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really good service price and product

It was delivered so quickly, and my questions beforehand were answered so promptly I would buy again, and recommend to others.

J from Sheffield

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Ultimately a good jacket but annoying frills

This is a great jacket, but seems to have been designed more for lady pillion than girly bikers. It has a reasonably high collar, not high enough to avoid a chill when riding at speed but at least it has a collar. Some of the jackets I tried didn’t have one at all. The back protector is unintrusive and chunky, in a good way, and provides standard thoracic protection. The shoulder and elbow protection have never given me any trouble and haven’t slid about or caused me to notice it too much, which is another plus. All the press studs actually function but most aren’t in any way functional – in fact, the ones on the shoulder are just irritating as my rucksack always catches on them when I’m taking it off and I have to either adopt a ‘lift-and-slide’ technique or thrash my arms about and look like I’m having some kind of fit. It has some useful pockets and a decent belt to give the jacket a bit of shape, and is a nice girly touch for those who don’t mind being a bit feminine. However, my belt came with a little free-floating ‘sock’, presumably to cover the metal buckle. Mine got dumped on my kitchen table where it hasn’t moved for 3 months as the ‘sock’ has a habit of slipping off the buckle so just looked stupid half-way round my side. And it’s just fiddly enough to delay starting up the bike. The jacket without any liners is decent enough but incredibly rough inside, to the point where I fear for the integrity of my skin in summer when it’s hot and I’m wearing t-shirts (especially as I got the black version). The waterproof and thermal liners work really well. However, there is a noticeable lack of inner pockets within the waterproof layer. The numerous outer pockets are only water resistant, which is very different to waterproof as I found to my cost (hence my now using a rucksack). The one real gripe is the sleeve ends, and they are the reason why I think this jacket more for pillion where gloves don’t really matter, as opposed to the rider where they are vital. I don’t know if Spada make all their jackets this way – if it is, I won’t be buying another from them – but they’re tailored to be snug around the wrist. Fine you might think, until it comes time to put on a pair of gloves. I’ve tried fitting the sleeves into my gloves but the Velcro ‘belt’ and ever-present press studs provide so much bulk that they don’t fit inside. OK, logically I put my gloves on the inside of the jacket then? Wrong, as then the Velcro doesn’t do up, the zips don’t fully close and I may as well ride with ice cubes on my wrists. The only solution I’ve come up with involves a ridiculous amount of Velcro folding and much swearing. It’s enough of a problem to not give it the top rating, but not enough to detract from the fact that it’s a good jacket. However, if you quickly want to throw on your kit, start your bike and ride off, I’d definitely look elsewhere.

Caroline from York

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Very good jacket!

I am happy to recommend this jacket . it is a bit heavy because of all protection parts but you cannot feel the weight while riding. It keeps me warm and i don't get wet. Tested! The jacket is very well made with lots of pockets and zips. I chose the silver colour because i prefered it to the dark one but i must admit that it needs to be washed quite often. The only thing i miss in this jacket is some fluorescent straps. Apart from this, it's excellent!

Aga from London

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good quality jacket

I bought this jacket for my girlfriend as it was discounted to almost 50% off the normal price. Really happy with the quality of it and would say that it's probably the best value (price to quality ratio) I found on internet.

Nikolay from London

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Love it!

Really love my jacket. Fits great and like all the pockets. Better than my black one in this warm weather too. Haven't tested it in rain so hope it is waterproof; wearing it on a tour of northern Europe!

Sally from Bradgord

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Very Impressed with service and product

I ordered a motorcycle jacket which was delivered on time and with no fuss. I was kept informed every step of the way by the couriers. All in all I would rate the whole experience 10/10 and would definitely order through Infinity again without hesitation.

CATHERYN from Cheltenham

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So comfortable, not like my old one. It keeps me extremely warm without a jumper underneath. I would definitely recommend this one!

Robyn from NR11 8SR

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great jacket

Fantastic jacket, excellent quality, really warm and looks good too... best jacket she ever had.

Giuliano from feltham

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Good, stylish if a little fancy, took belt off jacket

Good product for money. Nice colour and fabric. A bit fancy style so removed belt. I would buy a mens version if available and without belt and epaulettes.

Richard from Corsham

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