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How hard can it be to choose a motorcycle neck tube? They’re just bits of cloth that sit under your helmet and keep your neck warm right? Come on people this is the 21st century and as we all know nothing is ever that simple in the modern world!
Motorcycle neck tubes evolved as the wearing of scarves got increasingly impractical. Let’s face it, whilst six foot of hand knitted colour looks great waved about on the terraces of a Saturday afternoon it looks faintly ridiculous wrapped around a neck under a crash helmet. Not to mention the very real primary and secondary safety considerations associated with so much loose material.
So some clever person invented the motorcycle neck tube which like is now pretty much de rigueur amongst serious riders on every type of bike.
Whilst their application in winter is very obvious, their summer practicality shouldn’t be overlooked either. The neck is very the most exposed part of the body for most riders and is therefore very susceptible to painful insect and small stone hits. It’s also the first thing to get dirty and sweaty in the hot traffic of the everyday commute as well. A motorcycle neck tube helps alleviate all of these problems, as well as looking stylish.
For winter a good motorcycle neck tube will ideally be made of heavier materials to keep the chills out and longer so that it can worn over the head as well as around the neck. Ideally you should be able to wear it under your helmet like a balaclava whilst still having enough material to tuck into the collar of your jacket.
Buff are generally seen as the market leaders in motorcycle neck tubes and are known for making a very high quality garment which comes in a variety of colours and designs for each and every taste. They do ladies and kids sized motorcycle neck tubes too. As well as the original buff they do a polar version for winter, a Windstopper version for when it gets really cold, and an extra length merino wool version for mid season use.
Motorcycle neck tubes have many applications off of the bike and can be found keeping skiers warm on the slopes, walkers protected on the trails and runners less sweaty on the streets. A good motorcycle neck tubes will also be versatile enough to be worn as a beanie, a head cover, a bandana and even a boob tube!


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