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There are a huge range of summer mens base layers on the market and they are designed to wick moisture away from the skin and to keep you cool.
Now it sounds like an oxymoron that more layers can in fact help keep you cool but it must be remembered that these mens base layers are designed to work in conjunction with other items of clothing which may not have any moisture wicking capability which can simply leave you damp, sweaty and uncomfortable.
Some mens base layers are also compression wear items which are designed to improve posture and oxygen flow reduce lactic acid build up and limit wasted muscle movement. Now this may sound a little extreme for a Sunday ride to the coast, but for a racer looking for even the slightest edge it can all help.
Mens base layers are very popular amongst racers as they make getting in and out of your leathers a lot easier because of their low friction design. Having a close fitting mens base layer next to the skin can also help prevent grazing injuries.
Most summer mens base layers are made from temperature regulating materials which help keep your body at an optimum 37C. This makes them ideal for long distance touring as they’ll help keep you dry and comfortable for long periods in the saddle. The EDZ all season one piece suit is particularly good in this area and is also easy to wash out and dry which makes it ideal for helping to keep personal hygiene at acceptable levels when you’ve been on the road all day.
Another brand to consider is Forcefield. The company that made its name from producing the best body armour on the market has recently started producing very technical undergarments using a material called ‘BeCool™’ This is apparently the first polyamide fibre with integrated airflow control which is the function that maintains body temperature during sports and leisure activities.
BeCool™ has a greater diffusive area than standard thread, as it uses a four channel thread which allows it to act like a fan forcing the skins hot and humid air towards the outer layer of the fabric while allowing cool and dry air to circulate from the outside into the surface of the skin. Clever stuff. The comfort is further enhanced by the seamless (literally) construction which helps prevent rubbing and chaffing. Just to add to its cleverness there is also an anti bacterial agent built in to stop the smellies.
All mens base layers for the summer have applications outside of motorcycling and are very popular with riders who have physical activity interests such as cycling and running.


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