a very nasty knee injury. As with most waterproof jackets the waterproof layer is under the Maxdura, and therefore if planning a trip in very wet conditions, a waterproof outer-suit will keep the outer shell dry, but isn't necessary in most mixed conditions.

Ruairi from Caversham

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