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Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Infinity Motorcycles stock a variety of modular motorcycle helmets from 3 premium brands: Scorpion, Airoh, and Shark. A hybrid of full-face and open-faced helmets; the new helmet design gives you the best of both worlds, allowing for convenience and comfort previously unheard of in the industry. From the aggressively off-road Scorpion Exo Combat range to the unique and futuristic Airoh Executive helmets, to the latest carbon fibre innovation AGV Sports Modular; buy online from Infinity, with free next day delivery on hundreds of helmets.

What is Modular helmet?

A fusion of the full-face and open-face designs of helmet; the modular helmet allows you to raise the chin bar of your lid forward to an open-faced helmet, allowing for air in between rides without taking your helmet off. This is especially useful at a red light, or while having a conversation with another rider off the motorcycle. Designed specifically for added comfort, the modular helmet is not intended to be worn as an open-faced while riding. 

The modular helmet, however, lacks the full safety features that a full-faced helmet provides: the helmet is usually heavier than a full-face helmet due to the metal pivot and locking mechanisms. The modulars also don't offer the same impact protection as there is less EPS foam found in the chin bar, and the chin bar mechanism may also fail during an impact.

Buy online today for next day delivery on hundreds of products, free returns for up to 90 days, and price matching on any helmet you find cheaper elsewhere. And don't forget, every purchase earns you Club Infinity points to go towards a free money off voucher!

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£50OFF 600POINTS Bell Broozer - Solid

Bell Broozer - Solid

£199.99(Save 25%)
£20OFF 442POINTS MT Streetfight Skull

MT Streetfight Skull

From £98.94
£129.99(Save 15%)
1040POINTS NEW LS2 FF906 Advant - Solid

LS2 FF906 Advant - Solid

From £249.99
Infinity price
£68OFF 1530POINTS AGV Tour Modular Solid

AGV Tour Modular Solid

From £382.45
£449.99(Save 15%)
£50OFF 600POINTS Bell Broozer - Arc

Bell Broozer - Arc

£199.99(Save 25%)
£46OFF 736POINTS Scorpion EXO Covert-X - Plain

Scorpion EXO Covert-X - Plain

From £129.99
£229.99(Save 20%)
£62OFF 752POINTS Caberg Ghost - Plain

Caberg Ghost - Plain

From £180.94
£249.99(Save 25%)
£17OFF 374POINTS MT Streetfighter SV - Plain

MT Streetfighter SV - Plain

1 Review
From £69.99
£109.99(Save 15%)
1080POINTS NEW LS2 FF906 Advant - Codex

LS2 FF906 Advant - Codex

Infinity price
£80OFF 1802POINTS AGV Tour Modular Frequency

AGV Tour Modular Frequency

From £422.92
£529.99(Save 15%)
1320POINTS NEW LS2 FF901 Advant X - Jeans

LS2 FF901 Advant X - Jeans

Infinity price
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