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Flip Up

Explore our range of Flip Up motorcycle helmets from 14 well-renowned brands including ShoeiArai & AGV. Ideal for entry-level riders, commuters and touring riders alike.

Being a hybrid of full-face protection, and the convenience of an open-face, the flip-front helmet is a popular choice for commuters and touring riders alike. Infinity has some great lids for motorcyclists for whatever the occasion, whatever the budget.

With a wide range of motorcycle flip-front helmets to choose from, Infinity has a helmet suitable for every rider, from the entry-level, and affordable LS2 Strobe to the latest high-performance innovation by Shoei, the Neotec 2.

Buy online today for next day delivery on hundreds of products, free returns for up to 90 days, and price matching on any helmet you find cheaper elsewhere. And don't forget, every purchase earns you Club Infinity points to go towards free money off voucher!

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320POINTS MT Flux - Plain

MT Flux - Plain

Infinity price
£285OFF 1140POINTS FinanceAvailable Schuberth C4 - Plain

Schuberth C4 - Plain

1 Review
£569.99(Save 50%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£240OFF 1440POINTS FinanceAvailable AGV Sports Modular - Tricolore

AGV Sports Modular - Tricolore

£599.99(Save 40%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£70OFF 1920POINTS FinanceAvailable AGV Sports Modular - Plain

AGV Sports Modular - Plain

£549.99(Save 13%)
Availability: Limited Stock
£31OFF 636POINTS HJC IS-Max 2 - Cormi

HJC IS-Max 2 - Cormi

£189.99(Save 16%)
£335OFF 1260POINTS FinanceAvailable Schuberth C4 - Spark

Schuberth C4 - Spark

2 Reviews
£649.99(Save 52%)
Availability: Limited Stock
820POINTS Caberg Tourmax - Plain

Caberg Tourmax - Plain

From £157.99
Infinity price
1000POINTS Caberg Ghost - Legend

Caberg Ghost - Legend

Infinity price
640POINTS LS2 FF324 Metro Evo - Plain

LS2 FF324 Metro Evo - Plain

Infinity price
Items per page:

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